The right partner has been found, you want to express your love, but you don’t know how? We would like to help – because declarations of love can go beyond an “I love you” without reaching the dimensions of a diamond ring. So straight into our top 5 tips for a successful declaration of love.

Tip 1 – Declarations of love are creative

Let your creativity run wild, because you can express declarations of love in a variety of ways. How about a classic love letter, a cozy evening in front of the fireplace, a short trip to the city of love, a candlelit dinner with your favorite Italian or maybe even something homemade? One thing is certain: everything is allowed when it comes to proof of love.

Tip 2 – Declarations of love are personal

Our digital age has plenty of inspiration and suggestions for declarations of love on the World Wide Web. However, there is one thing you should note: As with the preparation of a soup, declarations of love only become really special when you think of the spice – so be sure to incorporate your personal touch and do not simply copy one of the numerous love sayings from the Internet.

Tip 3 – Let your heart speak

A declaration of love does not necessarily mean a knee and an “I love you”. It also does not have to be associated with previous planning and a huge investment as proof of love. As is so often the case in life, it is mostly things that come from the situation and come from the heart that create special emotions. So let your heart speak, because that’s where declarations of love should come from.

Tip 4 – Involve the senses

The inclusion of the five senses is not only playing an increasingly important role in advertising. Declarations of love are also intensified by the addition of the tactile, taste, smell, hearing and visual sense. A suitable background music underlines the romantic atmosphere during the cozy fireplace evening or the classic love letter becomes much more personal and almost lively thanks to a personal fragrance note of the partner.

Tip 5 – make sure

Do you have the declaration of love? Are you really sure about that? In order to be able to reach your partner emotionally, it is best to put yourself back in your heart and, in particular, review his or her preferences and interests. If you follow this tip, you can rest assured that the declaration of love is not only well received by you, but that it also causes the desired reaction from your partner.

Our tips are just an impetus for a wonderful declaration of love. The individuality of your declaration of love is the key to your partner’s heart and less the content. We hope you enjoy your personal journey there.

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