Let’s discover all the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Cancer.

Cancer Card
 From 21 June to 22 July
Dominant planet: Moon
Color of sign: White
Lucky stone: Pearl
Lucky day: Monday
Flower indicated: Hydrangea

All about the sign of Cancer

The sign in general
Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign are kind but also extremely touchy people. In need of protection, they tend to be softer and more sensitive than they are to attract the attention of others and receive what they need. Extremely feminine, they know how to conquer whoever interests them and as a weapon, they tend to use important looks and a certain dose of sweetness and rigidity that they always know how to dose.

Their need for protection expresses itself in a certain love for comfort and for the home environment that they will always try to make impeccable since it is the only place where they can feel truly safe. Also, for this reason, they tend not to accept everyone in their microcosm and can sometimes be extremely selective. When they choose to do so, however, the attention they give is incomparable to that offered by any other sign. Unfortunately, it takes very little to attract their dislikes and when that happens it is really difficult to return to their good graces, partly because they hardly express the problem and immediately afterward because they have a hard time admitting their mistakes. Arguing with them means starting a war without end and of which you will never be completely victorious.

Study and work
Tend to be lazy, the natives of the sign do not like to commit a lot either in study or at work. If they have obligations to carry on, they do it but always give what is enough to go on and all without commitment or, above all, passion. For them, life is what gives them pleasure and they just don’t know how to relate to work in this sense unless they find in it a pulsating passion that pushes them to give more for simple personal satisfaction. Something that happens very rarely because when obligations or deadlines get in the way they tend to lose much of their motivation. Nonetheless, when they work hard, they can even be efficient, especially when they find someone who can help them. If there is one thing with which you do not have major problems it is precisely that of asking for help. A way of doing that he succeeds so well that he even claims it and binds any refusal in this sense to his finger.

In love, the natives of Cancer are very demanding. For them, feeling protected is perhaps the most important aspect and is immediately followed by the need for attention that must be constant over time. The partner will have to love them with all of himself and prove that he has eyes only for her. When they love, however, it must be said that they too give a lot, they know how to be patient and fill those who are with them with attention. It is therefore a relationship that could be defined as equal, were it not for the whims they often and willingly put in place, a little to test the feelings of the partner, and a little for the simple pleasure of feeling spoiled and pampered.

Even in their friendships, they keep the same modus operandi somewhat, proving to be present but at the same time demanding. As a rule, they prefer to have few trusted friends rather than many acquaintances and because of the jealousy that often takes possession of them, they demand exclusive relationships in which the entry of other people is hardly accepted unless they are always the center of attention. thus obtaining two friends who consider her as the most important. Their need for love and protection is best expressed with family members with whom they often establish morbid relationships, demanding their full attention but at the same time giving them such importance as to make them feel truly appreciated.

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