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Here is the most manipulative zodiac sign of all. He will always put his interests first. With him, it is better never to let your guard down.

He is sunny and funny but usually, he is not very empathetic and is very skilled in getting what he wants. Manipulative and crafty, he deceives you without your noticing. When he wants something he knows how to take it and if he has to take it from you he will undoubtedly convince you.

In reality, his is a gift, but he is so focused on satisfying his interests that he is cruel in the eyes of others. If the price to pay is to make someone suffer, this sign does not change its mind and does not give up. He is willing to do anything even to make his loved ones suffer if necessary. Find out which zodiac sign we are talking about.

What is the cruelest sign of the zodiac?

If there is a sign that the stars describe with the adjective cruel, it is GEMINI. The reason is very simple if he wants something he will have no qualms about going over your corpse to get it, even if he loves you. Gemini is axes of manipulation.

Gemini is a sign of great qualities. He is a friend, funny and sunny, a few hours are enough to forget all forms of frustration. But behind his big smiles and innocent air hides a skilled manipulator.

He soon realized that the proverb was not lying: “YOU Catch MORE FLIES WITH A DROP OF HONEY THAN WITH A BARREL OF VINEGAR” and immediately put it into practice.

This zodiac sign manages to get everything he wants. If you are his friend he has no qualms and if you become his enemy he will have no mercy.

Let’s see what makes this sign so fearful according to the stars:

  • Gemini is the sign of the demon’s twin angel

This sign is known for having a double face. They are the emblem of duality, sometimes you love them deeply, others you might even hate them. Behind her innocent and good-natured face hide great opportunists. They are willing to do anything even to change their religion if it takes them to get what they want.

In addition to this, if you disappoint and hurt them they feel a lot of resentment, the twins NONN FORGIVES and DON’T FORGET. Expect the most unspeakable revenge from them.

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  • Gemini is not the desirable best of friends

The Gemini makes it hard to forge deep friendships because it lacks empathy. Not understanding others, he is cold and detached and is often not there when others need him most.

To this, we must add his big ego, his exhibitionism, and his great desire to excel which leads him to obscure others to shine more.

Another element against their personality is their innate need to dominate.

In love you will not get anything from them if you are not able to put them in the center of your world, they cannot bear to feel eclipsed.

  • Gemini is good at sowing discord

His willingness to please many people leads him to forge many superficial bonds with people to whom he shows only his best side. The twins could gossip too much in the presence of one or the other and do so to give rise to conflicts which he will put an end to by pretending to be a peacemaker. He will always tell others what they want to hear, if you put them in the corner they will deny to the end and play the victim card.

Gemini is cunning

Observers and skilled analysts, it is no wonder that they can understand people’s weaknesses and use everything to their advantage. Also if he is hurt he will not hold back from revenge and not only will his revenge be subtle, but they will never feel remorse. Revenge will always be in sarcastic guise. Being ironic prevents his interlocutor from coming into too much conflict with him. It will make him feel lost.

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