What at first seems to be a clear question quickly turns out to be not so clear and difficult to answer. You are often forgiving when it comes to the bad side of your partner, and you are literally blind to love. As a result, you don’t always see whether the partner is really good for you. You often tell yourself that it is quite normal when there are frequent conflicts. After all, you have to get used to each other and get to know each other properly. And the compromises that have to be made are also part of a relationship. Or? If you have any doubts as to whether your partner deserves you at all, here are some clues you can use to find out …

You keep catching your partner on little lies?

Even if it sounds tough, the little lies are pioneers for the big lies. Trust and honesty should always be viewed as a valuable commodity in a relationship and should therefore not be misused. Without trust, you cannot let yourself go and build a deeper bond – and then what is the relationship worth?

You catch yourself only giving?

In the beginning you may still do this, but if you just give and you realize over time that nothing comes back, then the relationship gets into trouble. Everyone has their own way of showing affection and respect – it doesn’t always have to be flowers or small gifts. Men in particular often find it difficult to show their partner their feelings and appreciation. Anyone who actively relieves his partner of his work and always tries to stand by his side also gives a lot.

Trust and respect are the foundation of a relationship

And if the partner is always fooling around and is never satisfied with something, then maybe it is because he is not satisfied with himself. Because the person you love to treat disrespectfully, taking out frustration with him or even blaming him for your own inadequacy shows little self-esteem and is extremely loveless. In times when the partner is bad, you should be there for him, because that’s the meaning of a relationship. Going through life together in good and bad times and always being there for each other. It is therefore important that the other person is really there when you need him. When you face difficult situations all the time and you can only rely on friends when it comes to problems, then something fundamental is going wrong in the relationship. Nobody needs a partner who is never there. No matter whether it is good or bad things that happen to a person – he wants to be able to share them with his partner.

The most difficult path is the one you walk alone

… especially if you actually have a partner who is constantly withdrawing. Nobody should commit to someone they can’t rely on. No matter how annoying you get or get in your hair sometimes – when things get serious, you should be able to rely on each other. It also becomes difficult when the partner grudges success instead of celebrating it. Shouldn’t one be proud of the person you love when they master something particularly well and stand by their side when things are going badly? The most important thing is simply to be aware that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally. If you do everything for your partner, listen to him and love him as he is, you should be valued and loved to the same extent. If that is not the case.

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