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Yes, there are philosophers’ zodiac signs that are certainly not so much to say! Find out who’s on today’s leaderboard.

No, forget that friend of yours who has decided to enroll in Philosophy at the University and who still has to take the supplementary exams to access teaching.
Nothing wrong with choosing a faculty like Philosophy, of course, but what we want to talk about today is much more complicated!

We asked the stars and planets to let us know which, according to them, are the zodiac signs capable of arguing about nothing for hours and hours.
Every evening and every little question, with them, can go on for a whole year: isn’t it better to know who it is first?

The zodiac signs philosophers: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope of the signs that never stop talking

Come on, tell us the truth: you too know a real “philosopher” who, in addition to being able to talk to you about KierkegaardSocrates, and Schopenhauer, can… never stop talking!
The “philosophers” are not only those people who think of the highest systems but also those people who never refuse the opportunity of a very long chat!

Let’s find out if you are also in today‘s horoscope ranking. So how much do you talk and how much do you discuss?

Aries: fifth place

Strange to meet Aries only in fifth place in our ranking, right? Fortunately, today we are only talking about the most philosophical signs and not, for example, the most controversial ones!
An Aries left free to talk about whatever he wants can go on a monologue for hours and hours.

Even more: often Aries does not care about your opinion and you are there to listen to it as a mere reflection of his psyche!
Aries mainly needs the ability to speak freely: and it does, and how it does!

Leo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Leo can philosophize for hours, managing to talk about nothing in a truly masterful way.
Instead of opening up about their feelings or what they are feeling, Leos are very good at making any conversation twist!

Philosophers to the core, the Leos would talk for hours even if always and only about futile topics.
Just like any good philosopher, from these seemingly silly disquisitions, Leos can bring out all their ethicsaesthetics, and logic.
Incredible, right?

Taurus: third place

Please, never start talking to someone born under the sign of Taurus if you don’t have the whole afternoon off.
Born to philosophize, Taurus are people who can talk for hours even… about nothing!

They can go from the best way to wash your hair to what’s after death without batting an eye.
Ford Taurus, after all, philosophy is a way of being and they are very philosophical: don’t “ challenge them ”!

Scorpio: second place

It is useless to try to hide it: those born under the sign of Scorpio like to talk (and talk and talk and still talk).
They certainly don’t do it for sport or because they find it pleasant to express their feelings: Scorpios like to argue!

Although these are not real discussions, those born under the sign of Scorpio can’t wait to get to the bottom of each issue.
They can split the hair in no one knows how many parts and they can make you regret having started talking to them!

For Scorpio, being a philosopher means talking nonsense for hours: it’s a pity that he doesn’t know he is so high in the ranking of the most philosopher zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of philosophers zodiac signs

Those born under the sign of Cancer take first place in our ranking today for one reason only.
They never really stop talking!

Try to argue with a Cancer: you will not be able to get it right because, just like the new SocratesCancers can make you talk for hours until you are convinced of the opposite of your starting point.

We advise against any kind of discussion with those born under the sign of Cancer: they can go on for hours, without ever stopping.
In addition, there is also a small detail: Cancers, almost always, manage to make you think that they are right!

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