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Honesty is generally considered to be more than a good thing, isn’t it? Everything changes when you are dealing with one of the brutally honest zodiac signs – here’s why!

Have you ever met someone who, no matter what the situation or the moment, absolutely cannot help but be honest … all the way?

Come on, surely you know someone always ready to say what’s on their mind, even at the expense of their social life.

As? You do not know him? Ah, then we may have some bad news for you. Oh yes, maybe it is better to check if, by chance, your zodiac sign appears in the horoscope chart that we have prepared today!

The brutally honest zodiac signs: let’s find out who is in today’s horoscope ranking

Okay, we know: honesty is a nice feature, sought after by many people and considered a very positive trait.

But are we so sure it’s true? Being honest, of course, is fundamental.

There is, however, a modality of honesty that can hurt and belongs, notoriously, to all those zodiac signs that can’t help but be brutally honest.

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Bad things, hidden thoughts, rudeness – these zodiac signs keep nothing to themselves and always say everything to their face. At first glance we would say that this is a great thing; perhaps, however, it is better to better understand who these signs are and what is the effect of their words on others!

Cancer: fifth place

Dear Cancerians, you knew very well that you would end up in today’s horoscope chart, didn’t you?
As maternal as you are to know when to give an opinion and when not, you know how to be brutally honest when you need it!

The problem with Cancers is that you never have to provoke them. Cancers can say nothing for months, even years. As soon as they feel teased, however, those born under the sign of Cancer become brutally honest. There is to be afraid!

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Leo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Leo get fourth place in our ranking of brutally honest signs for one reason and one reason only.
Leos don’t care about hurting you when they have to tell the truth! This is not the most honest and transparent sign of the zodiac, on the contrary: they keep everything to themselves and refuse to share their thoughts with others!

But when Leos are cornered … well, that’s when the trouble begins!
Leos like to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and they always choose the most horrendous truth there is. Get ready, because Leos can only hurt when they start opening their mouths!

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Capricorn: third place

Seeing Capricorns in the brutally honest zodiac sign chart can certainly make people who know Capricorns smile. But now, are they not a sign that he never speaks and that even under torture expresses a thought?

The problem with brutally honest zodiac signs, of course, is just that: they keep everything inside and when they “explode” they end up saying anything and everything.
Even the worst things! Capricorns can tell truly baffling truths, out of the blue and with an interesting streak of meanness. Eyes open with them!

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Sagittarius: second place

Surprisingly, we also find all those born under the sign of Sagittarius in our ranking of brutally honest zodiac signs.
But how, was not Sagittarius a decidedly ambiguous sign, used to lying or keeping quiet many things?
The answer is still yes: but don’t think that Sagittarius can’t be brutally honest!

All you have to do with those born under this sign is ask. Sagittarius does not particularly care what you think about him or a particular situation.
If you ask him a question, even an uncomfortable one, the Sagittarius will answer in only one way: with the most brutal of truths!

You can ask them anything: in these moments Sagittarius seems unable to lie!
Be prepared, though: those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not take consequences for what they say and shrug in the face of dramas!

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Scorpio: First place in the ranking of brutally honest zodiac signs

Another particularly intriguing sign from the point of view of honesty is that of Scorpio.
We can confidently say that Scorpios are at the top of our ranking today because those born under this sign are downright scary when it comes to honesty!

For them, it is essential to say everything even if, like so many other signs in this ranking, they almost always wait for the worst moment to do so. If you have provoked them, if (as is almost always the case) they are losing their temper, if they have had a bad day or if you have asked them the wrong question, it doesn’t matter.

Scorpio will always explode, pouring out a long amount of uncomfortable and brutal truths upon you. Even if they aren’t afraid of the consequences, at least we can break a lance in favor of the Scorpios. After being brutally honest, this zodiac sign bitterly repents!

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