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Choose the color that best suits you for the walls of your home and all based on your zodiac sign.

The house is the nest where each of us takes refuge after a day of intense work. For this reason it is essential that in our eyes it is like a welcoming place and to which we always want to return. After all, the home environment is often the only place where you can truly be yourself , cultivate your passions, take refuge in your obsessions and enjoy your free time in the way you prefer, perhaps watching a good movie or reading a book. while sipping a nice herbal tea.
Whatever the activities to be experienced in your home, the fundamental thing is that at every glance it appears comfortable and at the same time invigorating. To achieve this it is very important not only the choice of furnishings and the objects we decide to keep them but also the colors with which we choose to surround ourselves every day. That chromium therapy has effects on mood is now a well-known thing and the colors vibrate with an energy of their own able to cheer or relax those who observe them. An aspect that can change from person to person and all thanks to one’s zodiac sign which, under the influence of the stars, can respond in a particular way to certain colors. Today, we will try to find out what color we should dye the walls of the house to live at their best.

How to color house based on your zodiac sign

Aries – A beautiful bright red
Your dynamic personality is always on the move making you particularly suitable for a home with bright colors and where you are always charged with new energy. The ideal is therefore a living area where red stands out in a particular way. This can be chosen for the dyeing of the walls (even one is fine) or for the furnishings. The important thing is that there is something really colorful, able to reflect your personality and make you feel literally at home.

Taurus – Creamy white
For you the most suitable colors are pastel ones, perfect for relaxing and giving a colorful tone but without excess. Of all, white is the one that suits you best and that is able to make you immediately feel more relaxed. A kind of balm for both your eyes and your mind always in turmoil even when it seems that you are not doing much.

Gemini – With a Color for Each Room
Given the tendency to get tired of everything easily, the ideal choice for you would be to paint each room a different color. This will make it harder for one of these to bore you. Among the many, the one on which you should focus is the living area, the one where you tend to live more and where you take refuge in the evening. In this case, a nice pastel green that contains warm yellow notes could represent the choice most in line with your way of being.

Cancer – Pink
It may seem obvious but pastel pink walls are ideal for your romantic nature and always looking for calm and balance. For you the home environment is very important and it is even more important to feel at home the moment you cross the threshold. Choosing the right colors is therefore very important and will help make you more relaxed and ready to start a new day, knowing that in the end, you will always find yourself in a comfortable and tailor-made place.

Leo – Bright yellow
That yellow is your color is well known. What you may not have expected is that it is also the most suitable for your home. Painting the walls yellow will always make you feel energetic and full of life, giving you the feeling of being in the right place at the right time and allowing you to shine as you love to do, both at home and outside.

Virgo – Orange
Painting your walls orange is a great way to feel the energy of one of the colors that suit you best. An alternative, however valid, is to keep to neutral tones and then color orange blankets, curtains and accessories. In this way the room will still have a good impact without too many upsets and will allow you to make any changes if you get tired.

Libra – In Cream
A light color that can convey both calm and energy without appearing too much. It is the cream color that with its elegance turns out to be also the one most in line with your ropes and perfect for your nest which in your eyes must always be impeccable. For the bedroom, on the other hand, you could opt for a pale white to be enriched with some elegant stencil but able to give color without weighing it down. In the morning, looking at the drawings on the walls will give you a pleasant feeling. Seeing is believing.

Scorpio – A beautiful lavender color
For you who have always been attracted to mystery, the most suitable colors are lavender, indigo or purple. Your home, in fact, must have a spiritual and at the same time playful and vital air. A great choice is also to choose a color to be rendered in different tones depending on the room. So as to have lighter vibrations in the bedroom and more intense ones in the living area. All for an effect that will surprise guests and make you feel truly at home.

Sagittarius – Warm wood color
More than a real color your home should have lots of wood elements in order to give an overall sense of orange mixed with brown. A way to be original without distorting yourself and to give a particular warmth to your nest. The result will be a welcoming and warm home where it will be pleasant to spend time with friends and loved ones and where you will also love to spend moments of pure idleness.

Capricorn – Better a wallpaper
More than a real color, a wallpaper with different designs or colors suits you. Something that gives your home a sense of strength and stability that you wouldn’t be able to achieve 100% with colors. The alternative? Rely on the classic of all the classics or white and focus on richly colored furnishing elements that can make you feel at home. A tan or lilac might be ideal and given your temperament, the ideal would be to choose the recommended color for your ascendant.

Aquarius – Blue
This is a compatible color that will make your home a real comfort zone. Beware, however, walls of this color can become important with the risk of appearing heavy. Better to play on the shades, declining the color also towards blue, in this way the final effect will be approximately the same but with much less risk of getting tired before time.

Pisces – A beautiful aqua green
A color that is congenial to you and that will never tire you is the aqua green to be modulated in a more or less intense way depending on the room you choose to color. This color also adapts to your eternal propensity to daydream and, staying on the subject, if shaded it is perfect for the bedroom where you will let yourself go to restful and invigorating sleep.

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