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Even if we are (at least it seems) almost in the middle of summer and the temperatures are only very high, we can assure you that if you sit next to one of the more surly zodiac signs … you will realize it!

There is nothing to be done: some people are, quite simply, very gruff!
Today we decided to ask the horoscope if there is anyone, among the zodiac signs , to whom we should be careful given this innate quality . What do you say: would you like to check with us who is among the top positions of today’s ranking?

The most gruff zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is the ranking

Impossible to snatch even a smile from them: the most surly zodiac signs in the whole horoscope are people who are really too rude !

Hey, let’s say that at least this is what they show: they are not always bad or rude!
The problem is that the more gruff zodiac signs are too ” repulsive ” to allow others to know them and therefore, then, to appreciate their true qualities!

Better to find out today ‘s ranking , so you know which are the most surly signs and understand if you know any. Are you ready?

Aquarius: fifth place

Oh yes, dear  Aquarius , incredible but true you are also in the ranking of the most gruff zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .
We know that you are sorry, given how kind and sweet you are to others.

Aquarians can be really gruff even and above all when we compare their gruff moments with the “normal” ones of every day. Dear Aquarius , we know that pouting once in a while helps you to distance yourself from others but do you really have to terrify them?

Aries: fourth place

Such as? Would Aries be in the ranking of the most gruff zodiac signs of the whole horoscope?
Trust us, the answer is yes!

Aries , in fact, are never happy people: especially when the attention is not diverted to them!
For Aries , being gruff is more a direct consequence of some situations that they don’t really like. In many other moments they manage to behave well but … often not!

Scorpio: third place

Dear Scorpios , you know very well that you are people who do not take too long to say things as they are and to express every slightest difficulty!
For you who were born under the sign of Scorpio , being gruff is a very normal thing: it happens to you constantly and do not be offended if someone does it to you!
(At least: don’t be offended immediately ).

Others, however, often resent your grim look or your coldness, not to mention your absolutely cold way of saying things.
Dear Scorpio : are you not wallowing a little in your… “gruffness”?

Capricorn: second place

Capricorns earn a second place in the ranking of the most gruff zodiac signs. At first glance, in fact, Capricorn seems to be truly a sulky , austere and decidedly angry person .

Those who know a Capricorn for the first time cannot help but wonder: “But what have I done wrong?”.
Always with a grim look and crossed arms, those born under the sign of Capricorn don’t just seem gruff: they really are!
Fortunately, after a while, their attitude passes but at least at the beginning they are really scary!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the most gruff zodiac signs

Impossible to try to oust those born under the sign of Virgo from the first place in today’s ranking.
Oh yes, dear Virgo , you are the most surly of the whole horoscope!

You have a straightforward and direct way of saying things that is too “rude”, especially for the people around you.
Furthermore, then, you cannot really help but set very high standards that you practically meet on your own.
You Virgos tend to treat with the same “hardness” that you reserve for yourself all the others, ending up being gruff and always sulky … as well as impossible to please!

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