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Let’s find out if you have angered one of the zodiac signs that carry a grudge forever in life: here is the ranking!

Aggression , anger or arrogance are some of the many negative emotions that can really ruin relationships that may have been going on for years.
Dealing with people who have these traits (and others) very developed is, therefore, very difficult !

If, however, the outbursts of anger or superiority are something that you can “control” or accept (obviously without ever excusing serious episodes , let’s not joke), there is an emotion that is really difficult to manage . Let’s talk about the grudge ! Let’s find out if, among your acquaintances , there is one of the signs that are found in this ranking ( spoiler : if so, it’s trouble!).

The zodiac signs that bear grudges: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

Getting angry or being easy to get angry is one thing ; on the one hand, being a resentful person is much more dangerous!
Who bears a grudge , in fact, is one of those people famous for ” tying it to the finger “.

It matters little (or not) what happened : the resentful person will never forget what happened and, on the contrary, will model his entire life and your relationship on that one event . Have you ever met a resentful person or do you think you are the one who carries the most grudge of all among your friends?

From today you will no longer have to ask yourself this question : we have thought about finding the answer by drawing up the ranking of the zodiac signs that bear grudges most of all! Let’s find out the top five positions of the ranking and let’s try to understand immediately if you have made some false step with someone who is leading you … well, grudge!

You know that person you haven’t heard from for a long time or who avoids all your invitations?
Maybe the reason is that it is in the first place of the ranking : no more chatter and we immediately discover the most rancorous zodiac signs of the horoscope !

Pisces: fifth place

Would you ever have said that? Yet it is so. Those born under the sign of Pisces can be really very resentful and make you weigh events that you have just forgotten!
This sign, in fact, is one of those truly sensitive and capable of experiencing strong feelings in a moment.

For this reason, therefore, Pisces often end up being fond of people who then irreparably hurt them .
Almost necessarily, therefore, Pisces end up holding grudges towards those who treat them badly: be careful !

Taurus: fourth place

Taurus is also a sign that he never forgets anything and does not forget what happened. Taurus is a sign that has a strong sensitivity , which he tries to hide, but which also allows him to have very strong feelings .

Given his extremely ” charged ” feelings, therefore, Taurus always finds himself having to ask for an account of what has happened.
Of course, Taurus carries a grudge but with this also the possibility of forgiveness : you cannot ignore him! Address the outstanding issues and you will see that you will have no problems.

Scorpio: third place

Not only resentment but also, actively, revenge!
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who never forget a wrong but are also people capable of feeling a great feeling of revenge .
Certainly, though, Scorpio will not start programming or creating a whiteboard with all your movements on it!

What Scorpio will do is simply wait for the right moment . Those born under this sign, in fact, elegantly know when to take revenge, they will not speed up the process . If you have wronged them, however, you can expect them not to forget it and make you pay for it !

Aquarius: second place

Even the Aquarius , rather surprisingly, is capable of remembering the wrongs and problems suffered and looking for a responsible person after years .
It is, in fact, one of the signs capable of holding a grudge for a very long time and that, even if he pretends that everything is fine, he certainly never forgets what you have said or done to him.

Aquarius is an extremely capable sign of taking it personally : they don’t care about appearing annoying or childish but always knows how to turn the situation to their advantage. For the Aquarius , who spends so much towards others , receiving a wrong is really difficult.

He will never forgive you unless you do a huge job and apologize in a very blatant way . So be careful when dealing with an Aquarius !

Cancer: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that bear grudges in the horoscope

At the top of our ranking we can not help but find all those born under the sign of Cancer . No need to pretend it’s a surprise !
Cancer is the king (or queen or any kind of non-binary nobility if you prefer) of grudge and doesn’t really forget anything about his life!

His elephant memory for all the little wrongs is truly unbelievable: rest assured that if you have done something wrong he will remember it! Cancer , in fact, is generally a very sensitive sign that tends to take everything (really everything) personally .

Instead of indulging in outbursts of anger or engaging in endless fights, Cancer tends to hold a grudge indefinitely, excluding you from their circle .
Of course, mainly it does not the people who are not dear to his heart but the Cancer is also able to stop talking forever to a person he cares about simply thanks to the grudge!

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