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Be Careful Dealing With Them: They Are The Most Hypocritical Signs Of The Zodiac

Do you know which are the most hypocritical signs of the zodiac? You have to be very careful dating them, they could hide an ulterior motive and deceive you.

One of the most common characteristics that concern the human being is hypocrisy. The definition of this way of life is this: it is the art of simulating what is not real, manifesting fake emotions, often for an ulterior motive. A hypocrite expresses judgments or opinions that go in one direction but then behaves in exactly the opposite way. An easy example? Have you ever known someone who spoke only of sincerity, only to discover that he had always lied? Here, that person was a hypocrite, precisely because he preached a certain behavior and then behaved oppositely.

Hypocrites also pretend to get something. Making a good impression on a first date or job interview can be important, especially if that person isn’t who they say they are. Throwing the wool over the eyes of others is a typical action of a hypocritical person. But how do we recognize these individuals? Even today, as has already happened in the past, we will try to ask our star friends for a hand. The zodiac sign we belong to can alter our character, making us more or less hypocritical. Here is the ranking of the most hypocritical zodiac signs, we will focus only on the first three positions. Do you think your sign deserves to get on the podium? Scroll down and find out.

The most hypocritical zodiac signs: here is the podium

We have finally arrived at the moment that everyone has been waiting for in a few seconds you will have the chance to find out which are the most hypocritical signs of the zodiac. Before doing so, it is important that you know a little detail: just like the ranking we published yesterday, this one too collects all the most important data of the various signs. For this reason, you don’t have to feel bad if you have to appear on the podium, it will be better next time. You don’t have to feel bad and remain confident, the stars can reserve surprises at any time, just when you don’t expect it.

Libra: the lowest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Libra. Those born under this zodiac sign are very self-righteous and are good at hiding their feelings. Also, Libra is one of those signs that can hide their intentions. Behind the behavior of a person born under this sign, there may be an ulterior motive, especially in the professional field. You have to be very careful, tread carefully, and make sure everything is in order before trusting completely. Deception is always around the corner with a Libra person, always ready to take advantage of her hypocrisy.

Aquarius: in second place in the standings we find the sign of Aquarius. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are rather self-righteous but also indifferent. Aquarius pretends not to have an interest in something when he wants it. It’s his best tactic, lowering interest in a target allows him to act undisturbed and without competition. Also, Aquarius knows how to hide their attitudes through words. He says one thing and does another, this thing happens all the time! His competitiveness makes him a difficult opponent to face, you never know where he’s going to end up.

Gemini: primacy goes to the sign of Gemini. Those born under this zodiac sign deservedly take first place in the rankings and everyone looks from the top step of the podium. This victory may seem obvious, but it is not. Perhaps someone would have predicted Leo in the first place, but, as we have already said, the stars always manage to surprise us, one way or another. Those born under this zodiac sign are unpredictable and capricious. Furthermore, Geminis know how to hide their intentions and manipulate their interlocutor, taking him exactly where he wants. Those born under this sign can get anything they want through deception, they have a unique ability to persuade.

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