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Find out how you and the people you know experience the change in solar time. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

In exactly one week there will be the usual appointment with the time change. On Saturday night, or rather, between Saturday and Sunday, the hands of the clock will move back one hour, giving way to the period of disruption that affects many people and even children. Although you sleep an extra hour the sunlight will decrease visibly, producing sadness in those who need its light to feel energetic. At the same time, many will be happy to be able to sleep a little more the next day and those to come. So where is the difference? The truth is that the way of reacting to the change of the hour can depend on many factors but it suffers the influence that the stars have on each of us. Today, therefore, after seeing what each sign of the zodiac is lucky and which are the zodiac signs that will soon learn to love each other, we will find out how the change of the hour will affect the various signs. As this is an aspect that has to do with the way of being and feeling, it is also important to check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Astrology: how each sign reacts to the arrival of solar time

Aries – Those who feel down in the dumps
Those born under the sign of Aries are sunny people, who love to live their days to the full and who keep themselves in constant motion, going here and there and doing as many things as possible. The shorter days are therefore a cause of great discomfort for them. Also, the darkness that comes earlier than usual tends to depress them and make them feel off-axis. It is a feeling that they do not know how to explain well but that makes them feel flat, listless, and eager to change things. Not even sleeping an extra hour comforts them because doing so is not one of their priorities.

Taurus – Those Who Enjoy the Compromise
The natives of Taurus are not very fond of having to say goodbye to an hour of sunshine. However, they manage to live with it because of the extra hour that allows them to sleep and make up for some lost time here and there. They have the fact that they live a simple life made of comfort and this undoubtedly makes them less reluctant to change. Even the love for the comfort typical of winter days makes them suffer less from the lack of sun because when they feel down they can console themselves by thinking about the afternoons spent with a steaming drink or dinners to be consumed in the warmth with friends. A compromise that helps them calmly manage everything.

Gemini – Those who feel disoriented
Those born under the sign of Gemini tend to live every experience of their life taking everything to the extreme. Even the simple change of the time, therefore, becomes a fact of state, such as to make them feel disoriented by the change in rhythms to get used to. Although they are people who strongly love change, seeing an hour of light fade away is something that makes them strangely nervous, perhaps because they feel deprived of precious time to live their days to the full. Not even the thought of sleeping more helps them feel better and things get complicated if they are forced to go out early in the morning, thus colliding with the darkness of the early hours. Fortunately, this is a fairly short period after which they learn to adapt and stop complaining, resuming their life in a completely normal way.

Cancer – Those who don’t pay much attention to it
It’s true, changing rhythms from one day to the next can be destabilizing. Nonetheless, the natives of Cancer know how to overcome the problem by organizing themselves in time and preparing themselves psychologically for the darkness that comes earlier and the sun that rises later. In this case, their indolence helps them because it allows them to live things lightly, without losing too many problems and just living for the day. A way of doing that makes them among the signs that live this moment almost with indifference and therefore in a decidedly relaxed way. Perfect for the way they are.

Leo – Those who are not exactly enthusiastic
Those born under the sign of Leo, as typically solar signs do not particularly like having to anticipate the alarm clock by an hour. For them, spending more time sleeping is not that important but it is being able to enjoy the light of day which, when it fails, somehow makes them nervous and eager to recharge as best they can. Fortunately, their positive nature pushes them to accept it as inevitable and to try to implement strategies that can support them for the first days which are usually the most difficult ones. Aware that time will help them adapt, even if they don’t like the idea, they can adapt to it, finding a way to feel centered.

Virgo – Those who are very nervous the first few days
Virgo natives do not like changes and even if they try hard not to think about it, simply telling themselves that they will sleep more on the weekend of the change of the hour, they end up suffering heavily from the light which is stolen from them. In the week following the return of solar time, they, therefore, end up often appearing nervous and irascible so that those who can do better to avoid unnecessary clashes with them. Fortunately, it won’t take long for them to go back to the way they used to be. A few more hours of sleep, a little relaxation, and just the time to get used to the change, and their mood will return to the usual one.

Libra – Those who live it with serenity
Those born under the sign of Libra do not care about solar time. Of course, they are aware of the lack of sunshine hours they will suffer in the morning and evening but, determined as never before, to see the bright side of things, they are more inclined to solve the problem than to cry over it. Thus, as they approach the time change they will begin to organize themselves, enjoying the hours of sunshine as much as they can and making sure to arrange their schedules so as not to notice too much the change of pace of which they are aware. For the rest, they will emphasize the Sunday when they will sleep the most, taking it as a game and waiting for everything to work out. In two or three days you will see them more serene than ever, now accustomed to change and ready to focus on something else.

Scorpio – Those who just experience it
Having to choose, the natives of Scorpio certainly prefer solar time to daylight, and this is both for its naturalness and for the extra hour of sleep that always comes as a small gift. As for the sunlight, being very related to winter, they tend not to pay much attention to it, trying to enjoy it as much as they can in the days immediately before and after. This means that they feel relatively serene, so much so that they face the moment with relative serenity and without undergoing particular variations on their biorhythm or mood. Although aware of being able to feel strange and having to deal with the mood changes of those around them, they prefer to concentrate on something else, waiting for the moment to pass like every year and continuing to live their life as if nothing had happened.

Sagittarius – Those who live badly
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like at all the idea of ​​having to lose hours of light and since sleeping is not exactly their favorite pastime, solar time is a big nuisance for them who tend to live very badly. In fact, in the days immediately following, their mood tends to become gloomy and it is not difficult to find them altered or grumpy even with the people with whom they usually have fun. Unfortunately, it is a passing mood that they cannot control, and that tends to last at least a week. Anyone dealing with them during that time is therefore forewarned.

Capricorn – Those who take it as it comes
The natives of Capricorn are people who always think about how to get out of situations unscathed and who prefer to make up for the lack of hours of light by waiting for everything to settle down. On the other hand, they are always too busy with a thousand commitments to be able to concentrate on things over which they still have no control, and in similar cases, they prefer to wait for the storm to pass to ascertain the damage rather than take precautions first. Right or wrong, this way of seeing it seems to be the most suitable for them, so much to leave them almost indifferent to the change of time and the immediate subsequent stress that seems to affect everyone and which objectively has a minor impact on them.

Aquarius – Those who live it with a smile
Those born under the sign of Aquarius lead a lifestyle that is relaxed enough to allow themselves not to worry too much at the thought of a simple movement of the hands. For them that the sun sets at one hour rather than another is just a fact to take as it comes and to get used to without too many dramas. On the other hand, if they feel the need for the energy of the sun, they know they can enjoy it at certain times and if it happens they have no problem finding a way to get out of work early or to linger for a walk to charge up with new energy. For them, the most important thing is to live with serenity and they do it to the extent that they can feel free to be themselves. Among the signs of the zodiac are therefore those who
they live the thing better.

Pisces – Those who focus on the positives
The natives of Pisces are too romantic to let their lives be ruined by the change of time. The darkness that comes first certainly also brings them a change in mood but balances with other more positive aspects on which they prefer to focus. Lovers of winter and romantic atmospheres will seize the opportunity to be able to observe the evening embracing the city a little earlier or the approaching winter atmosphere, reminding them of the many special moments to enjoy with the colder temperatures. At the same time, they do not disdain the extra hour of sleep that will come as a gift on the first night and being able to live with a sense of diversity the hours of the following days that will never be centered as they were until before the time change.

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