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The stars reveal us which are the 4 zodiac signs that in pairs give the worst of them. If you don’t want a broken heart, avoid falling in love with it.

Our zodiac sign gives us a specific personality. According to the stars, each zodiac sign has a different way of loving and showing their feelings. Some are very demonstrative, others prefer words to gestures and actions. And then there are them, the signs that even when they are in love they do not want to commit and bond. Astrologers warn us of these signs if there is a married life in our plans. It could be very difficult to get them to opt for a permanent commitment.

4 zodiac signs are known to astrologers to be sui generis partners. While they believe in love, they are almost never willing to opt for a definitive commitment such as marriage. If you are looking for a person with whom to create a project based on the exchange of love and fidelity for life, choose your partner carefully. Some signs are never ready to swear eternal love.

4 zodiac signs that it is better not to fall in love with according to astrologers


Gemini is a sign with exceptional qualities but like everyone else it also has some defects, among which instability stands out . In every field of life they struggle to opt for something definitive. The fact is that they can’t stand the idea of ​​a monotonous and routine life. Even in love, the Gemini tends to always look around, alert and attentive to find new opportunities for conquests. Surely next to the Gemini you will live unforgettable emotions and experiences, only you will never know how long they will last.

With a Gemini next to you, you certainly do not get bored but we must take into account that they do not give up their freedom even when they fall madly in love. The only chance you have to last next to a twins is to show diplomatic and non-oppressive partners.


Leo natives are gifted, radiant and courageous. They are also very selfless, love challenges and show off. Their company is very pleasant and their charisma is unique. You cannot fail to notice them, always cared for to perfection. Among their biggest flaws are immaturity and self-centeredness. Leo loves the spotlight too much, a stable relationship would mean a more boring long-term life for him. This sign always needs to feel free to strut and be admired, it cannot be the exclusive of someone in particular.


Virgo is precise, methodical and well organized. He usually loves change and tends to be anxious about changes, so why would a stable and lasting couple hurt them? The contradiction lies in the fact that Virgo natives hate losing their little points of reference and adapting to new people. Virgo might also make a serious commitment to someone as long as this commitment doesn’t force them to change anything in their life. They are too sensitive to their habits, they prefer to be alone rather than change them.


Finally, the natives of Sagittarius are funny, positive, sunny, selfless and friendly signs. As a couple they suffer from monotony and routine. They always need new entertainment and stimuli, to travel and new encounters and to collect souvenirs that remind them of their adventures. Sagittarius loves his freedom more than anything else. Their life must always be in motion, they do not want constraints for fear of losing these emotions. The only way to start a lasting project with a Sagittarius is to be willing to leave this sign the space they need without invading their freedom.

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