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Love is a feeling that everyone experiences in their way. Discover the signs they love normally and the ones they love too much.

Loving is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. You feel your heart pounding, you wake up in a great mood, and spend the whole day thinking positive thoughts about your loved one. When one is reciprocated, then, things are even better and the whole life seems to smile as well as everything that goes around it. However, love is also a great unknown that always involves people differently. If on the one hand, some love too little, on the other hand, some tend to invest too much, and those who, while remaining in the balance between the two realities, still have personal ways of living the feeling. Since even the way of loving can depend on the influence that the stars have on us, after having seen which are the most envied signs of the zodiac and what are the most loved signs, today we will find out which are the zodiac signs that love too much in a relationship. Since it is something that has a lot to do with the way you feel, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a more precise picture of the situation.

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Horoscope: The signs who love too much and those who love in a completely different way

Aries – Those who love alternately
Those born under the sign of Aries are very self-centered people. Although they love to be carried away by emotions, they are not among those who love too much. Although they often follow instinct and have moments in which they seem willing to do anything for the happiness of the person they love, they tend to balance everything with a dose of healthy selfishness for which as well as the damage they also end up expecting. This means that in love, in the end, they are somehow balanced or, if we want to be honest, they appear a bit alternating. A way of doing things that fully reflects them and with which they feel perfectly at ease.

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Taurus – Those who love just enough
Taurus natives are usually very focused on feelings and when they fall in love with someone, if it’s an important story, they also tend to lose their minds, giving a lot more than you might think. In the long run, however, they also know how to get back down to earth by reaching a sort of balance that leads them to love in a balanced way which for them means, equivalent to how much love they receive. In reality, everything is less calculated than it might seem because when they love they follow the progress of the relationship a lot so that they always know how to manage. And if in newly started relationships they can appear with the handbrake or too accelerated, in what they consider for life, they manage to manage themselves better, loving and receiving love constantly but without ever losing sight of themselves and their needs.

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Gemini – Those who love a little too much and a little too little
Always true to themselves, those born under the sign of Gemini have a way of loving their own and are often difficult to understand. When they are involved they end up letting go, losing all restraints, and giving as much as they can to the person they care about. However, it takes very little to make them break and change direction. If the relationship begins to bore them, for example, they can gradually distance themselves by giving less and less love without ceasing to demand it. Their way of feeling and giving feelings is therefore rather unbalanced and always in line with their way of feeling which, varying very often, never manages to be stable. In short, it could be said that loving for them is like riding a roller coaster, in the true sense of the word.

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Cancer – Those who love enough
The natives of Cancer are romantic people and very interested in love and its dynamics. When they feel a feeling they end up getting carried away trying to give as much as they can. For them, however, love often has a different meaning from what others can attribute to it and this translates into romantic attitudes, sweet words and moments to be lived as a couple as if you were in a movie. Many times, however, things like understanding, assistance, and complicity can fail or be disregarded for various reasons and this, of course, can lead to certain limits in the relationship. Fortunately, the natives of the sign do not have a problem because for them the most important thing is not how much or how they love but how much love they can receive from the person they are with.

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Leo – Those who love in proportion to how they are loved
Those born under the sign of Leo tend to love in proportion to what they receive. In this way, they never feel either at fault or with the need to expect more from their partner. If they receive a lot of love they will then be willing to reciprocate with equal emphasis but without ever running the risk of loving too much. This depends on the fact that, first of all, they have always been in love with themselves and this makes their feelings somehow controlled. Nonetheless, when they get busy they know how to make the person they love to feel important and this certainly benefits the relationship by triggering a fruitful exchange of attention and feelings.

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Virgo – Those who love rationally
Virgo natives struggle to be people who love too much and this is because even in their feelings they cannot help but bring out their rational side. This aspect limits their impetus a lot but does not take away from them the possibility of making the people they are with feel loved anyway. For them, loving is something natural but which must be followed by many factors including compatibility, a community of purpose, and the same path to follow. When these details are all there, they even manage to let go of some momentum that goes far beyond what they are normally willing to achieve. That said, their way of loving, however extensive, will always be controlled and never exaggerated.

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Libra – Those who love naturally
For those born under the sign of Libra, love is something natural and therefore should never be studied at the table or controlled. When they feel something for someone they, therefore, prefer to follow instinct but in doing so they always maintain their constant moderation. As much as they are in love, they will never be people who come to love too much but will always know how to make their partner feel loved, dedicating him the right time and all the attention he will need. A way of doing that is also reflected in the way of receiving feelings.

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Scorpio – Those who love a lot
The natives of Scorpio are often unable to stay in half measures. For them, it’s all black or white and love is no exception. When they find the right person, therefore, they can come to love very much even going so far as to love too much, and this is because the happiness of the people they love always comes first. On the other hand, the more love they give, the more they demand of it and to all this it must be added that if they feel disappointed in some way their attitude tends to change suddenly, becoming colder and more detached at least until they think they have solved the situation. In short, it is a way of loving studded with ups and downs and which for this reason settles on high levels but never leads to too much, unless it is a newborn love or a period that will always be limited.

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Sagittarius – Those who love the bare minimum
As much as they love the very idea of ​​love, those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not usually love more than is required of them and this is because self-centered as few tend to love themselves first. . To be honest, when they fall in love they almost always choose those who love them in such a spectacular way as to make them feel important and this tends to remain a constant in their way of being. For this reason, it can be said that they are people who generally love in a measured and never excessive way but who on the contrary claim that others love them too much.

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Capricorn – Those who love the right… according to them
Those born under the sign of Capricorn love the idea of ​​loving and are always convinced that they love a lot and in the most correct way. In truth, in their way of loving there is a basis of selfishness which means that, beyond appearances, they come to deprive themselves of very little and only of what does not weigh them much. As much as they like to show that they love too much, it is more than evident that even by giving themselves so much they never exceed certain limits. On the contrary, they often find themselves at the center of very strong feelings that they somehow admire but fail to replicate with the same authenticity and intensity.

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Aquarius – Those who love in their way
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love in such a personal way that it can be really difficult to determine the extent of it. That said, it is very rare that they go so far as to push themselves to extreme feelings and this is because they are focused first of all on themselves and their needs. Their way of love is, therefore, to be considered in some ways atypical and others over the top. Sometimes they can be detached, others so involved that they have an almost exclusive relationship with their partner. The tendency, however, will always be that of not reaching extremes capable of making them suffer because, endowed with self-love, they have an innate ability to restrain themselves and understand how far to go.

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Pisces – Those who love too much
Yes, the natives of Pisces are among those who love too much. Sentimental like few others, they have a sensitive soul that pushes them to always want to give their best, especially to the person they love. So when they feel something strong they tend to go as far as they can and sometimes even further. Regardless of the danger, they are always ready to give everything and even if they get burned they never seem to harden, managing to repeat the same actions over and over again. Suffering almost does not scare them if it is the price to pay to feel happy and to give happiness to those they love and all this translates into a force of feelings so extreme that it can only be carried out by them who, to be honest, know how to do it. in an almost masterful way.

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