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The forked-tongued zodiac signs are people you can’t trust: we explain who they are and why stay away from them!

Nothing to do: when you talk to them you never know what they will say or what, then, they will listen without flinching to report around.
Who are we talking about?
But of the zodiac signs that are in a horoscope ranking that is not at all flattering : curious to know if you are among them too?

The signs of the zodiac with a forked tongue: let’s find out today’s ranking

There are people who, despite the numerous second  chances  that are offered to them, just can’t be honest and sincere .

For this reason, therefore, we asked the stars and planets to tell us which are the signs of the zodiac with the forked tongue. It is certainly not a matter of pride to be in today’s horoscope ranking!
Let’s find out who is in the top five of our ranking and better understand what we mean by forked-tongued zodiac signs !

Cancer: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Cancer can really be gossips if and when they want!

Dear Cancers , we know that others think of you that you are simply good and kind people, never ready to harm others.
In reality nobody (really nobody) is safe from your forked tongue : you can be very poisonous indeed! It is no coincidence, in fact, that Cancers are also in the ranking of the most toxic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope !

Aquarius: fourth place

How? Are the Aquarius in today’s ranking?
But how is this possible?

Dear Aquarius , we know well that you are not bad people but we must tell you: you always have a forked tongue! Aquarius
are the classic people who, as soon as they hang up on the phone with someone they don’t like, immediately change their tone of voice and, generally, break out into some insult. Hey, you don’t have to be mad: that’s the way Aquarians are! They are kind and nice people but have a not bad forked tongue!

Taurus: third place

Those born under the sign of Taurus can really be very, very … gossipers.
Indeed, more than gossip: from the forked tongue !

Taurus people are absolutely capable of always saying the worst or cruelest thing without worrying about others!
Dear Taurus , do not take it badly: this characteristic of yours is one of those that makes you truly fascinating (even if you are not in the ranking of the most fascinating zodiac signs of the horoscope ). Let’s just say that all your former friends and friends know that, sooner or later, they have been lashed by your tongue… forked!

Scorpio: second place

Scorpios have no problem saying things, both to the face and from behind.
That’s why they are found in the ranking of zodiac signs with a forked tongue !

Scorpios are people absolutely devoid of that filter that prevents others from saying the most direct and unpleasant things to others.
Dear Scorpios , you can truly be a forked-tongued person whenever you want! We put you in second place in today’s ranking because you are people who do not often use the forked tongue but when they do they can really hurt! In short: you are poisonous and forked enough to hurt but, at least, you don’t always do it!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs with a forked tongue

Dear Virgo , the time has come to reveal the truth about you.
You are truly a person with a completely forked tongue!

When you are in front of someone, you have absolutely no problem telling them what you think.
Even if you think some very hard things!
Virgo  is a sign that she has a really forked tongue : she is able to say really terrible things about some people… and then pretend to be their best friends!
Dear Virgo , we know well that it is not always easy to be real with others: you, however, sometimes you really exaggerate a lot!

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