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Find out what kind of daughter you are based on your zodiac sign.

The relationship between parents and children is like a world apart and whose paths are known only by those directly involved. Whether it is an idyllic relationship or a confused and complex one, no one will ever be able to fit in or understand it because every smallest balance (or imbalance) is the sum of lived moments, silent thoughts, memories, and everything that can become part of a family. Nonetheless, it is human to stop and wonder what kind of children one is in general or even just in the eyes of parents. An important aspect that can depend on various factors among which there is a character, lived experiences, and many other small things that, all together, give life to a microcosm. what kind of mom we are or would be according to the zodiac and what girlfriend we are for our better half, we will find out what kind of daughters we are. Since this is an aspect related to feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Horoscope – this is what kind of daughter you are according to the stars

Aries – the rebellious daughter
Let’s face it, obeying the rules is not something you are good at and it is even less so if they are imparted by people you are close to like, for example, your parents. When it comes to living, in fact, you much prefer to feel your instincts and do your own thing, even at the cost of making mistakes. An aspect that makes you a true rebel, always ready to speak out about her and do everything going against the authorities. A side of you that fortunately was more pronounced in childhood and that growing up began to become more and more contained, giving way to the relationship with your parents to improve. What is certain, however, is that even today if you can you are more than brought to your headshots which, as in the past, can be a reason for the clash, albeit in a much lighter way.

Taurus – the staid daughter
For your parents, you are the classic example of a staid daughter who can be trusted at all times. Studious, polite, and always loving, she turns out to be a true example to follow and that your parents seem to respect with pride. It is not for nothing that she turns out to be the daughter who never gives worries and who always knows how to cope with life situations simply by living them. All characteristics that make you a daughter with your head on your shoulders, able to look after yourself and take care of others, and all without this representing a problem or a setback in the path of your existence.

Gemini – the incomprehensible daughter
Yes, even for your parents you are an enigmatic and unpredictable person to the point of not being able to define yourself in a few words. A lot depends on your being dual but also on the fact that when you have your periods not, you tend to close yourself up in a hedgehog way as to be inscrutable even for them. All this combined with your mood swings means that in their eyes you are a decidedly strange person, a little out of the ordinary and certainly difficult to understand. Fortunately, the energy you give off when you give your best seems to overshadow everything, putting aside misunderstandings of all kinds and making sure that between you, although with the necessary exceptions, relationships are rather relaxed and serene.

Cancer – the touchy daughter
For your parents, figuring out how far they can go with you is often difficult. While you are often sweet to them and attentive in your way, there is a part of you that tends to escape their understanding. It is about your being often touchy, to the point of making a tragedy even for the smallest misunderstandings. A way of doing that pushes those who love you (and therefore not only your parents) to study you well before venturing into your world made of hearts but also of thorns that are very easy to come across. Fortunately, when you are loving you know how to be forgiven for any oddities, compensating for your shortcomings with smiles and kind gestures able to reach the heart of those who love you.

Leo – the hyperactive daughter
For your parents, you are a person so full of life that you are almost hyperactive. Your desire to act, combined with your positivity, means that they don’t have to worry too much when it comes to you and this is because they know that you always know how to live the situations that arise before you, including those a little more dangerous. . For this reason, when it comes to you they are always very relaxed as well as positive. The relationship between you is in most cases very relaxed, relaxed, and characterized by pleasant moments. The same ones that when you like, you know how to share with everyone, bringing that dose of serenity that is always a pleasure to experience.

Virgo – The hypercritical daughter
As a daughter, you are often led to criticism and this can be a certain annoyance, especially if parents also tend to want to assert their opinion without stopping to find a meeting point. After all, your fixation on things done in a certain way often leads you to see the world in black or white and this way of doing things tends to be reflected more when you are dealing with people you are familiar with. The family is fully among these. Fortunately, beyond some period of life in which the tendency is to fight over every little thing, relationships are not as tense as you might think and this helps you and also a lot to feel part of something.

Libra – The perfect daughter
We can say about you that as a daughter you are practically perfect, always attentive to everything and everyone, and able to bring a certain dose of serenity within the family. Your propensity for beautiful things makes you a daughter who always knows what to say and what to do and who has been a source of pride for parents since she was a child. Your bond is therefore very particular and means that it remains unchanged over the years, even going to improve. It is precisely in adulthood that through dialogue you know how to be even more present for your family who can only appreciate your ways and the empathy with which you always know you bring towards them.

Scorpio – The present daughter
For you, family is everything and this means that you are always there for the people you love. This aspect is very evident from an early age and makes sure that your parents always know they can count on you, even when life, different characters, or your sometimes difficult way of seeming to put you on different paths. The truth is that you are a present daughter like a few others, always ready to listen, accept and understand. All characteristics that create a solid base on which to build a relationship that even if it is respected on the other side (let’s not forget the fact that if you are betrayed you can also go away forever) will always remain intact.

Sagittarius – The wild daughter
Your parents have a very messy idea of ​​you that is mostly due to your way of understanding life. You need to feel free and always do what you want, is not frowned upon and does not go well with those who can have the idea of a daughter who is always composed, polite, and eager to live life by following the rules. Nevertheless, you’re always being cheerful and companionship is for those who love you a kind of blessing that makes things simpler and easier to live and that leads anyone to love you. For this reason, even if they often do not share your way of thinking and acting, for your parents you will always be a daughter to love and able to lift their day even with a single word.

Capricorn – The little present daughter
Your way of understanding life, as you probably already know, is a bit like your Achilles heel when it comes to feelings and interpersonal relationships. This is also found in the emotional bond you have with your parents who see in you a daughter who is not very present and more occupied with daily commitments than with them. Whether it’s work, unprovable commitments, or going out with friends, you are always busy to the point of not being able to see them as much as they would like and this, in the long run, can lead to a certain tension that if not taken on time can create cracks. Fortunately, when you choose to be there you know how to be forgiven for the many shortcomings and you can fill every void with gestures and attentions that if there were more often they would solve all kinds of problems upstream.

Aquarius – The Independent Daughter
Because of your over-the-top personality, your parents often have a distorted idea of ​​you and what your life is. The only thing they know for sure is that you are an independent daughter, always able to get by on her own and that even in the most difficult moments she doesn’t need anyone by her side. This, over time, may have created a sort of distance that they regret seeing but which you almost need to live, exactly as it happens for anyone around you. Fortunately, at least with them, you can give that little bit more than for better or for worse it pushes them to accept your moments of isolation, aware that they do not last forever and that when you are there, at least for them, it is at its best. your chances.

Pisces – The “special” daughter
How could yours call you if not special? To be honest, those who know you and in particular those who have lived with you have always had more ways of seeing you ranging from the person with his head in the clouds to the one full of unrealizable dreams to end up with the woman who is determined and able to fight to the end. to get what he wants. In fact, with your way of life you can express more than one modality and this is something that those who love you soon learn to know and appreciate. Despite this, your excessive sensitivity has always been a source of concern for those around you. Fortunately, you can also be strong and you demonstrate it to the point that you can be recognized and appreciated for this aspect as well.

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