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Let’s discover the guide animal associated with each zodiac sign.

Anyone who has already heard of guide animals knows that they are animals that, due to their particular characteristics, are more or less in tune with each of us. Belonging to the shamanic tradition , they guide us in the course of life, helping us to overcome the most complex situations.
Generally there is not a single animal to guide us, these in fact change according to the situation we are experiencing. It is said, however, that there is a fixed one that watches over us for life and that it is possible to recognize based on certain signals. Obviously, even for the stars there are animals more or less suited to our strings and although, as already happened, in this case the ascendant counts almost more, trying to guess your own can be a fun way to pass the time, as well as to an opportunity to explore this topic which is far more complex and profound than you think. Today, therefore, after having discovered which pet is the most suitable for us , we will move to another plane, going to explore the guide animal. which according to the stars is perfect for each of us.

A guide animal for each zodiac sign

Aries – The Wolf
Your guide animal is undoubtedly the wolf. An agile animal, intuitive and always on the move but with a great respect for its herd and for life in general. The wolf will be able to show you the right way to relate to others, teaching you how to recognize situations in which to put your happiness in favor of that of the one you love. Even his shy but at the same time loving character is a constant reminder of how life should be lived, following instinct and never losing sight of the really important things.

Taurus – The brown bear
The leading animal that goes well with your way of being is the brown bear. Peaceful and cuddly, it is an animal that embodies a great strength ready to come out when needed. Its proximity to your zodiac sign will guide you in understanding how to discern between the moments in which to indulge in idleness and those in which to struggle with all the energy you have in your body in order to achieve a result. Plus, it will help you make peace with that part of you that never fully accepts itself but needs a lot of love to blossom and come out at its best.

Gemini – The seagull
An animal that is a symbol of freedom is what is expected for a sign that, like yours, needs its spaces and its rules to live better. The seagull will be able to show you the way to always be yourself without ever compromising and all without hardening you or forcing those around you. Learning to live with the often obvious difference between you and those around you is in fact one of your limits. By working on it, however, the results will not be long in coming, giving you a more peaceful life in which you will know how to manage every situation. Even those that seem complicated at the moment.

Cancer – The crab
A symbol of fidelity, this guide animal fully reflects some of your characteristics, even those that you do not yet know you have or that need to be developed. His presence in your life will help you to accept every aspect of yourself, softening the edges that, to date, prevent you from having peaceful relationships. Learning when to stay and when to step back gracefully without stinging those who see things differently from you will be one of the great lessons you can learn from this guide animal that will come in handy in future relationships.

Leo – The lion
Quite obvious but equally essential. The lion is definitely your guide animal. Solar, a natural and proud leader like never before, he will help you to control moments of anger and to make your own that dose of wisdom that combined with your main characteristics will make you even stronger, enhancing your skills as a leader, allowing you to communicate better. and knowing how to draw the lessons that life still has to give you.

Virgo – The ant
A rather unusual driving animal but which in its small way can be formidable. Excellent teacher of calm and patience, the ant will guide you towards the art of knowing how to wait without breaking down. For that hate change, in fact, each transition phase represents a little torture. Knowing how to manage even the smallest variations will therefore help you to keep the need for peace and serenity that distinguishes you stable and this regardless of the situation you will find yourself experiencing from time to time.

Libra – The Peacock
A singular guide animal who, like you, loves to appear, showing his best to anyone around him. The peacock, however, also represents the determination to reach a goal, which sometimes you really need. His presence will therefore help you to fill some gaps, giving you a way to become a better version of yourself, deeper and looking towards the future.

Scorpio – The fox
A mysterious animal that can give so much to those who, like you, always want to improve. His proud and self-confident presence is in fact a warning to how to be without ever losing that elegance and gracefulness that are typical of the fox. An animal made of contrasts, sweetness and aggression, tenderness and cunning. A mix in which the character, most of the time indecipherable, just like her intentions, is perhaps the part that gives her the most charm, even before the indisputable beauty.

Sagittarius – The swallow
Your guide animal is the swallow, a tireless traveler who knows when the time has come to return home. Her presence will help you moderate your need for travel, balancing it with that of building stable and lasting affections. Knowing when to return and recognizing that you can face the journey even in company, whether it is a holiday or the great journey that is life, will be her greatest teaching.

Capricorn – The Hawk
Like you, this animal is determined and knows what it wants from life. What it can teach you is to learn to fight to the end to achieve your goals, without hiding behind excuses or reasons you are the first to disbelieve. Recognizing your limitations and building a perfect plan to achieve what you want will be your winning lesson.

Aquarius – The dolphin
An animal similar to you in sympathy, oddities and peculiarities. The dolphin, however, is also much more and with its sweetness it will teach you to adapt to others, to be more empathetic and to get in tune with those around you. All features that will only make your life better, letting you explore new boundaries without having to leave home.

Pisces – The polar bear
One of the guide animals par excellence is the polar bear, which with its great strength knows how to balance sweetness and aggression in a practically perfect way. All for a unique and irresistible whole that in your case will be able to show you the right way to balance your great empathy with the ability to take the right distance from what makes you suffer, learning to follow yourself beyond everything, watching always forward without ever giving up, just like the polar bear.

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