Let’s find out right away if you deserve a place in the ranking of the funniest zodiac signs: why did the hen cross the road?

Okay, okay. Don’t answer the hen question but if you think you can make us laugh, now is the perfect time for a shrewd joke! Like? Don’t they come to your mind at the moment? Hey but maybe you are not in this ranking!

Today we decided to discover the zodiac signs that really make you laugh. Let’s check the first five positions and if you are there too… know that you owe us a joke!

The funniest zodiac signs: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Knowing how to make people laugh is certainly a gift and often it is also a very rare gift.
To make the right joke you have to find the time and the tone suitable, in addition to a ” public ” to be sympathetic.
In short: it is certainly not a question of drinking a glass of water!

Our today’s ranking wants to ” expose ” all the signs of the zodiac that are really scompisciare laughter.
Maybe your new date is on the charts or you will find your sign and finally understand why everyone laughs when they see you.

No more insecurities! It’s not your outfit or something you involuntarily do that makes them laugh but simply your spirit!
Ready to discover the five signs of the zodiac that really make you die of laughter?

Cancer: fifth place

Although not just real clowns, certainly those born under the sign of Cancer are famous for being pleasant and funny people!
Cancer is one of those signs that always strive to make others laugh: it’s taking in around (or making fun of others ) in one way or another that will always tear a laugh!

Be careful with them: they make you laugh and then they make you fall in love! Cancer is among the people most sympathetic and funny zodiac. Never let your guard down!
(No, joking aside: Cancers can be nice but almost always in a sweet way and turned towards themLaughing is generally the first step to falling in love, though!).

Capricorn: fourth place

Although it is true that those born under the sign of Capricorn very little open your mouth, you can be sure that when they do you will laugh!
Those born under this sign are very funny people who also count on their surprise effect to make you laugh.

By dint of never saying anything, in fact, Capricorn knows that the first words that come out of his mouth will certainly be welcomed positively.
Just a joke at the right time and Capricorn ends up in our ranking of the funniest signs of the zodiac!

Scorpio: second place

Arrogant, playful, pungent but also cheerful, and always ready to laugh even at their own expense.
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are among the funniest people in the zodiac, you have to admit it!

No matter what the situation is: if there is a Scorpio you can rest assured that there will also be laughs!
The Scorpio, in fact, is one of those signs capable of ” creating ” an atmosphere playful in no time. They like the jokes recurrent or simply invent jokes and games on time!

Although not often relaxed, the Scorpio is capable of creating an environment very much fun. He must want it first and you certainly can’t ask him to joke if he’s worried or has something else on his mind.
When you are in the mood, however, they are true and their sparks!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the funniest zodiac signs

Do you want to laugh? Then you really need to hang out with your friends born under the sign of Sagittarius!
This is a sign of being unable to have a single argument without making jokes or without telling something that happened to him funnily and nicely.

These are people who really can’t help but tell a story and who find almost everything funny.
In this way, then, they soon end up making you find everything fun too: in short, no doubt about it. The Sagittarius is a true magician of laughter!
If you can always have fun with him, don’t forget that this sign also makes fun of him a lot.

To make ” inroads ” in your heart, in fact, the Sagittarius often decide to start taking in around alone. After doing it for some time, you may feel directly taking it around your time. The Sagittarius does not really offend ever but does not think they are cute and funny just for that!
Those born under this sign are real comedians, who could do cabaret if they only wanted to. Most are content to make everyone laugh: friends, relatives, boyfriends, or even strangers on the buses!


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