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Today we want to know the ranking of the best zodiac signs to leave: yes, you read that right! Let’s read together what are the top five positions and also why you did well to close relations with them. 

Has it ever happened to you to leave yourself with someone after only a few months of dating (but also after much longer periods) and think: ” Fiùù, did I get away with it ?”.
Well, maybe you were dealing with one of the worst zodiac signs in the whole horoscope when it comes to love and relationships!

The danger, though, you may not have completely avoided – our ranking today will raise any doubts about it, as we’ll uncover the best signs to leave behind when it comes to romance.
But isn’t it that you are also in this ranking?

The best zodiac signs to leave: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Breaking up, we know well, is never a walk in the park.
It is always a very difficult and painful decision that almost always leaves one of the two (if not both) very sad and discouraged.
There are some breakups, though, that make you realize how, actually, leaving you was the best thing.

We decided, today, to give you a hand and draw up the ranking of the best zodiac signs to leave.
Yes, it’s true: it may seem like a completely spurious ranking but we know what we are saying!

Let’s find out together what are the five highest positions in this particular ranking and also why you were right to leave your ex-boyfriend who was born under one of these signs. Now we just have to find out if you are also among the top positions or if you have fallen back into a relationship with one of the signs you should leave … immediately!

Libra: fifth place

Being with a Libra means being immersed in a situation that is always cheerful, almost festive.
There are dinners, drinks, and aperitifs to organize and participate in and there is no possibility to relax even for a moment.

It almost seems like Libra wants to be with you to… prove something to someone?
If you ask ex-boyfriends about a person born under the sign of Libra, they will tell you that not all that glitters is gold and especially if what glitters is the 24 – the toothed smile of Libra.

This is certainly a very cheerful and positive sign that, however, refuses to face problems or their own negative feelings.
We let you imagine what effect this attitude of hers has on her relationship With her!

Virgo: fourth place

Who would ever want to feel judged in a relationship? Well, know that Virgo will not only judge you as soon as possible but would also love to receive a report from you on how they behave in a relationship!

Terrible, right? All ex – boyfriends of a Virgo will be able to tell you how difficult it is to be in a relationship with them.
Those born under the sign of Virgo are people accustomed to beauty and perfection, they do not admit mistakes and are decidedly ” hasty ” when it comes to feelings.
In short, they are a sign that it is much better to leave (unless, unfortunately for you, you are not really very, very in love!).

Leo: third place

Are we really surprised to find in our ranking all those born under the sign of Leo? This sign, unfortunately, has many excellent qualities which, however, hide behind a facade of arrogance that is really difficult to knock down.

Leo does not appreciate feeling weak or having to somehow externalize their feelings. Often, in fact, Leo is a sign that he has great unresolved emotional problems, which he unloads on his partner as soon as he can. However, when it comes to working to build his relationship, Leo very often runs away, almost convinced that relationships must ” happen ” without any effort on the part of those who have them!

Their ex-boyfriends can’t help but wipe the sweat off their foreheads when they hear about the Leos.

Pisces: second place

In second place in our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Pisces. This is a truly sweet and gentle sign, easy to fall in love with and able to connect with others. So why is it one of the best zodiac signs to leave forever?

Precisely because of these good qualities, in fact, those born under the sign of Pisces often risk becoming decidedly too much.
What do we mean by this? Simple! Pisces are people who fall in love too soon, putting their partners in trouble.

As soon as they start a relationship, those born under the sign of Pisces completely focus on the other person and end up suffocating them, even if they don’t want to.
Here is where, at the end of the relationship, the others breathe a sigh of relief: Pisces is like a blanket but very often too, too hot!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the best zodiac signs to leave

At the top of our ranking, we are sorry to admit, there are all those born under the sign of Gemini.
It is useless to pretend to be offended: you know very well why you are so high in this ranking!

The Gemini, in fact, are very special people. They have a real double personality which often makes them difficult to understand or to please. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Gemini
often tell lies, especially to themselves and regarding their true romantic interest in others.

Having a relationship with them means entering a forest of retractions, unwelcome surprises, and swamps of insecurity.
If you were with a Gemini (and left him) we can hear the sigh of relief that you launched.
And if you are a Gemini … well, recognizing your flaws is the first step to improvement!

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