The more innocent zodiac signs of the horoscope are really too pure to hear certain things. Better take them into account!

We know very well that there are people to whom one cannot really tell or say anything.
They get embarrassed immediately or they just don’t understand what you are talking about!
Our horoscope chart today is here to help you understand just what the so … innocent signs are!

The most innocent zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: are you in the ranking too?

How many times have you made a ” hot ” joke to a friend and see him look at you with a blank and even slightly worried look?

If the answer is “many” then don’t worry, we have the answer to your questions.
Your friend is simply one of the most innocent zodiac signs in the whole horoscope !
This ranking wants to report what are all those zodiac signs that just do not understand a double meaning, even if they try hard!
In short: the problem is not you (perhaps) but they are. How about: do we find out who they are so we know how to deal with them?

Pisces: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces are often people who often seem decidedly… waterfalls from the clouds.

Of Pisces , in fact, we ask ourselves quite continuously: ” But is he doing us or is he ?”. Dear Pisces , we know that you are absolutely not stupid (indeed, when you want you can also be particularly crafty). The truth, however, is that you are often really very innocent and that you sometimes don’t understand what others are talking about. But how can you be so innocent?

Sagittarius: fourth place

Dear Sagittarius , we place you in the ranking of the most innocent zodiac signs of the horoscope but with a due premise.
Sometimes you are more inclined to pretend you don’t understand because of your innocence … than to really don’t understand!

Sagittarians are often innocent people for real, always in good faith and ready to trust everything and everyone. In addition, Sagittarius are also very disconnected from the world and from what surrounds them. Their innocence, therefore, for the most part is absolutely real. Pay attention to those two, three times in which Sagittarius … is not so innocent!

Taurus: third place

Taurus are definitely in our ranking today, that of the most innocent zodiac signs in the horoscope . What is a direct consequence, then, of their positioning also in the ranking of the most cowardly zodiac signs ?

The reason Taurus are in today’s rankings is that those born under this sign are almost always caught off guard by others.
Taurus never really seem to be able to understand what everyone is talking about: they are not a fan of double meanings , they often miss the irony of situations and, even more often, they are so insecure that they do not know exactly what is happening . in front of them.
More innocent than that!

Scorpio: second place

But how, are Scorpios also in the ranking of the most innocent zodiac signs?
Weren’t they always very intelligent people, more than unmarked and capable of doing everything and more?

Dear Scorpios , you are absolutely a person who can really do everything and you are really savvy at work.
In everyday life, however, let’s face it: you are particularly “innocent”!
You are not aware of anything (or almost nothing, much to the disgrace of the people who are close to you) and you are often generally ready to fall  from the clouds just in case. Scorpios are innocent yes and even a little … lost!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most innocent zodiac signs

There is a reason why Leos are not in the zodiac sign rankings who never truly believe anything you tell them .
They are at the top of our ranking of the most innocent zodiac signs of the horoscope!

We know all Leos will be particularly offended by this placement. Innocent? I Leos ? In their mind they are not innocent, not at all!
This belief of theirs only aggravates their position: Leos are not only innocent but just completely  clueless  (ignorant of everything and without any “clue”).
Try to tell anything to a Leo : he will never really understand it the first time! Leos escape all sub-texts, all insinuations and all kinds of winks. Have you ever tried to make him understand that you care? Then you know perfectly well what we are talking about: iLeo are just innocent!
In short, you are not those “lions” you think you are!


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