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Does it often happen to you if you can trust the person next to you or not? Here’s what the stars say.

Trusting others isn’t always easy. Sometimes you choose to take a real leap of faith but often, also due to betrayals received in the past, you end up being suspicious and never knowing how far to believe what is said and where to start investigating. This can happen in the same way in friendship relationships as in love relationships. And, needless to say, it recurs in any interpersonal relationship. The truth is that no one will ever be able to tell us for sure if trusting is right and it is often time alone that provides this answer.

Among the many things that can be noticed about a person, there is also the influence of the stars that in many cases can help determine if and how much it is right to trust. Obviously, this is not a unique answer and is to be taken at face value. In a small way, however, it can help to understand how to move. For this reason, after seeing what really hurts us, we will find out if and how much we can trust the various zodiac signs.

You can trust me? Here’s what the stars say for each zodiac sign

Aries – Not too much
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are people who, first of all, think about themselves. This means that while trying to be loyal and sincere when they are cornered they end up doing what suits them best. And if one of the options is to lie or take action against others for their own well-being, they don’t hesitate to do so. For this reason, regardless of the type of relationship you have with them, it is always better to keep your eyes open and never forget that when it suits them they can become untrustworthy people.

Taurus – It depends on the type of relationship
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are basically loyal people. And their concept of fidelity goes far beyond the couple’s relationship. In fact, they are people who love to have sincere relationships with both colleagues and friends and the person they love. To trust them in a “total” way, however, it is necessary to understand what kind of relationship one has. The natives of the sign are in fact inclined to give one hundred percent only to the people they consider part of their circle. If you have a simple relationship with them, then, they could easily lie without feeling guilty. On the contrary, in an important relationship, they tend to do everything to not let the mutual trust relationship break down.

Gemini – According to the days
Those born under the astrological sign of Gemini are people who love to have special relationships with others. For this reason, they always try to be honest and to say what they think. The problem with them is that they usually change their minds. And this can lead them to come back to their ideas over and over again. Receiving a sincere promise from them, therefore, does not imply that it is actually fulfilled. For this to happen there must be such an intimate relationship at the base as to push them to admit that they have changed their way of seeing things. If not, it’s always best to keep your eyes wide open.

Cancer – In a variable way
Natives of the Cancer zodiac sign always try to be loyal. But they do it mainly for themselves and to feel at peace with themselves. If they have a way of lying or betraying themselves by constructing an alibi that is capable of working, they can therefore fail in their intentions. An attitude that makes them only half trustworthy and that in the long run can create problems of various kinds. For this reason, if on the one hand, it is okay to trust, on the other it will be only by knowing them well that you will be sure of being able to rest assured, learning to recognize from their hesitation the times when they are lying.

Leo – Almost always
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are very transparent. They do it mainly for themselves and because they have no desire to remember any lies. For this reason, they can almost always be trusted. Obviously, this only applies to those who are linked by an important relationship. Acquaintances or co-workers should be very careful. If they think they can get the better of cheating a little, they are in fact people who do not hold back and therefore can even go as far as lying without feeling the slightest sign of repentance.

Virgo – With ups and downs
Virgo natives don’t ask themselves many questions about personal fidelity. They expect the most of others, but when it comes to them, they are ready to lie when they can benefit from it. For this reason, trusting them is always difficult even if not useless. When they can or have esteem for the people they have at their side, they end up trying to always be honest. Sometimes, however, if they are ashamed of some mistake made or believe that a small lie gives them less grain of truth, they can go so far as to hide things very superficially.

Libra – Enough
Those born under the zodiac sign are people who can generally be trusted. In the first place, they are sincere and direct people and they tend to say everything they think, even if sometimes they know they would do better to avoid it. Furthermore, if they build relationships they care about, they always prefer to let the truth of the facts know. As well as at the same time they demand the same from those around them. Therefore, we can trust them enough, albeit with the normal qualms that we should have a little with everyone.

Scorpio – Yes, if you are on good terms
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are people who totally believe in insincerity. For this reason, they are among those who can be trusted the most. They are in fact faithful, direct, sincere, and always ready to question themselves to safeguard a relationship. However, this only applies to people with whom they are on good terms. When they feel betrayed or think they cannot be trusted at all, the natives of the sign change. In fact, they tend to repay others with the same medal. And in that case, there is no better liar. Discovering them will be decidedly impossible. So, okay to trust them but only if you have always been really honest with them.

Sagittarius – Not always
Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius have the prerogative to evaluate relationships with others based on how much they receive in return. If they are good then they can be considered reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, they tend to lie without feeling guilty in the least. And all in a crescendo capable of ruining relationships. The problem? With them, you never know when they are happy with the relationship you are having (regardless of the type of relationship) and when not. Being extremely touchy, they can change their minds practically at any time.

Capricorn – Hardly ever
Well yes, the natives of Capricorn are not among the people who should be trusted. This is because they are willing to lie or change the facts to make them work to their advantage to be right. The fact that they also need to control everything that happens around them makes things worse. Having sincere relationships with the natives of the sign is therefore very unlikely. And the best thing to do is to really get to know them so that you know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. It goes without saying that with them it is always best to keep your eyes open.

Aquarius – Rarely
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are people who, first of all, think about themselves and their well-being. For this reason, when dealing with others, they don’t put sincerity first. Sure, they tend to have one or two confidants with whom they are usually honest. But even in this case, you can never have absolute certainty. Much better to go on a little at a time and with the awareness that if they deem it necessary they are always ready to lie. Especially if doing so can bring him more advantages than sincerity.

Pisces – Very
The natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are among the most sincere people there are. They don’t like to lie or even hide what they think. Of course, they have empathy on their side that allows them to say things tactfully. But you can be sure that their word will always have value. Obviously, this can fail if they feel betrayed or if a relationship of trust is severed in some way. In this case, they become people who can lie and do it even so well that they are not discovered. This, however, rarely happens because by nature they prefer to sever relationships in which they no longer believe rather than make them go forward to the sound of lies.

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