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Find out which are the zodiac signs that live well even alone and which ones, instead, need to have someone next to you.

Loneliness is one of the greatest nightmares of living beings. It is said that you are born and die alone but throughout your life, you always feel the need to have someone next to you, to be part of something, and to give and receive affection. Although interpersonal relationships are among the most difficult things to manage, there are very few who deliberately choose to deprive themselves of them and this is because as a social animal, the human being needs to compare himself with others, to know that someone is willing to listen to him and share thoughts but above all emotions with others. For all these reasons, living alone is something that in the long run tends to make people feel alone, pushing them to find a partner, a friend, or someone with whom to share their life. Yet, as often happens, there are due exceptions even for such a human reality, and as difficult as it is to imagine there are people who live very well even alone. It is an aspect that, among other things, is at least partly influenced by the stars. For this reason, after seeing what the are most serious zodiac signs and which signs of the zodiac know how to love today we will find out which signs live well even alone. An aspect for which it is better to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more complete and articulated verdict.

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Astrology: the signs that live well alone and those who, on the other hand, need others

Aries – Those who live well even alone
Those born under the sign of Aries are dynamic people, always on the move and with lots of friends with whom to share both free moments and what goes through their minds. For this reason, living alone is not something that disturbs them, also because they always have someone to host or to hear in the evening. For the rest, their innate independence makes them social people but also able to be alone even for short periods. We can therefore say about them that they can live alone as long as they have at their side a circle of friends and acquaintances able to act as a social network, guaranteeing them constant socialization and able to buffer any moments of loneliness that they too, like everyone, they can find themselves trying.

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Taurus – Those who live best in company
Taurus natives are people who always know how to get by and who know each other well enough to have a great life on their own. Nonetheless, their romantic disposition and pleasure in having special moments to share with someone mean they often find themselves wishing they could share their life with someone who matters. If up to a certain point they are happy even thinking of a friend or relative, with time the desire becomes more targeted towards a partner with whom to build something unique and special. However, they do not like to be satisfied and if the choice is between living well alone or badly in the company, they will always opt for the former. After all, for them, what matters most is being able to feel good and enjoy every moment of relaxation that life has to offer.

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Gemini – Those who can’t make
up their minds Those born under the sign of Gemini are too dual to have a definite idea of ​​what’s best for them. While on the one hand there are periods of life in which they prefer to think of each other as a couple, in others the desire for freedom and the desire to do anything without having to give someone an account and reason, means that their choice falls on living alone. The truth is that the solution would be to live very close to someone important to them without having to share all the spaces. An example? Two houses in the same condominium, perhaps on the same floor but where everyone can withdraw into their own when they need freedom and silence prevail. After all, what to expect different from such particular people?

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Cancer – Those Who Live Well Only in Couples
Cancer natives are too romantic to imagine life alone. For them, happiness is represented by a life sharing with someone who, in addition to supporting their ideas, can give them all the love possible. True, in some ways it would be an unbalanced relationship, but when it comes to give and take, they are always a bit extreme. What is certain is that they do not see themselves living alone and if in their youth they can opt for a shared house, soon the need to know each other in a stable relationship will become primary, leading them to dream only and exclusively of life to live in couple.

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Leo – Those who manage to live alone
Those born under the sign of Leo have many ambitions and little desire to compromise with others. This leads them to have often conflicting relationships with others and the need to find someone who can support them, supporting them and giving them understanding. Although they are people perfectly capable of living alone, the need for a constant presence in their life means that they find themselves fantasizing about a life to live as a couple, possibly with someone to love and who they consider being equal to them. However, they are not the ones to be satisfied and for this reason, they are willing to go on alone even forever if all their needs are not met by the right person.

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Virgo – Those who live best in pairs but who dream of living alone
Virgo natives are particularly strange as they have always been free spirits for whom a life alone is what suits them best. At the same time, however, they do not like loneliness very much because, in the long run, it brings out their darker side, leading them to negative thoughts and moods that they do not appreciate. For this reason, when they can, they always try to have someone to share their life with and this is because knowing that they have someone by their side makes them feel good, giving them the motivation to be more positive. Too bad that their difficult character often makes coexistence impossible and that only people armed with a lot of patience can stand by them as they would like.

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Libra – Those who prefer to live in a company
Those born under the sign of Libra often find themselves fantasizing about living alone, in a space of their own and of which they feel 100% masters. In truth, however, for their well-being, it is better than the fantasy remains such and that in reality there are people with whom to share their entire life. For some strange reason, in fact, despite being perfectly capable of looking after themselves and living alone, the loneliness that over time would take over their lives is such as to risk making them immensely unhappy. For this reason, it is always better that they share their spaces with someone who can be a friend, a relative, or, of course, a companion. In the latter case, however, the relationship must be truly special because, although they are extremely lovable people,

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Scorpio – Those who know how to live perfectly alone but …
The natives of Scorpio are perfect in life alone because they know how to organize it better and fill every space with activities to do and people to meet. Of them, therefore, it can be said that they are among the signs that on their own they know how to live at their best. To make everything work, however, they must follow certain rules without which they would risk feeling lost. The first is living in places that are frequented and full of people, which manages to chase away the possible loneliness of certain moments, the second that they are in a place from which it is easy to reach everything, so as not to give them a sense of helplessness. due to the inability to move as they want and the third is that they have people close enough to them. With these three rules, the natives of the sign can live very well alone,

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Sagittarius – Those who live best alone
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius seem born to live alone. For them, having to comply with rules is like being in prison and for this reason, they always yearn for a freedom that only loneliness can grant them. Getting up when they want, leaving suddenly if they feel like it, and staying up in the wee hours without having to give an account and reason to anyone are freedoms that for them are as good as the air they breathe. For this reason, despite sometimes finding themselves dreaming of life as a couple, absolute happiness is given by the possibility of living alone for as long as possible. What if they fall in love? In this case, it is better than life as a couple is with someone similar to them or that he can understand them and leave them all the freedoms they need.

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Capricorn – Those Who … Live Well Either
The way The natives of Capricorn don’t usually get worried about how to live. For this reason, they are generally inclined to live well both alone and with someone. Being always busy with work and the various daily tasks, they end up having full days and this means that loneliness hardly knocks on their door. Usually having a lot of friends, when this happens there is no big problem, always finding a way to get out and recover completely. We can therefore say of them that they are suitable both for living alone and in the company as long as they can lead a lifestyle that suits them and that makes them feel fulfilled.

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Aquarius – Those who live best alone
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are undoubtedly people who live better alone. Lovers of silence and in need of certain privacy, are not made for sharing spaces nor for that of their private life. Being perfectly capable of looking after themselves and doing better when they know they have to rely only on their strength, they are perhaps the zodiac sign that more than anyone else is made for a lonely life. This is so evident that when they are in a couple they find it hard to think for two, often ending up creating a separation inside the house that can hardly be understood and accepted. A problem that most of them solve, either by being alone or by learning to manage couple life and moments of privacy in the most balanced way possible.

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Pisces – Those Who Live Well Only in Couples
Natives of Pisces need to live with someone. Returning to an empty house in the evening would give them too much nostalgia and they are only likely to fall into really dark states when they feel lonely or melancholy. For this reason, while they love the possibility of cultivating their interests and living their spaces made of dreams, they are usually more likely to live together with someone and although friends are a great alternative, their first choice always goes for a partner with whom to build a future for two who can give them that sense of completeness that is particularly important and indispensable for them to feel happy.

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