Today we have decided to discover with you the ranking of the most capricious signs of the zodiac. We hope your partner is not among them!

Feet slamming into the ground, fists closed, eyes full of tears: now know to recognize the signs of a real crisis of vagaries incoming, right?
Sure, maybe you know them to recognize because capricious or the capricious you are you!

Today, therefore, we have decided to draw up a ranking to find out which are the zodiac signs that cannot help but throw a tantrum.
Be careful because we are about to unmask you!

The most capricious signs of the zodiac: let’s find out today’s horoscope ranking

Have you ever had a boyfriend who immediately started crying and screaming if you didn’t do it his way?
We wish not, but we know too well that capricious people are everywhere.

So much everywhere that you could just be one of the most capricious zodiac signs in the whole horoscope!
Okay, okay: easy on the accusations. Fortunately, we have stars and planets on our side.

They will help them to understand what are those zodiac signs that cannot help but throw a tantrum, as soon as they can and for any reason. Ready to find out who’s in the top five positions in the ranking of today ?

Libra: fifth place

In fifth place of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Libra. This is a sign that, especially in interpersonal relationships, he can become very capricious and point his feet (metaphorically).

When someone becomes ” too friendly ” with their friends, when they feel excluded or do not feel they have the “power” over the evening, Libra becomes truly capricious.
Humoral, nervous, snappy, and also downright pungent, Libra indulges in tantrums when something doesn’t go the way they want. Friends of Libra warned …

Capricorn: fourth place

A surprise for all horoscope lovers (or almost). Those born under the sign of Capricorn are in our ranking of the most capricious signs of the zodiac. Who would have thought? (Probably anyone living with a nearby Capricorn – trust us!).

The Capricorn are people who can not help but refuse to work, especially within business.
They are people who get stressed easily and who would like to be in control of the situation so as not to have to deal with emotions that are too difficult to analyze.
Too bad, however, that when Capricorns find themselves in difficulty, their first reaction is only one: to throw a “tantrum”. In their way and in a decidedly cold and frightening way but they are whims!

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Gemini earn third place in our ranking today: a deserved podium, we could say, since Gemini can be truly capricious! They are not people who only think about throwing a tantrum but, rather, people who would like to have no responsibility .

The twins, in fact, often end up getting angry and refuse to work only when they are confronted with situations complicated, they have directly to do with them.
Here, then, that the Gemini would want the perfect relationship or the job they love without necessarily having to work hard. When someone asks him to commit, therefore, he may receive in response … a little tantrum!

Cancer: second place

Dear Cancerian friends, do not have a whim right now: you would agree with us in placing you in second place on our ranking today!
Emotional and extremely sensitive, used to taking everything personally (and, therefore, also to suffer particularly), those born under the sign of Cancer are truly ( but truly ) capricious!

Cancer is a sign that can make the quirks he gets what he wants. And, beware, what he wants is not just something big (a relationship, an important job, or a decisive vote) but also simply the idea of ​​being able to stay under the covers!

Yes, dear Cancers, you have to admit it: you know how to throw a tantrum about practically anything, putting yourself very often in the position of the victim.
Those around you must have monumental patience with you! (Although often worth it).

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most capricious signs of the zodiac

Yes, dear ones born under the sign of Leo: you are truly capricious when you want and you know very well that you want very often!
Those born under the sign of Leo are capricious without even realizing it: it is completely normal for them to argue when they do not have what they want!

The lion is a sign that often surrounds himself with people likely to please him or flatter. Accustomed as they are to commenting those born under the sign of Leo often ” reign ” among friends and relatives, always ending up having what they want, how they want it.
Woe to go against a lion: it will be impossible to do what you want to you, or simply do not follow his wishes and stay friends with them!

The Lion, unfortunately, is like this: as soon as something does not go as they had foreseen or imagined immediately begin to do your whims.
These are the most capricious signs of the zodiac: better know this first, don’t you think?


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