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Think you have what it takes to be one of the most self-deprecating signs in the zodiac? We will find out immediately thanks to our ranking!

There are people who really can’t help but joke.
Whether it’s making jokes at full blast, devising games or pranks at the expense of others, or turning every evening into a ” circus “, with them there is no chance to be serious.
But these people, in addition to laughing and joking with others, are able to make fun of themselves?

Let’s find out right away with today‘s horoscope ranking: we decided to look for the people who are the ones capable of having fun … at their own expense. Do you think you are in the rankings?

The most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac: are you also in today’s ranking?

Knowing how to make someone laugh is a really great talent and also, let’s face it, quite rare.
Making jokes, in fact, is not as simple as it may seem: quite the contrary!
If joking about others is a double-edged sword (also and above all because we never know which buttons we’re going to press ), there is another type of irony that is decidedly very subtle and difficult to practice.

The one towards ourselves!
Knowing how to joke and tease yourself is very important, especially if you want to do the same with others.
Being self-deprecating, however, is certainly not as simple as we might expect even though there are some people to whom it seems to come naturally.

For this reason, today we have decided to draw up the ranking of the most self-deprecating signs of the whole zodiac. Do you think you are in the top five too? Let’s find out now!

Capricorn: fifth place

Self-deprecating yes, but only up to a certain point! This could be an excellent description of all those born under the sign of Capricorn.
This sign, in fact, likes to make friends and acquaintances laugh and does not spare himself with jokes and mottos also addressed to his person Di him.

Capricorn likes to make others laugh and, therefore, does not mind making fun of himself. Woe to me, though, to joke too much with him. You risk becoming his enemies of him … without even knowing it!

Cancer: fourth place

Cancer is also an extremely self-deprecating sign  until he decides! Cancer, in fact, loves to laugh and joke and would never really stop. When it comes to making jokes  against  himself, then, Cancer is truly the first in line … even if for a very short time!

As much as they like to laugh and get others involved, Cancer never turns down a joke about themselves. Not even two or three or … well, it is enough that they become ” too many ” or that you joke with him to immediately become exaggerated. Pay attention!

Sagittarius: third place

Sagittarius is a sign that they are not afraid of making fun of themselves, quite the opposite! For this reason, therefore, those born under this sign are fully included in our ranking today.

Sagittarius is a sign that loves to joke and that often turns his ” arrows ” against himself: even if for the most part it is only self-irony, Sagittarius often tends to throw himself down. His jokes “against” himself reflect the real criticisms that Sagittarius often raises: be careful if you don’t want to depress him!

Aries: second place

Do you want to laugh or joke? Those born under the sign of Aries are for you. This is a sign that, despite his many insecurities, he is definitely self-deprecatingAries, in fact, is one of those signs that literally never stops joking. He will make fun of you, your familyyour friends, and even himself without even giving you a breather!

Despite being often a person with serious problems regarding their self-esteemAries are the first to make fun of themselves and to insist on their weaknesses. This is truly one of the most self-deprecating signs in the entire zodiacno line is too strong or too inappropriate and it will tempt them all to make you laugh.

You can let yourself go smile when you are with him, without too much fear: sometimes, however, there are serious problems hidden behind his jokesDon’t joke too much when his tone gets serious!

Gemini: first place in the classic of the most self-deprecating signs of the zodiac

Incredibly (for many) at the first place of our horoscope ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Gemini.
They are the most self-deprecating of the whole zodiac! Gemini, in fact, love to joke about themselves and their situations (after all, they are also a little self-centered, right?).

Those born under the sign of Gemini, in fact, are people definitely ready for a joke and who do not fail to see the irony of many of their choices.
For this reason, therefore, they often decide to tell their most intimate problems or the most delicate situations through jokes: it does not matter that in front of them there is a lifelong friend or a complete stranger!

Gemini often regrets having opened their mouths on their most personal matters and do not like someone to increase the dose. You have to be extremely careful with them (but still you can have laugh in their company!).

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