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Did you think we wouldn’t realize that you always go against the rules? It was enough for us to simply check the ranking of the most unconventional signs!

Who hasn’t happened, at least once in their life, to go against the rules?
Maybe it was a silly rule or you just felt a little punk that day.
In short, it doesn’t matter what the reason is: none of us can say that we have always respected the rules!

Today, therefore, we have decided to discover, thanks to the horoscope, what are those signs that, however, always and in any case go against the rules.
They do it almost for sport! Will you be there in the standings too?

The most unconventional zodiac signs: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Raise your hand if you have always respected the rules, no matter what type or at what time in your life.
Hey, no, let’s not talk about basic things, like wearing a mask on the bus for example, or about the rules of common and civil life (don’t try to murder after they steal your seat under your house).

Whether it’s copying a response in school, signing up on Facebook at the age of eighteen (but claiming to have them), or any other little rebellion, it’s time to admit it. Sometimes you went against the rules, didn’t you?

Since it has happened to everyone not to follow the rules, today we have decided to offer you the ranking of the most unconventional zodiac signs of the zodiac.
They not only don’t follow the rules once in a while: they go against it, knowingly!

Let’s find out immediately if you are in the ranking (or if there are your loved ones).
Better know right away if you are dealing with someone who will never do what you expect but always the opposite, right?

Cancer: fifth place

Make way for the rebels born under the sign of Cancer! No, do not expect leather jackets or motorcycle chains: Cancers are not ” violent ” nonconformists! Those born under this sign, however, are not afraid of doing what they want when they want, especially if it goes against the common feeling .

The cancer is nonconformists hard-core, but that does not crave to be recognized as such. They hate the rules imposed by others and have great empathy that leads them to always try to do the right thing rather than what is expected of them.
The Cancer, therefore, lives on the edge? No, but we could almost say!

Aquarius: fourth place

Are you surprised to find those born under the sign of Aquarius in this ranking? Indeed, Aquarians always seem to us to be people who do nothing but follow the rules and encourage others to do the same, don’t they?

Well, underneath the Aquarius they know they are true nonconformists (hey, otherwise they would not be in the ranking of the most nonconformist signs of the whole horoscope) and they only show this characteristic only at certain times! The Aquarium knows how to go against all odds when they want: Carefully choose the time and they always manage to leave you without words !

Gemini: third place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini are people who have absolutely no problems going against the tide.
On the contrary! It almost seems that they like it and they go against the tide almost by force of circumstances: they make curious choices and also against their interests!

The Twins are like that: they hate doing what others are doing and love emerge. In addition, they are also extremely instinctive people who like to go against the grain because it always seems to them the best choice. In short, they are true nonconformists and are not afraid of embarrassment: be careful with them!

Leo: second place

Don’t try to tell Leo how he should live or what he should do! Not only those born under the sign of Leo are extremely proud and proud people (and even a little arrogant if you allow us) but who also have no interest in hearing about rules and constraints!

Nothing and no one can stand between a Leo and what he wants and nothing and no one can limit a Leo.
Understand for yourself, therefore, that those born under the sign of Leo cannot help but be nonconformists: they don’t even know they are!

The Leone is a particularly sign maverick but in a way that borders on self-centeredness as great.
They don’t do it to appear but just to show everyone that no one can stand up to them!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most unconventional signs of the zodiac

Like? Didn’t you expect that those born under the sign of Pisces were in the ranking of the most unconventional zodiac signs of the zodiac?
But then it means that you do not know a Pisces: they are truly the people who do not follow any rules and for no reason in the world!

No, let’s take a step back: those born under the sign of Pisces are not people with whom you can not reason or real criminals, this is not!
The Fish, however, are people who do not follow the way common because they are extremely focused on their goals and, therefore, are not afraid to go against the rules.

For them it is important to be able to live freely and, for this reason, restrictions or rules are often very tight.
You can not catch a fish, or be compelled to do as you wish: you will always find the way (smiling and by taking almost in the round ) to do what he wants, regardless of the other!

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