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Does the heat make you crave a refreshing drink? Here is the advice of the stars for you.

With the arrival of summer, the need to cool off with something pleasant and fresh at the same time is more than normal. Sometimes, however, the choice is so wide that you find yourself in the absurd position of not knowing what to choose. After all, when there are multiple offers it’s common to take some time to figure out which one is best.

Among the many reasons to make the right choice, today we will rely on the stars. After having seen how to best recharge based on your zodiac sign, today we will find out which drink is the best to drink in summer according to the stars.

Choose the cool drink that’s right for you. The council of the stars

Aries – Almond milk
When you crave a refreshing yet sweet drink, the right answer is almond milk. Simple to find and undoubtedly excellent to taste, it will accompany you on the hottest days, offering you maximum taste without ever weighing you down. A choice you will never get tired of.

Taurus – Cold Chocolate
Even when it’s hot, chocolate is at the center of your thoughts. Fortunately, more and more bars offer excellent hot chocolate to drink cold. And what reason could ever push you not to take advantage of it? It may not be among the most refreshing drinks in the world but it will certainly give you a good mood and make you feel satisfied like no other drink or similar could.

Gemini – Lemonade
When you want something fresh you should always focus on simplicity. And what’s better than a good lemonade to prepare at home and to make the best according to your personal tastes? You will be able to obtain the degree of sweetness you prefer every day, make it more or less aromatic, and enjoy it in complete calm, already projecting yourself towards the holidays. A special way to cool down while keeping the mood high.

Cancer – The Strawberry Smoothie
When you crave something fresh and sweet, you can bet everything on a great strawberry smoothie. For sure it will be a choice that will not disappoint you and that will help you feel already on vacation. A nice way to spend an afternoon of pure idleness or to entertain yourself with friends. And all without weighing you down and savoring something that, in addition to refreshing you, will help you always feel a little at home.

Leone – Sangria
Ok, maybe it’s not a drink you can drink at any time but of course, sangria is the perfect way to cool off. Drinking it will give you a good mood and will always prove to be the right choice, especially when you are among friends and want to have fun without having to go crazy choosing what to propose to surprise everyone.

Virgo – Iced tea
When the heat is coming, a good way to curb the urge to dive into the water is to quench your thirst with something fresh and pleasant at the same time. And since you don’t like changes too much and you always love to stay in your comfort zone, the choice that best suits you is certainly that of iced tea. A drink that you can get each time with different aromas, varying without ever really changing and fully enjoying something that has the flavor of summer in itself.

Libra – Flavored water
A good way to quench your thirst, refresh yourself and not burden your figure? Choose water flavored with the taste of what you prefer. By choosing the right fruits you can even get a detox effect and all without overdoing it but, above all, without having to give up the desire to drink something fresh. A drink that you will love to keep with you all day and that you may even choose to take to the seaside.

Scorpio – The cold golden milk
When the heat is looming but the desire to drink something delicious is always around the corner, you can bet everything on good golden milk. This way you can get your fill of positive effects for your health and all without sacrificing taste. Just keep it in the fridge and enjoy it as many times as you want. And all without guilt. Convenient, isn’t it?

Sagittarius – The Smoothie
A smoothie is always a great choice for when you feel the need to consume something that is both fresh and flavorful. A drink that you will love to enjoy at any time and that on the hottest days will be the perfect way to cheer you up and recover the desire to do. Changing the taste every time will be a bonus that will allow you to fully enjoy it without ever getting tired. So you can go on all summer.

Capricorn – L’orzata
Do you want a sweet, fresh and so pleasant drink that gives you a good mood at all times? The right answer for you is fluffy. This drink will allow you to fight the heat without major problems and enjoy something fresh to the fullest. Also excellent to offer to friends, it will easily become the undisputed star of afternoons and evenings to be spent together outdoors.

Aquarius – Rice milk
Do you want a fresh, sweet, and pleasant drink but at the same time light at the right point? Try rice milk. It is a drink that if drunk cool helps to fight the heat and that thanks to its light flavor never tires. Also, when you want something more you can always flavor it with cocoa, getting something good and undoubtedly pleasant.

Pisces – Shaken coffee
If the heat arrives, a choice that is always appreciated is to switch to shaken coffee. A light, tasty drink that lends itself to different interpretations. In fact, you can choose to drink it without sugar or with the addition of milk. And for the sweetest moments? You can always add some cream, making it extremely pleasant. Exactly what you need when the heat starts to get more insistent.

Finding the right drink to drink to counter the heat is always a good way to better enjoy the summer season. This is even more valid if, in choosing, attention is also paid to the profile of the ascendant. In this way, in fact, you will have two options between which to alternate to enjoy to the fullest something that is fresh and at the same time great to drink.

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