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Find out what kind of friend you are and what you know how to be precious in according to the stars.

When it comes to friendship, we often worry about the relationship with others and how much we can or cannot trust those who consider themselves as such. Almost everyone has friends who they consider more special than others and with whom one has a particular relationship, made up of confidences and secret languages ​​or, more simply, of precious memories to be kept in the heart. If someone asked us to describe the best friend, a particular image would arrive in the mind that does not always correspond to that of the person you see most often but with the one who feels closest to you. But what if the friend in question were you and if someone else was talking about you? Today, having seen which zodiac signs are ready for the new season and as the various signs of the zodiac look to the future, we will find out what kind of friend you are to those who consider you special.

Horoscope: what kind of friend you are according to those who consider you a special presence in their life

Aries – The friend who brings joy
Those who love you consider you a special friend because of your joy and the ability you have to make even difficult moments lighter. You are a comforting presence who always knows how to bring joy and who always finds a way to cheer up when things get tough. Always company, you are perfect for going out together and for all kinds of fun. Furthermore, your vitality is seen as an encouragement to jump into the fray and make the best of yourself at all times, which you are very good at and for which you are particularly respected.

Taurus – The reassuring friend
Your best friend, of you, will say that you are a calm and kind person, gifted with empathy and always able to listen to her and give her support in the darkest moments. Your wisdom is seen as a skill that can be useful in many circumstances and for which you are often consulted. You also know how to be reassuring like a few other people and you have the quality of knowing how to instill calm and serenity in those who listen to you, which is why you are seen as a lifeline.

Gemini – The unpredictable friend
Those who love you will say that you are a crazy friend, always over the top and above all, difficult to predict. Your explosive character will be described as positive and negative but there will always be a sort of admiration behind you because those who love you and know you deeply are aware of your goodness of soul and how much effort you put into everything you do, trying to make your life and that of others always a little better. Soul of the holidays you always know how to put everyone at ease, chatting and always bringing new ideas that can enrich the lives of those around you and, even more so, of those who are friends with you.

Cancer – The cuddly friend
Your best friend would most likely describe you as the most cuddly person in the world and this is because of the sensitivity that leads you to always ask for affection, albeit sometimes in ways that are difficult to understand. Although you are also touchy, those who love you almost always know how to take you and tend to get used to your ways to the point of no longer grasping the defects to see only the merits that, especially for those who love people who are always present they will be viewed with an even greater affection.

Leo – The Positive Friend
The impression you give to friends and strangers is pretty much the same. The first thing that emerges about you is therefore hyperactivity which is combined with positivity able to make the life of those around you easier and, in addition to admiring you for your whims, knows how to draw inspiration to always push yourself a little ‘ further. As a friend you are therefore the one able to give new points of view, encouraging you to do better and cheering up with the promise of happy moments. A friend that for many is equivalent to a treasure.

Virgo – The precise friend
Whoever has you as a friend knows that they can always rely on you because in addition to being loyal you are also very precise and able to give useful advice when needed. Of course, maybe you are not a companion like others and you do not stand out for your positivity but you have on your side the ability to be concrete and realistic as few other people know how to be and this makes you difficult to equal, especially for those who usually lean on you in moments of confusion or need. Something that someone very close to you certainly often does.

Libra – The Wise Friend
If there was only one word to describe you, your best friend would say that you are wise and would do so by really thinking about it. Then there would be many other things he could say about you and among these, the compliments would be wasted because as a friend you know how to be very heartening. Always ready to listen and able to give useful and positive advice, you are seen as the ideal friend, the one with whom to share pleasant and less pleasant moments. Your elegance always arouses a sort of admiration that makes others proud to have you in their world and this also applies to those who particularly care about you and are more than happy to have you in their life.

Scorpio – The friend you can trust
If there is one thing that those who know you well know about you it is that you can be trusted. In friendship, as well as in love, you are a faithful, precise person who always puts the people he loves first. For your best friend you are therefore one of the most trusted people, on whom she knows she can always count and that in times of need she will always be ready to give her a hand. All important requirements that make you special in her eyes and in those of those who have always dreamed of someone like you by her side.

Sagittarius – The funny friend
Who is your friend knows that the thing that most characterizes you is your desire for freedom, combined with an ability to have fun that is out of the ordinary. For this reason, the first thing that stands out about you is your humor which goes well with your desire to always party, wherever you are. Although your way of doing things leads you not to be among the most present and reliable people, for those who care about you you are always the fun friend, with whom to go out and create events and who would also be able to transform even a simple outing into a special moment. for a coffee. Qualities are not to be underestimated, especially for those who just need lightness from life.

Capricorn – The friend who keeps company
Although you are always busy with a thousand commitments, those who are friends with you know they can count on you and that when they need it they will always have the guarantee of your presence. The first thing that is said about you in friendship is therefore that you are a companion, always ready to rush to help or to offer words of comfort if needed. Of course, you are also perfect for going out together or for fun moments. Your company can be both a support and a driving force and this makes you a highly sought-after person as well as an appreciated and loved friend.

Aquarius – The Quiet Friend
As a friend, you are not one of the most expansive ones and at times being around you can be difficult due to your constant need to be alone often. The first thing that stands out about your way of being is therefore your tranquility which for some people is a sign of relaxation. With a completely invasive presence, it turns out to be like a safe rock to land on and this makes you a friend to whom it is always a pleasure to return, to tell your things, and to spend quality time together. The relationships you establish with people are often particular and in their way, all special although for different reasons and this is also evident from the friend point of view since those who are friends always take you into good consideration.

Pisces – The special friend
As a friend, you are considered simply special. This depends on many factors such as your always knowing how to understand the emotions of those around you, your ability to cheer up by always infusing new strength to others, and you’re being so different that you cannot fit into any specific description. A friend will always describe her as a source of light, reassuring, and full of positive energy. The reason why you are often sought, especially in moments of despair. You are also the excellent company in happy times and this makes you’ll-around and friend, always dear to those who can understand you and enter, even if summarily, into your world.

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