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When we love it is difficult to distinguish between heart and reason. Find out if and how much you can trust him based on his zodiac sign.

Being in love and living a love story with your partner implies a certain amount of trust to invest in the other. It is therefore a real leap into the unknown that not everyone lives well. Often the doubts about it are many and the fear of making a mistake and going into a burning disappointment takes hold of the thoughts more times than one would like. Obviously, each story is a world unto itself and no one will ever be able to give absolute certainty about the sincerity of the partner.

The stars, however, can help us by revealing which are those signs most inclined to be sincere and which, on the other hand, are the ones with which it is better to always be careful. That said, it is good to remember that the influence of the stars can define a temperament but not the character and feelings of people. For this reason, regardless of their verdict, it is always better to listen to your instincts and remember that love needs trust and if this is lacking it is always right to try to understand why.

Find out if and how much you can trust your him based on his zodiac sign

Aries – Better not believe it too much
Men of the astrological sign of Aries tend to focus a lot on themselves and their well-being. For this reason, even if they love someone, they will always be ready to put them aside for benefits. This does not mean that they are necessarily unfaithful or that they can never be trusted. However, it is good to learn to read between and the lines to understand how much they are actually involved. In fact, if they start to appear distant, it is time to start worrying. If love dwindles, they tend to look around and also be less sincere than usual.

Taurus – Yes, but only if they are more than taken
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus have a romantic nature that pushes them to want to find the right person. When they do, they tend to be responsible and show their love in different ways. The problem is that before this cathartic moment, they tend to experience every relationship as a test or something in passing. And as long as this is the case, their tendency to commit is rather relative. To trust blindly it is, therefore, important to be sure of their love and, above all, of their involvement. If this fails or is lacking, likely, they are not entirely sincere, and if at the beginning of a relationship they may even have more stories at stake.

Gemini – It’s okay if every other day
Men of the Gemini zodiac sign are undoubtedly moody. This makes them more difficult than ever to understand, even for those who have known them for a long time. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if and how much they are in love. Regardless it is important to remember that they can be trusted but not overdoing it. Every so often, especially if taken from other things, they tend to omit important details. And all because there are days that they have no desire to argue. It can therefore be said that they can be trusted every other day. And to understand when to do it, it is always useful to understand the mood of the moment. Indistinguishable sign of the mood they will have for the following hours.

Cancer – Yes as long as all goes well
Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer tend to be sincere. And all because they don’t like having to remember the lies told. They also believe a lot in relationships and this makes them more sensitive than ever towards the people they relate to. Which, of course, particularly concerns sentimental stories. They can therefore be trusted enough. But remember that they are also very emotional. In case of quarrels, they could freak out and keep for themselves every possible action taken in that period of time. If trusting them is, therefore, more than feasible it is always good to make a distinction when things go wrong or a certain tension sets in.

Leo – Yes, but not quite
Leo men are extremely self-centered. This makes them more attentive than ever to their needs. Although they go out of their way to maintain sincere relationships, when their own well-being is at stake, they can go so far as to omit some aspects of their life. And that over time can push them to completely hide things. It is therefore very important to get to know them, to grasp any changes that are often a sign of their lying or changing the facts to their advantage. Trusting is therefore good but always listening to your instincts and deepening things if you don’t feel safe enough.

Virgo – Not always
Virgo natives are often difficult people to decipher. Reserved as few are not intentionally unfaithful or insincere but circumstances can lead them to push themselves towards these extremes. For the sake of life, in fact, they can start lying. Especially if they think it’s not worth saying what they’re feeling or complaining about certain situations. Their problem lies mainly in the lack of communication that leads them to justify each action. For this reason, trusting them isn’t always possible, especially if you don’t have a practically idyllic relationship.

Libra – Yes but with caution
Libra men are basically balanced and calm and for this reason, they tend to always say what they think. This way of doing things often leads us to trust them and believe everything they say. Although sincerity is something they care about, there is always to consider that in some cases they can break this sort of pact with themselves. This is particularly the case if they feel threatened in any way or if they think they have a secret to keep. With them, it is therefore always good to follow your instinct and go deeper if you have the feeling that behind their words there is something unsaid.

Scorpio – Yes, but only if they trust
Those born with the zodiac sign of Scorpio are extremely sentimental. If in love, therefore, they become more than reliable and completely sincere. To be able to count on their way of being, however, it is very important to be able to win and maintain their trust. If they do not feel completely confident in their partner, they begin to be less sincere and this could take their hand. After a first lie, they don’t usually stop. And if they think that there is not the right amount of sincerity on the other side, they don’t even feel guilty. This is why, with them, it is always best to be careful.

Sagittarius – Only if you get along
Sagittarius men tend to manage relationships in different ways. This is why it is difficult to define if and how much you can trust them. Basically, it can be said that on average they are quite reliable. On the other hand, however, it is enough to make them angry a little or disappoint them (even without a real fault) to see them change suddenly. Their attitude therefore already reveals a lot. But it’s always best not to trust false smiles. If you feel that something is wrong, it probably is and this means that it is worth looking into things further.

Capricorn – Not much
Capricorn astrological sign natives are so jovial and helpful that trusting them is almost instinctive. Unfortunately, they are also among the less sincere signs of the zodiac. And this is an aspect that is always better to take into account. As companions, they can be attentive but hide secrets that they are also ready to deny if practically discovered. It is therefore advisable to always keep your eyes open and only trust if you are really sure that they are telling the truth. The positive side is that by knowing them you can begin to understand their way of lying, starting to understand when it is not really the case to listen to them.

Aquarius – According to the situations
Aquarius men are reliable according to the situations they are experiencing. There are in fact areas in which they tend to be sincere and others in which they are more likely to lie. For this reason, trusting them means knowing them thoroughly and understanding their every thought a priori. These are people who are difficult to understand and therefore need to be studied in some way. Fortunately, their lies are rarely far-reaching. It is therefore difficult to come to speak of infidelity. However, there is a likely risk of not knowing important aspects for the life of two.

Pisces – Enough
The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces are extremely sincere people and when they love they tend to be even more so. Therefore, they can be trusted enough. In fact, it is very difficult for them to invent stories or to betray while keeping the secret. Of course, no one will ever be 100% reliable. However, it can be said that the natives of the sign are the most sincere of the zodiac. An aspect that can certainly help to relax in this sense and make a relationship of love and trust better live.

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