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The end of a relationship is always painful and the end of a very painful process. Everyone responds differently. Some feel relief from a complicated situation that somehow closes and those who despite everything feel great pain and cannot live with the many memories.

Some signs react better, it probably helps them to be stronger, prouder, and with high self-esteem that prevents them from falling into the grip of depression.

Here are the women who don’t grieve when love ends:

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For the Aries woman, there is no room for pain. A resolute and hyperactive woman like her always looks forward and never backward. He has no time for regrets. It went as it should go.

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The Libra woman is very sensitive and charming. He knows that when a door is closed, a door opens, if the person next to him is not able to give him the serenity he needs then it is not worth wasting any more time.

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When the Leo woman is committed, she dedicates herself to the relationship with her whole self. If it is not reciprocated, his heart becomes a stone. When he gives his whole heart to someone unable to care for him then it is not worth rethinking, better go ahead and do whatever is necessary to heal the wounds.

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The Taurus woman is very provident and usually protects herself in a preventive way for fear of suffering. By putting her hands forward so as not to bang her face at the moment of the breakup, she is prepared for the worst and copes better with suffering.

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The Scorpio woman loves solitude. As a couple, he strives to share spaces but when he meets the wrong person he feels that these efforts are no longer worthwhile and in separating he finds relief.

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The Sagittarius woman knows it’s not worth crying over spilled milk. She loves traveling. adventures and enjoyment and the pleasures of life, if the partner brings greyness in his life he prefers to getaway.

It is said that forgetting a person takes the same amount of time that you shared with your loved one. So if the relationship lasted 4 years it takes another 4 years to forget the person you loved. Having to separate knowing that the couple will take different paths and that perhaps they will never meet again is a challenge from which either you come out victorious or you come out devastated. It is up to us to decide from which point of view to evaluate the matter and how to deal with this fact.

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