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Let’s find out which nail polish color is most suitable in spring for each zodiac sign.

With the beginning of spring also the desire to change colors becomes more and more alive. The first beautiful sunny days require a more jaunty look and are aimed at bringing color wherever you go. Thus, the desire to feel more beautiful is also on the rise and, many times, it passes by putting on different nail polish than usual, able to make us feel chicer with a simple gesture. If you have not yet decided on colors to aim for this spring it may be useful to find out the opinion of the stars. Even choosing the nail polish color that best matches your personality can make the difference, making an already good look appear even more perfect and giving us a little injection of self-esteem, which never hurts. Today we will find out together which nail polish color to choose to feel the best. Let’s begin?

A spring nail polish color for each zodiac sign

Aries – bright red
In spring your desire to dare skyrockets and what could be better than red nail polish to convey your desire to appear and get noticed? Combined with the right clothes it will make you visibly stronger giving you a haughty but never out-of-line air. You will feel at ease like never before, also feeling the charge that has always been inherent in the color red. A lacquered nail polish is ideal for you.

Taurus – apple green
For you, a beautiful green is a perfect color to stand out more. And given the period, the most suitable declination will be the floral one. A beautiful apple green will make you feel radiant whenever you look at your hands, giving you more stimulation during the day. Being able to choose, you can alternate this nuance with pastel green or with a mix that goes from light green to soft pink. A way like any other to bring spring to your fingertips.

Gemini – The iridescent nail polish
For you who are always looking for new ways to get bored, the ideal nail polish is an iridescent one. Of those that have a base that changes into another color with the first rays of the sun. A way like any other to feel playful and to always have a different vision even of your fingers. As yellow and orange colors they will be perfect perhaps with an iridescent effect that aims towards green or purple.

Cancer – Pink
A perfect color to embrace the first notes of spring that you breathe in the air is pink which, not for nothing, is also the shade often combined with your zodiac sign. Romantic and always open to the beautiful things that the future can hold for you, with this color you will be able to give more prominence to your personality. You choose whether to focus on a powder pink or one with more charge. If you want, you could opt for more shades to be interspersed according to your moods and the look of the day.

Leo – The bright yellow
Women born under the sign of Leo have always been well prepared for the summer. Sunny nail polish will therefore be the best way to welcome spring. Among the various options, the most suitable is undoubtedly that of yellow, the symbolic color of this sign and the sun that returns to be seen after the long winter. Furthermore, yellow is a strong and decisive color, perfect for those who always love to take life head-on.

Virgo – The cappuccino
color A color that is well suited to your sign, when it comes to spring glazes, is the cappuccino color. A sort of neutral color but rendered in a slightly darker exception, to project yourself already to the summer period, the one in which the warm rays of the sun will arrive to give you color and a good mood. The cappuccino color is also ideal for those who, despite wanting to feel chicer, do not want to be noticed too much, still giving that extra touch of particularity to their look.

Libra – The nude color
A color that is in fashion this year and that goes well with your being always ready to wear beauty is the nude color. Its elegance, then, is simply perfect for you who have the right ways to move to wear it. A valid alternative could be transparent nail polish or the famous French manicure, but why resist a color that is also among the most popular in 2022?

Scorpio – The emerald green
Even in spring, you cannot miss the opportunity to show your mysterious nature. An emerald green is more suitable for pastel colors, the degree of giving color without exaggerating and maintaining those cold tones that so much characterize and that all underline your personality in the best possible way. A color that will work both in the lacquered version and in the shiny one, perfect for pre-summer evenings, during which you will want to feel more beautiful and charged than usual. And if you want to overdo it, an emerald green that changes to fuchsia would give you that extra touch not to be underestimated.

Sagittarius – Orange
The warm season has always been perceived as the prelude to holidays and long journeys to be made both alone and with the family. Does your soul as a traveler know it well and what is better than a beautiful orange that can recall the idea of ​​the sun to celebrate the return of beautiful days? This color also adapts very well to the idea of ​​travel, thus embodying two aspects that distinguish you.

Capricorn – The pearly white
For you who love simplicity, a beautiful pearly white is ideal to emphasize the joy of the new season by combining the typical elegance of this color. Its being practically combinable with everything makes white a real must able to give brilliance and simplicity. Color nis ot to be underestimated, especially if you don’t want to change your enamel with each new look.

Aquarius – Blue
The color of the sky is the one that best matches your way of being. A perfect nuance to stand out and highlight the desire to look different without running the risk of distorting yourself. The celestial, in fact, in addition to being a color suitable for your zodiac sign is also ideal for representing a cheerful and sunny season like spring.

Pisces – Aqua Green
A color that suits you perfectly is aqua green, perfect to best represent your zodiac sign and able to make you feel at the top even when you are wearing a simple pair of jeans. This color will make you look bright and perfectly in line with the new season, representing a real added value to your femininity.

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