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Find out what is the wrong attitude you often have in your love relationships and how to try to avoid it.

The couple’s relationship is something extremely delicate and precious. The set of two people who choose to share their journey, doing the joys and pains in the middle and sharing experiences of all kinds. Putting different people together is not always easy, so much so that the couples who manage to love each other for a lifetime are very few. This happens due to various factors, among which the differences that have never been smoothed out, change differently without being able to recognize each other, possible betrayals, and attitudes perceived by the other person as an unbearable standout. The latter can change from person to person and sometimes depend on the influence that the stars have on each of us. So, even if you often don’t realize it, certain ways of doing it can cause your partner to get tired. characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and which zodiac signs will soon feel very charged, today we will find out what is the attitude that pushes the partner to move away. To get a better idea of ​​where you are wrong, it is also useful to check the profile of your ascendant.

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Aries – You tell too many lies
Do your stories tend to end for no apparent reason but with the constant of your him giving you the well-served? The reason may be much simpler than you think, and while you may have a hard time believing it, it is rarely about the presence of another person in their heart. The truth is, you tend to tell a little too many lies and over time they come out, causing everyone to get tired. If your friends and family can accept it, however, for those who love you it is very different because they lack the trust that should be the basis of any relationship. The only solution is to learn to be more sincere and to avoid what you call “innocent lies” because if in your eyes they are so, those of those who love you are still lying.

Taurus – You relax too much in the relationship
It’s not something you do often but sometimes when you feel like the relationship is well-established you tend to let go a little. This translates into less attention to your image, less inventiveness as regards things to do together, and a lack of new stimuli in general which, in the long run, can put out the passion and the desire to spend time together. If for you to be together it is enough to share an evening in front of the TV, for those who love you sometimes you need something else. You then have two choices to solve the problem: find someone who is like you or try to keep the relationship alive. In reality, there would also be a third thing, which is not to mount expectations by giving yourself 100% at the beginning of the relationship. This causes the difference to become extreme and weighs on the couple.

Gemini – You are too expansive with
others. The problem is that when you start a relationship, your partner expects changes and doesn’t always like their other half to be outgoing with everyone, flirt (which you sometimes do without noticing), and make friends anyway. A jealous person risks going crazy and in order not to go that far, he is sometimes forced to make the painful choice to end the story. If you don’t want this to happen you can choose someone who is not jealous at all or try to moderate yourself in some situations that you know can hurt the person you love.

Cancer – You change your mind too often
Your being moody is on the one hand a characteristic that makes you adorable and on the other a defect that can make a story complicated, especially when you can’t get a fixed idea and you change without even informing who you are. stands next to it. This way of doing, combined with your being touchy, can lead your other half to get tired and to look for someone who can give them more balance. If you don’t want to lose the person you love, you should therefore try to limit your constant mood swings or, even if you have them, avoid always changing the cards on the table without even telling them. Especially if it is something you have been planning for some time and which he cared particularly about.

Leo – Sometimes you tend to underestimate others
That you like to be the center of attention is now well known and those who hang out with you know well they have to deal with this way of being. If you are with someone, however, it is right to give them away to express themselves within the couple and to stand out in their way when you are together. Always putting yourself in the center of attention and keeping your partner always in the shadows is not good for everyone and since you love hanging out with strong people who you consider your equal, it often happens that the person you are with gets tired of feeling always put aside. Don’t underestimate his emotions and trying to give him space both when you are alone and with other people would certainly help.

Virgo – You make too many criticisms
It is true, you are a direct person, who tends to judge others and who when he has some criticism to make does not worry about finding the right words to do it without hurting. This is something that your date should know and have learned to accept. However, the fact remains that being criticized constantly is not a pleasant thing and in the long run it can push others to distance themselves. So even if you can’t figure out where the problem lies, the risk of being left behind for your constant criticism is very high. For this reason, you should learn to use better words, be kinder, and strive to see the positives of others as well, making them notice them. This way, your story will certainly be less at risk.

Libra – You are not very expansive
Your being a person who never lets himself go to excesses is certainly a strength in several respects but it is not when it comes to love. When you are with your partner even if you treat him well, you never manage to be expansive, or rather you are never as much as he would like. This means that on the other side a sort of distance can be created which in the long run can lead to a crisis or make him take other paths. To remedy the problem you should learn to express your feelings in different ways or, if you really can’t, explain how you are made so that those around you learn to grasp the right signals, without feeling so unimportant to you.

Scorpio – You Expect Too Much
Your problem in love is that you always tend to expect too much and this leads to inevitable disappointments which, given your keeping things inside, end up going unnoticed. So when you are cold or grumpy for no apparent reason, the other person ends up not understanding. All this can lead to cracks that if not fixed as soon as possible can lead to the end of the relationship, pushing those who just cannot understand you to distance themselves. Try to say freely what you would like from the story you live. It will be good for both you and your other half and will allow both of you to find points in common that know how to agree and even create new complicity.

Sagittarius – You always want to do whatever you want
It is bad to say but the reason that pushes your partners to end the relationship is your selfishness which in the long run ends up making them feel left out. It is right that you do everything to make the most of your life but that does not mean that you have to make every decision on your own. Sharing choices with your partner is one of the foundations of the relationship without which it is like dating without commitment. And if the problem is commitment, then it is right that you tidy up your ideas to understand what you want from life. And if love has a relevant place, then it is right to consider the idea of ​​changing ways of doing things. In this way, you will be able to live more peaceful relationships.

Capricorn – You never have time
Your biggest problem is the lack of time given by too many commitments that you make without ever giving yourself a break. This makes you unreachable and even when you are there it always keeps your mind elsewhere. A way of doing things that pushes you to appear distant even when your partner is a few centimeters from you and that over time can lead to distancing yourself to create a break. It would be enough to carve out some time for your story and think only of the two of you when you share the free time available to ensure that, even if few, the hours spent together are of quality. And then, there is always that possibility of avoiding always occupying your days with commitments of all kinds. This will make staying together easier.

Aquarius – You Think Too Much About Your Needs
Not that it’s not right to do it but always and only thinking about yourself is the most wrong thing in a relationship and, needless to say, it’s what you tend to do very often. This means that those around you often feel little understood and listened to and that in the end, they decide to let go, leaving you free to live your life as you see fit. If you care about your love story, then, before things go for the worst, you should also start thinking about the needs of those around you, accepting the fact that to be together, sometimes, you have to compromise. It is only by doing so that you can show that you love the other person and care about the relationship. An aspect that you still have to learn but that with a little commitment you could make yours in no time.

Pisces – Live too closed in on yourself
It’s true, you are a person capable of creating a world of your own where things flow as they should and everything looks better than it is in reality. If you have a partner, however, you should remember to share this part of you with them too, so that they don’t feel isolated and left out. Your imagination and the ability to dream that you have are wonderful characteristics but they should not create a vacuum around you, especially with the person you love. So try to open up more and share your thoughts, even the strangest ones. If he truly loves you he will accept them as part of you and your complicity will skyrocket.

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