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It’s not like you’re engaged to one of the zodiac signs that will (surely) break your heart, are you? Better check the rankings right away, don’t you think?

Being heartbroken is certainly not a good feeling, is it?
It happens and it will happen to everyone, sooner or later, to find themselves having to deal with a bad time in love.

Sadly, if you date any of the five zodiac signs featured on our chart today, this bad time in love may come sooner than you think.
Do not you believe it? So this horoscope ranking doesn’t interest you at all … do you?

The zodiac signs that will break your heart: we hope your partner is not in the rankings too

Yes, today’s stars and planets have decided to put in guard than they were five signs of the zodiac which can not help but break our hearts to others.
Like? Don’t you think it is possible to identify who is behaving like this?

So obviously you don’t know the power of the horoscope very well!

Let’s find out right away if your partner (or maybe you ) stands out in today’s ranking of the zodiac signs that will always break your heart.
Perhaps, among the descriptions and reasons for the positioning in the ranking of the zodiac signs, you will recognize some ” suspicious ” attitude. How about, is it worth checking out?

Gemini: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini appear almost immediately in our horoscope ranking today.
Dear Gemini, you know that when you commit yourself you can truly break hearts to no end, don’t you? Sometimes, a little, you take advantage of your charm and situations get complicated all the time.

The twins flirt often and willingly with persons who maybe are not interested, or they end up in relationships that fail to close when they want.
The result? The Twins will leave the point in white, abruptly and with so many things on hold: then maybe come back to himself to see to leave you, then, sadder than before!

Scorpio: fourth place

Like? The Scorpion can be found only in fourth place on our list today? Hey, let’s go plan: this is still a result, even if negative, fairly important!
Scorpios aren’t just cold-working machines, as everyone paints them.

They are also able to break the hearts of others with no problems! No, come on, let’s a joke: Scorpios have a lot of feelings but, more often than not, they forget that other people have them too. That’s why they end up saying things very often that they later regret: in the meantime, however, your heart has already fallen into a thousand pieces. You will have to get used to it if you want to be with them!

Virgo: third place

On the first step of the podium, we find all those born under the sign of Virgo and we can truly say that, after all, we expected it a little.
The Virgin is a sign that she has no problems in cutting ties and relationships by going on her path even alone.

Those born under this sign are like this: nothing upsets them more than necessary and they are not afraid to leave you behind!
If you are dealing with a Virgo, know that sooner or later it will break your heart: maybe not wanting or even realizing it but this certainly doesn’t help, doesn’t it?
Be careful to fall in love with Virgo: they are fantastic people but often very focused only and exclusively on their needs and goals!

Sagittarius: second place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, although often considered cheerful, happy, and loving people, are capable of breaking your heart without problems.
The Sagittarius is like that: they are people who love and appreciate their independence and do not put it certainly risky for anyone!

This is why Sagittarius will in all likelihood break your heart and this is also why we have placed them so high in our horoscope ranking today.
The Sagittarius do not make problems to overlook the needs of others or to consider them null if something comes between them and what they want!

Although they can be truly ruthless in love, Sagittarians often don’t realize what they do to others.
When you can get them to reason, you will see them sincerely repent of their behavior: will this stop them from breaking your heart? The answer, unfortunately, is absolutely no! Better to know first, don’t you think?

Capricorn: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs that will break your heart

Finally, in the first place of our ranking, there are them: the Capricorns.
Dear Capricorn, it is useless to pretend to be stupid or pretend nothing happened (we know that you are whistling with a surprised air in front of the screen).
How many hearts have you broken in your life?

No, don’t tell us the answer: we don’t want to know and you too would be surprised to discover the number of reports you sent to pieces!
The Capricorn people are extremely decided: once you have made a choice never come back, if only for pride!

Here, then, that those born under this sign become “very dangerous ” in love; they will have no qualms about breaking your heart precisely because, for them, feelings are something “ accessory ”. Yes, they are there and we have to face them: but who says they can’t simply put them under the carpet while they go on with their lives?
Here, Capricorns expect you to do the same… when they break your heart!

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