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Find out the character of your future children or those of your friends based on their zodiac sign.

When you are expecting a baby, there are many curiosities surrounding the happy event. You immediately begin to think about what gender it will be, who it will look like and, of course, what character or inclinations it will have. For this last question, the stars can help us out. In fact, it is enough to have an approximate date of birth to discover its character and temperament and all based on the zodiac sign that will accompany it throughout his life.
Today, therefore, after having seen how big the various signs of the zodiac dream and which are the most correct zodiac signs, we will discover what character the future baby will have even before it is born. Once born, it will be good to also check the profile relating to his ascendant (for which the exact time of birth is necessary) in order to have a more precise picture of what can be expected.

Find out what your future baby’s character will be like based on his or her zodiac sign

Aries – Lively and Always Ready to Disobey
Aries babies are bright and cheerful, always ready to get in trouble and downright hard to control. These are real hurricanes that are always on the move and that, if contradicted, tend to throw a tantrum and put their nose on it. Fortunately, they are easy to distract and it will take very little to make them forget the wrong immediately.
Boys are free spirits and always ready to do battle to get what they want.
The girls are very active and always protagonists ready to steal the show from anyone.

Taurus – Obedient but also very possessive
Bull children have a rather sweet temperament, so much so that they appear more mature than their age. From an early age they know how to behave in a way and almost never have a tantrum unless they feel robbed of something like the affection of mom and dad. In fact, these are very jealous and possessive children who can hardly bear that their parents give space to others, especially if they are small like them.
Boys are very precise and attentive to what they like, endowed with stubbornness and desire to do.
The girls are instead more habitual, cuddly and lovers of the home from an early age.

Gemini – Perfect in their role as children
Lively, cheerful carefree and great talkers. Children of the sign of Gemini are real pests who when they give their all they know how to be forgiven for everything. They like to behave like children and this will often lead them to ask their parents for advice and help, especially when, thanks to the duality of their sign, they will find themselves experiencing dark moments which, fortunately, tend to vanish soon to make room for all the radiance of their sign.
Boys are born communicators, always ready to have their say and to invent new things to avoid boredom, which otherwise risks happening often.
The sissies are real curious, always attentive to everything and ready to get involved in order to try new experiences.

Cancer – Super sensitive
Cancer children are particularly sensitive and in need of constant confirmation from their parents and people close to them. A cold attitude or a wrong phrase can in fact hurt him even for the day. Cuddly and in need of love tend to never really detach themselves from the family and especially from the mother who is and will always remain their point of reference.
Boys are often withdrawn and in need of stimulation to emerge. Linked to the family, in friendships they tend to be quite selective.
Sissies are calm and quiet, often used to doing things on their own. Shy, they take a while to get to grips with strangers.

Leo – Little Leaders
Keeping Leo’s children at bay is a tough job. Lively as few, they love to be the center of attention and are not afraid to have their say even if they are very small. For this reason, educating them can be a very grueling task. Sure of whether they need to be able to trust others and when that doesn’t happen they tend not to forget who they believe has betrayed them.
Boys, on the other hand, are combative, especially when it comes to getting what they want. More sensitive than they appear, they also need constant confirmation through which they can feel truly at ease with themselves.
Sissies are extremely passionate, always ready to take life head-on, even at the cost of getting hurt.

Virgo – Very good at reasoning
Virgo children have an extraordinary practical sense that emerges from a very young age. Very closed in on themselves, they often find it difficult to express their feelings, which is why they should be encouraged to do so in order to make future social interactions easier for them.
Boys tend to always weigh everything, always acting only after careful reflection and a calculation of the pros and cons. A feature that will affect them from an early age.
Sissies have great sense they practice and always seek consistency in others as well as in things.

Libra – Very expansive children
Libra children love to be around people and fully express their emotions. Lovers of everything that is harmony, they find themselves looking for it in everything they do. Gentle and educated, they may appear more mature than their age, so much so that they can chat amiably even with those who are older than them. Loneliness is a dimension that is not for them and that can make them particularly sad.
Boys have a quiet temperament, yet in groups they tend to be livelier and make good backs for their friends.
Sissies have a strong sense of justice combined with creativity and the need to feel loved and accepted.

Scorpio – Extremely attached to parents
Dealing with Scorpio babies is a unique experience. Extremely humoral, in need of affection and particularly able to guess the thoughts of others, they are not easy to deal with, especially if they stick to craving for something. Intelligent as few, they can also be very reflective, thinking about issues that are sometimes bigger than themselves and for which it can be difficult to help them.
Little boys are very jealous of their stuff and quite strict about some points like the truth. In fact, when faced with a lie, their reaction can be quite strong.
Sissies are very attentive to their needs which they recognize quickly. At the same time they are introverted and independent, more lovers of the night than of the hours of the day.

Sagittarius – With a great desire to do
The children of Sagittarius are extremely sunny, always cheerful and with a great desire to do, so much so as to be contagious for those around them. Having them in the family brings a fair amount of joy but also a certain amount of commitment. In fact, they will hardly stop in front of a need and in their way of being they tend to have many like that of always being around and on the move, which when grown up will make them particularly independent even if always tied to their family.
Boys are likely to be big laggards. Binding them to timetables will in fact be very difficult, even when it comes to sending them to school.
The girls are always divided between the desire to be with the family and to live a thousand different adventures. Sincere as never before, they sometimes tend to be tactless, which they will carry with them even in adulthood.

Capricorn – Little Perfectionists
Capricorn babies are born perfectionists. Obedient as few, they tend to learn every new lesson and never let the people they care about. A way of doing that over time can generate a certain stress in them and this even at an early age. Independent and with a strong sense of duty, they will always try to act on their own unless they ask for help in times of need.
Boys are very organized and with clear ideas in mind. Very close to the family, they will always try to obtain the consensus.
Sissies are particularly stubborn and dedicated to organization. The way they behave will often make them appear more adult than they are.

Aquarius – A little too independent
Aquarius kids are very busy with their things from a very young age. Being able to understand what they think is definitely difficult as is hoping to get them to open when they don’t want to. The love for privacy is a detail that will accompany them practically immediately.
Boys are true free spirits, in need of their own space and lots of free time to devote to themselves and their dreams.
Sissies love to dream big and when they do they don’t set any limits. In need of feeling free, they tend to respect only those who respect them and this from an early age.

Pisces – Great Dreamers
Pisces children are true dreamers. Theirs is a nature that should not be slowed down as it is indispensable for their growth and for the development of their qualities which will almost always express themselves in the artistic field. Very close to the family, they tend to give without asking for anything in return.
Boys are empathetic and very emotional. Affectionate as few are, however, also extremely sensitive, which can lead them to suffer in silence even for one word too many.
The sissies are extremely generous and endowed with a great imagination that will accompany them even in adulthood.

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