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Cusp signs: what they are and what their characteristics are 2k22

Here are how many and what are the cusp signs and above all what are their character peculiarities. They will have no more secrets for you!

Cusp signs: what is it all about? These signs indicate an imaginary line that creates a sort of subdivision of the signs within the Zodiac.

When a transition occurs along these imaginary lines, this phenomenon takes the name of cusp . If on the day of your birth the Sun transited over other zodiac signs, you will be able to discover the sign to which it really belongs by carrying out a sort of astral calculation.

If the transit of the Sun occurred on several signs on the day of your birth, it is likely that you will be subjected to astral influences from several parts, that is, from two different zodiac signs. These are precisely the cusp signs . When the sun goes through multiple signs, this phase is known as a kind of transition even though the phenomenon has a short duration. Those born in this period, therefore, belong to the cusp signs . All that remains is to discover the cusp signs and their characteristics.

Cusp signs: what are they?

People who are born during the transitional cusp phase can be influenced by multiple zodiac signs. It is possible to determine if you belong to the phenomenon of the cusp of the Sun by means of very precise information, including the exact time you were born and the date. The cusp phase begins at 29 degrees and 30 minutes of one sign and ends at 0 degrees and 30 minutes of the next sign.


The sign of Pisces is known for its marked sensitivity and emotionality . This is why people born under this sign tend to be particularly sensitive to certain daily events. These characteristics combine with the inner strength and impulsive nature of the sign of Aries giving life to a very attentive personality, available and ready to fight to defend their ideas.

Do not miss the opportunity to provide help and support to the people you love and you are always ready to show your love until you transmit a lot of positive energy . You rarely hold back: even if at times you seem a bit intractable and introverted, you are always willing to clarify and express your opinions.The combination of these characteristics makes you special people , sometimes difficult to understand, but those who know your inner qualities calmly trust you.


The phenomenon of the cusp of the Sun makes the zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus very particular. In this case, the determination of those born under the sign of Taurus joins the impulsive nature of Aries, giving life to a somewhat complex personality.

Your very strong and confident character leads you to have no limits : it is difficult for you to give up and you are ready to do everything to achieve your goals. You do not like injustices and if someone does a wrong against you you are ready to make yourself respected and fight for your ideas .

You hardly let yourself be influenced by the doubts, uncertainties and opinions of others and your courage pushes you to always seek new challenges and get involved. Sometimes, however, the tough and combative character leads to isolating you from others but the people who really know you have perfectly understood your inner qualities.

What you care about most are the values ​​you believe in and are willing to do anything to defend them. The strong inner security that characterizes the personality of Aries and Taurus makes you courageous and determined in numerous situations, always ready to fight to defend your beliefs .


Your main goal is to achieve the right balance within social relationships and everyday life. However, you are particularly curious and often love adventurous situations or want to go in search of new experiences.

You are not used to wasting your energy in vain but if you do not like something or you are not particularly convinced, then you will do everything to implement your ideas. You love to reflect before reacting impulsively and your keen intelligence and rationality is strong point of your character.

Before taking a step, think carefully about it in order to make the right choice even if it is superficial situations. In some cases, however, you are a little lazy and rarely commit to anything if it’s not really worth it. In fact, if you are faced with unexpected events, you could change your mind very easily.


You have a creative and imaginative nature and your desire to experiment new things never ends. This is your main character due to the influence of the cusp phase.

But every now and then you need to stop and think to understand what your limits are. You convey a lot of optimism and positivity to those around you and you rarely get discouraged. In love you are playful and ready to demonstrate your qualities. The combination of these characteristics makes those born under the sign of Leo and Virgo pleasant and reliable people from whom to expect the wisest advice.

Sometimes, however, you risk appearing severe in the eyes of others and you tend to be a little hard even with those who love you. Mistakes can happen and not everyone reacts perfectly to difficulties. So try to analyze your neighbor less and avoid filling loved ones with criticism. In the long run, this attitude will not serve to spur them on but may increase their insecurity.


When you come up with a new project, you won’t find peace until you finish it. This tenacity of yours can prove to be very useful in life as it leads you to reach your goals with success and notoriety.

Despite this, you are very skilled in your moves and you tend to always stay with your feet on the ground, avoiding deluding yourself. Consequently, you are particularly wise and realistic, you know how to act in different contexts and when you have to make a decision you can make the best choice .

Your determination, however, in the long run leads you to obsess yourself too much until you get stressed and that is why, from time to time, you need to unplug to free your mind from thoughts and spend days in absolute carefree and serenity.

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