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Find out why you have a hard time letting go and admitting you’re in love. The answer is in your zodiac sign.

Love is undoubtedly the most precious of feelings, the one that leads to change for the better, to become more empathic, and to overcome limits otherwise seen as insurmountable. When you find the right person, life suddenly seems to smile at us, the vision of the future becomes clearer and rosier and the desire to do grows together with the feeling. Nonetheless, for some people, falling in love can also be a difficult phase, in which to face personal demons, some of which prevent one of the most important steps in a relationship, namely the one in which you declare yourself, admitting that you feel something for the other. From this point of view, the ways of reacting are many and varied. To give just a few examples, some have no problems and tend to use magic words several times a day, those who do it only once and then limit themselves to the facts, and those who find it hard to express what they feel inside. In these last cases, the reasons behind it can be different and depend on painful experiences, family situations that have led to being closed with regards to feelings, and, in many cases, also by the influence that the stars have on each of us. After seeing what they are the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and who is the right man for every woman of the zodiac, today we will find out what are the reasons why each zodiac sign has a hard time saying “I love you”. Since this is an aspect related to the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a clearer general idea.

Horoscope: this is why the various signs of the zodiac have a hard time saying “I love you”

Aries – For fear of appearing frail
In life, you like to always be in control and give the idea of ​​being an independent, autonomous, and strong person. Although there is no need to prove it, inside you always have the feeling that demonstrating what you feel about others is equivalent to showing your side, thus appearing weaker. For this reason, even when you are more than involved you tend to lie to yourself first, trying to minimize how much you feel and immediately afterward to others and, of course, to the person you love. An attitude that risks making you suffer or, even worse, making you lose the person you love who, in the long run, could get tired of your way of doing. Much better to try to understand your discomfort in talking about love and show with facts what you feel. After all, it will certainly not be like this that you will avoid suffering, on the contrary, however,

Taurus – For an extreme need for security
For you, love is an extremely important feeling, which is why you are not exactly one of those who never say “I love you”. The problem, in your case, is that to say this, you need to feel confident about the other person and how they feel about you. This means that you tend to think more than you should at times and limit yourself to waiting for the other to make the first move without ever taking into consideration that the other side could also be the same. If it is true that you need some time to be able to trust whoever you have by your side, on the other hand, nobody forbids you to admit and express what you feel because it is not a contract but simply verbalizing a feeling. An alternative that you could take into account is to live your stories more easily.

Gemini – For fear of changing your mind
If on the one hand, you are more and more aware of the feelings you feel, on the other you can never feel ready to say “I love you” to someone. The reason, however, is linked more to a fear of committing yourself than to a fear of admitting what you feel. The truth is that, due to your indecision, you are not used to making promises that you are not sure you can keep and when it comes to love, your biggest fear is that you may change your mind. To start saying what you feel you should, therefore, first of all, relax about the relationship you are living, accepting the fact that things could end up either by your choice or by that of your partner. Why, therefore, don’t say what you feel without problems? If you are not entirely convinced you can always avoid including “forever” in your statements but there is no reason to avoid saying what you feel.

Cancer – Because you need to feel more than loved
For you, saying “I love you” almost exclusively depends on your partner and their behavior. To be able to say that you love and, in some cases, to feel really in love with someone, you need to know that on the other side there is the same feeling and that, indeed, there is possibly more. In interpersonal relationships, insecurity is what tends to guide you the most and when it comes to love, the fear of suffering disappointment, being left or betrayed is always around the corner. Of course, no one can assure you that everything will go smoothly and that love will be eternal. But of course, it won’t be saying what you feel that will change things. We might as well feel free to live your stories as you see fit, living your love without hiding it and without worrying that revealing it can change things for the worse.

Leo – Because you like to always feel in an advantageous position
For you who, more than anything else, need to always feel at the center of attention, saying “I love you” first is not the most beautiful of situations. This depends partly on your wanting to always be the center of attention and partly on your need to always feel at an advantage over your boyfriend. This leads you most of the time not to want to express what you feel and everything because in your heart you hope that your other half will do it. In this way you could in fact count, at least according to your point of view, of that privileged position of which you are in extreme need and which helps you to always feel at the top, obviously also in love.

Virgo – Because you never feel ready
A lover of perfection and with the need to control everything around you, you also tend to consider the moment to say you love someone as a special event. This means that you desire to find the perfect moment. Unfortunately for you, your concept of perfection is so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to realize your intentions. It is difficult for you to think that you are living in a situation that cannot be improved. So, between putting off and waiting for something that will probably never come, you end up delaying the moment you confess your feelings. Since it is love that makes certain situations perfect, perhaps you should try to be less rigid on certain aspects, to embrace a more serene philosophy of life that allows you to open up as you see fit, showing you a different and in some ways more relaxing way of living things. After all, you just have to try, right?

Libra – Because you struggle to forget the past
In your way of life, you tend to give a large space to everything related to memories whether it is happy or sad moments. This, at times, can cause you many problems such as staying anchored to the past and thus precluding you from important moments in your present. One of these is definitely about love. Even if involved by a person, in fact, you always have a certain fear in exposing yourself and this is because you always have your mind turned to what has been. So, whether it’s an ex who may return or one who has hurt you to the point of making you distrust love itself, the result is not being able to express feelings of love. A block that you can only solve by working on it and accepting the fact that to live it is essential to move forward.

Scorpio – Because you fear you are vulnerable
If there is one thing that characterizes you, it is your strength of character that pushes you to always give your best in life, leading you to reach the goals you have set for yourself. This strength, however, also contains a sort of fragility which is that given by the fear of becoming vulnerable, especially when it comes to feelings. Aware of your extreme ability to love and the sensitivity that you know well hide but which is part of you, you always try to appear strong and never show your weak sides. For this reason, you fear that loving and admitting that you are in love with someone represents a vulnerability that others could hit and hurt you. In life, however, there are many types of pain and even not being able to open up with your loved one can lead to suffering, especially if, mistakenly convinced that you are not repaid, this should go away. Much better than to risk showing a “weak” point rather than losing at the start for not having been able to do it.

Sagittarius – Why You Need To Feel Free
When you feel strong, you are more than aware of what you are feeling, which is why your not saying you love is tied more to your fears than to some form of confusion tied to your heart.
Lover as you are of travel, going out with friends and the ability to manage your free time as you see fit, you end up living love as a possible prison that you therefore always tend to avoid or want to control. For this reason, admitting aloud that you love someone and sharing it with others or, even worse, with the person concerned, always puts you in strong agitation. The truth, however, is that when you love there are no prisons and it will be enough to realize this to be able to embrace your feelings with freedom, the same one you care so much about and that never as in this context can it be part of you.

Capricorn – Why do you struggle to let yourself go
Your problem, in relating to others, has its roots in a sort of inability to let yourself go to the emotions you feel. This means that even if you like someone to the point where you can go as far as saying you love them, the way you act will take you long to think before actually doing it. On the one hand, you need to always feel confident in what you feel and what you do, and on the other hand, you are always afraid of moving in the wrong way, to the point of almost preferring the option of standing still. But when it comes to love, what matters is being able to be yourself and feel free to express yourself however you feel. Something that you will need to practice before you understand how it works.

Aquarius – Because you like to be an alternative
When it comes to you, things are always different than others and this happens even if we talk about love. Your difficulty in exposing yourself to the point of saying “I love you” to someone does not depend on fear but on the simple desire to communicate your feelings differently. Your creative side, in these cases, gets in the way and pushes you to show what you feel with special releases, gifts, or even unusual gestures. The problem is that if you do not combine the two magical words with all this, the risk is that the message on the other side will not be understood or that there will be doubts about it. In order not to take risks, therefore, it is always better to add a touch of banality to your utterances and say what you feel so as not to leave room for doubts of any kind on the other side.

Pisces – For fear of rejection
If there is one thing that you struggle to relate to, it is the fear of being rejected or abandoned. This, therefore, leads you to never first reveal what you feel for others and, of course, all this is reflected in your relationships where, in case of falling in love, you tend not to show what you feel unless you are sure you can be reciprocated. If from a certain point of view, your way of doing things can be understandable, on the other hand, it puts you at risk because without showing yourself enough you risk losing real opportunities. It must be said that when you decide to open up, then you end up being like an open book but the problem is before that phase and the only solution is to be strong and admit what you lack.

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