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Each of us has phrases that we can’t stand and that we would never want to hear. Find out which is yours.

However loving and pacifist we may be, we all have things to which we react with particular annoyance or even anger. It can be a sentence that we perceive as offensive, an accusation, or a way of doing things that particularly hurts us. Often we are not fully aware of it, feeling anger without even understanding the real reason. Today, we will try to investigate precisely some possible causes of our anger, analyzing which of all is the thing that we just can’t stand being told. This, of course, can also be useful for understanding what we should never say to a certain zodiac sign so as not to make him angry.

The phrase that every zodiac sign hates to hear

Aries – You are late
A dynamic sign like yours is often found to be late for an appointment. Usually, it takes just a few minutes because for your way of being you like to always be in advance or to fall within the pre-established plans. A word that highlights your delay, therefore, manages to put you in a bad mood, indicating your lack and all without taking into account the possible unforeseen events you encountered on your way. The trick is to always remember that sometimes a clarification like this is not meant to be a reproach but a simple phrase of circumstance to start the conversation. Sure, maybe it’s not the most pleasant but if you learn to take it as you would with an observation about the weather, maybe your mood would benefit. The alternative? Arrive for appointments out of breath and immediately apologize for being late.

Taurus – I cheated on you
Those born under your sign are generally very jealous and protective people. Knowing that someone has broken the pact of uniqueness that for you is the basis of friendships and especially love relationships is therefore a serious blow that you just do not know how to process. Knowing, therefore, that you have been betrayed or that you have been the victim of a lie can mark the end of everything for you, throwing you into an abyss of anger, frustration, and self-pity from which you struggle to get out on your own. Unfortunately in situations like these there aren’t many loopholes and the only thing you can do is try to fortify yourself and always keep yourself ready for a possible disappointment. Also, remember that you are not the only one suffering from betrayal and that in the boat you will never be alone. Sure, as much as knowing it can comfort you.

Gemini – I don’t like you.
Hearing from someone they don’t like you or who just doesn’t appreciate the way you do is perhaps the lowest blow you can inflict on yourself. Accustomed as you are to being the soul of the party you tend to gather support, so much so that you are never really ready for a possible rejection. Of course, as everyone knows, you can’t always please everyone, and over time (maybe) you’ll learn to get over it. In the meantime, practice taking the blow and not forcing things too hard. Fortunately, the world is full of people to surround yourself with, and insisting on those who don’t seem to appreciate your sympathy is a waste of time that won’t do you or them any good.

Cancer – You have tired me
As a person, you tend to be often insecure and in need of constant confirmation, for this reason in personal relationships, you tend to be a bit obsessive and jealous to the point of risking tiring the other person. Of course, yours is just a way of expressing affection but it is not always perceived in this way and so, the other person may tell you how things are. Here, it is at this point that you risk giving the worst of yourself, putting your face, or starting to throw a tantrum. It is true, that being told that you have tired someone is never pleasant but sometimes the various extenuating circumstances must also be considered to understand if, at least in part, the mistake was ours. Try it too, a clarification could solve everything and make you more sure of the affection of those around you.

Leo – You were wrong.
To is something that you find difficult and that you hate more than anything else, or almost. Hearing from someone that you have made a mistake could send you on a rampage. Precise how you are your mistake would be very little compared to what others would do in your conditions and, precisely for this reason, you do not tolerate the idea that someone can judge you thinking that you are not as valid as you tend to make people think. Sometimes, however, a comment is just a comment and does not hide a world of thoughts behind it. If such words bother you, try to point out the reasons for your possible error immediately and calmly, and try not to make a drama out of it. Sometimes it is precisely from the small imperfections that the genius is noticed.

Virgo – There is a change of plans
In your orderly and pre-established life, a sudden change, even for the better, risks creating such mental chaos that it sends you into a tailspin. For this reason, you just do not understand who lives for the day or who, even tries to make you do the same too. For everything, it takes time, order, and very specific rules and it relaxes you. Unfortunately, however, sometimes there are unforeseen events and whether you appreciate them or not, you have to accept them and learn to circumvent them. Try to always see things one step ahead and imagine the sudden change of course of any company you have started as a game. Perhaps you will continue to hate every change but there is the possibility that, with a little training, you will be able to at least see the annoyance and anxiety that it causes you decrease.

Libra – Put like this you are not well
If there is one thing that no one should ever judge is your image. As vain as you are, being told that something is wrong or out of place in your look, you risk ruining your evening by making you focus solely and exclusively on that small detail that, obviously, in your eyes will not be so small. Try to accept the opinions of others with a smile, remembering that they are only points of view and that if specify how you are, before going out you found yourself perfectly in order, it is because most likely there is nothing wrong with you.

Scorpio – I don’t like you
Even though you are a person who can appear incredibly confident from the outside, in reality, like everyone else, you need your confirmation. If you combine that with being a little touchy, then what no one should ever tell you is that they don’t like you. Not only aesthetically but also and above all in character or as a person. For you, a refusal of this type is a real affront that you live very badly to the point of putting yourself on the defensive and meditating for revenge. Try to lower your weapons and accept that you can’t please everyone and that for every person who doesn’t like you there are at least ten who are ready to do so. So, you better know right away that you don’t want to waste time with that person, right?

Sagittarius – Today we are at home
For you, escaping from your space and going out among people is a necessary need like air. Whether it’s a trip or a simple walk, your place is out there, in the middle of the world. Knowing that you have to stay at home because of someone else’s choice, therefore, risks upsetting your day as well as your mood. Better to put the record straight and allow yourself at least an hour of fresh air that can give you that oxygen of life you so much need. It will benefit you and also those who will have to share the evening with you and who otherwise risk seeing you in a state of apathy or nervousness to regret even having thought of offering you such a thing.

Capricorn – You cannot come
Not being able to attend a meeting or a date with friends is something horrible for you, especially if the veto comes precisely from those who will be part of what you have not been invited to. Feeling cast aside ignites your anger like a few other things and risks making you vindictive, even though this is not part of your way of being. But people don’t always do this to hurt you. Before taking her to death, therefore, try to understand if there are valid reasons behind it. Maybe someone is trying to surprise you or the place you haven’t been invited to isn’t right for you. Just try to make it clear that you were upset. It will help others find a different way to achieve their purpose and you to clarify yourself and not harbor a bad mood that most of the time would be useless.

Aquarius – It Will Be Forever
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a declaration of love, a transfer proposal, or permanent hiring. For you, “forever” is like a death sentence that comes to undermine any possibility of escape and entertainment. Sometimes, however, it would be enough to think that saying it does not imply a position and that until you sign a contract you will not be forced to forever unless you are the first to want it. Try to think about it seriously, you may learn to react less abruptly to the next occasion when someone will express their need to do anything for a long time with you.

Pisces – That person talks badly about you
If there is one thing you just can’t stand it is learning that someone is plotting behind your back, that they are lying to you, or that they are talking bad about you. Knowing that you weren’t there while people were saying things about your hurts and making you angry. For you, sincerity is one of the most important values ​​which, if not respected, can push you to end a relationship without even the shadow of a clarification. Sometimes, though, even someone who talks badly about you, no matter how unpleasant it is, may do so because there is a misunderstanding going on. Why not first try to uncover the cards and hear the other bell? After all, there is always time to close any relationships, right?

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