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The zodiac signs who like to daydream are certainly not joking: they prefer life in the clouds to real life!

If you know one of these zodiac signs, you have probably had to clap your hands more than once to get their attention . Today, in fact, we have decided to talk about all those people who live, often and willingly, in the world of dreams: theirs! Other than sleepers, these zodiac signs are truly capable of forgetting where they are and what they should do because they have too much… to think about! Let’s find out who they are right away!

The zodiac signs who like to daydream: are you in today’s ranking?

How many times a day does it happen to you, let’s say you daydream?
Maybe in the morning as soon as you wake up, when the coffee has yet to come out of the machine and you are thinking intensely about how beautiful your life would be if you were JLo .

Or you happen to look in the mirror as you prepare to go out and spend those extra twenty or thirty minutes pretending to give interviews on the  red carpet , as if you were at the Oscars.
Hey, it’s definitely not a crime (unless there’s someone waiting for you while you try your best expressions for the camera). We all daydream once in a while!

In the case of the zodiac signs who like to daydream , however, it could end up exaggerating.
Do you want to find out today ‘s horoscope ranking ?

Libra: fifth place

Dear Libra , we know very well that you will be shocked even by your presence (even if in fifth position) in the ranking of zodiac signs who like to daydream. But how, has anyone realized this?

Well yes: Libra is a sign that tends to build castles in the air, fantasizing and embroidering on real events . Every so often, therefore, there is the risk that he will expose himself too much, daydreaming of a reality that does not exist. Few manage to ” peck ” the Libra but we assure you that daydreams much more than you think !

Pisces: fourth place

Yes, dear Pisces , we have only placed you in fourth place in the ranking of the zodiac signs who like to daydream.
Are you amazed? We know that all your life people have been asking you to ” get off your cloud ” and that they point to you as the ” dreamers ” of the zodiac but let’s face it: you are much more practical than you want to admit!

Pisces like to daydream , that’s true and we don’t deny it. But they are not as lost in the clouds as you think! Many times they use this conception you have about them to steal secrets and useful information from you : pay attention!

Leo: third place

Dear Leo , we know very well that you will be offended to death but someone had to tell you : you are real daydreamers Even if it doesn’t seem like (because they are very good at hiding it) those born under the sign of Leo are people who live in a world that is truly their own!

Leos are people who like to imagine themselves much (but much) more important than they are: they are already projecting themselves into the future!
It’s not really a crime: Leos are also hard-working people who are likely to achieve the results they dream of . Too bad they immediately behave as in their dreams and therefore … even too arrogantly !

Cancer: second place

Dear Cancer , you certainly could not miss in today’s ranking of zodiac signs who like to daydream.
We would almost give you the first place, were it not that, at least once in a while, you like to come back to Earth with us .

Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who really like being with their stomachs in the air, ready to daydream about a better future.

Cancers are people who love to imagine a more beautiful world than the one around them where, of course, they are the undisputed protagonists.
Have you ever seen a Cancer take a shower? He can take hours and not because he has a particular washing ritual: he only has so many  daydreams that , as soon as they can, go wild!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who like to daydream

Life is not a movie and it is not even a fairy tale: according to the Aquarius this is its biggest flaw!
Even though Aquarians are really good at hiding it, it’s so easy for them to daydream!

Ooh, finally a world the way Aquarius want : everyone acts like Aquarius , everyone is nice to each other and everyone recognizes the hard work of the Aquarius .
Such as? Ah, is there also the ideal woman or man, as well as a villa on the seashore and a much envied job? Better, come on.

Hey, no, wait: we got lost in an Aquarius daydream ! Be careful when talking to an Aquarius : he will always tell you the things he wants and make you believe the same fantasies as him. They are able to tell them apart, though, and you can’t!

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