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Each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific literary genre. Discover the books that suit you best.

Reading is one of the best pastimes you can have. A book corresponds to a sort of magical portal capable of leading us into a story made immortal by words. Fortunately, there are many genres to dive into and able to embrace the tastes of each of us. Perhaps sometimes there are so many that we are confused about the choice of which book to start. If you are approaching a new reading, then this could be your chance to explore something different. Just read the literary genre that best matches your zodiac sign and try, experiencing something still unexplored. Remember, though, that for introspective topics like reading, the ascendant sometimes carries almost more weight than the birth sign. So try to read both recommended genres and only draw your conclusions at the end. You may find the right mix to kick off a series of unforgettable reads. After finding out why not try some books too? Enjoy the reading!

Aries – the adventurous genre
To grab your attention and bring you to its epilogue, a book has to tell you about adventure. Otherwise, your restless nature risks making you bored immediately, thus putting an end to reading. For you, a story is compelling if full of obstacles and mini-stories that can intertwine with the main fil rouge. Even better if between one adventure and another some beautiful love story peeps out, perhaps where the protagonist is strong and casual as you.

Taurus – the great classics
You need something that points straight to the heart and knows how to conquer you already from the title. While not necessarily a great reader (although here, a lot depends on your influence), you have the patience to keep up with big books, even those not exactly of our times. The important thing is that they tell something important, that they know how to involve values ​​such as friendship, love or justice and all without being taken for granted.

Gemini – the fantastic genre
Although your love for change leads you not to be associated with a specific genre, science fiction and steampunk are, of all, those that are likely to bore you less. The surprise is always around the corner and the difference between the various worlds told are a stimulus proceed with the reading, even if only to understand how it will end before being able to express a sensible judgment.

Cancer – the romantic genre
Needless to say, the genre that suits you best is the romantic one, where this word does not mean only and exclusively the love story but everything that has to do with human feelings. Family sagas, thwarted loves, indelible friendships, for you every story that talks about the heart and the feelings it can feel is worth reading and will surely be able to make your dream.

Leo – success stories
Beyond the genre, what matters is that a book is about success. It can be a fantasy story where the hero faces various vicissitudes before becoming such or the last book that reveals the tricks to succeed in everyday life. As a leader you meet and aspire to be, the important thing is that the books give you new tools to work on to improve yourself and, consequently, your life.

Virgo – the historical genre
Your love for precision and detail makes you the perfect reader for great historians. A way like any other to take a moment of relaxation productive, learn something new, immersing yourself in those environments where everything, from clothes to architecture spoke of order and precision. An environment that suits you and that will be able to relax and keep you satisfied until the end of the reading.

Libra – the great illustrated guides
Your love for aesthetics also pours into reading where, rather than reading other people’s stories, you prefer to acquire more news of beauty. As a lover of glossy magazines, you are well suited to books on architecture, furniture, or design, especially if they can teach you new ways to make your surroundings more beautiful.

Scorpio – the mysterious genre
What fascinates you more than anything else is the mystery. No matter what genre it is, what matters to you is that behind the initial facade there is a whole world to explore, something that reflects your way of being. The genre, therefore, matters little enough, what you need for a good book to please you is the mystery combined with a good dose of pathos. For this reason, thrillers are fine but books that speak of still mysteries, spirituality, or love should not be put aside. In the latter case, however, the protagonists will have to boast a certain thickness capable of igniting their innate curiosity.

Sagittarius – the spiritual genre
While you love the adventurous genre, your nature and desire to discover new things make you the ideal reader for books that talk about spiritual experiences. Something that you do not yet know thoroughly and that can guarantee you a few hours to spend in environments that you will never be able to explore with your body and which therefore can appear particularly attractive to your mind.

Capricorn – the books of true stories
For you, reading is escapism but to be able to live it you need stories of real life, able to excite you and also involve you remotely. Although predisposed towards different literary genres, essays and stories told by the direct protagonists are what, more than anything else can make you feel good, leading you to become estranged even for hours.

Aquarius – complex books
Beyond the genre, what matters to you is that the book is long and possibly complex. You need time to really immerse yourself in a story and to do so you need the book to be long, able to capture you little by little, and to always give you new stimuli, capable of stimulating you and making you feel more and more involved.

Pisces – urban fantasy
Your romantic nature leads to what “magic” leads you to prefer books that are a mixture of reality and magic. Real-life stories like yours could be but behind which there are different undergrowths, most of the time populated by characters that are not exactly human. Not a real fantasy, therefore, but the urban fantasy that with a good love story inside is your ideal reading.

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