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Find out if and how good you are at letting go of your past. The opinion of the stars for all signs of the zodiac.

Given the arrival of a new year, it is easy to let yourself go to the memories of what has been and what are the moments to remember and choose to forget.
The past, after all, whether recent or distant, is always the only moment of one’s life that can be remembered and therefore difficult to process in the right way.
So it can happen that if on the one hand there are people so projected into the future that they do not even learn the important lessons of their past, on the other, there are those who remain anchored to a past that is difficult to forget and which ends up influencing even their present and future.

Given 2022, therefore, after having seen what is the hidden gift of 2021 for the signs of the zodiac and what 2022 will bring in love to all the zodiac signs, today we will discover which of the zodiac signs are the ones who manage to let go the past correctly and which ones remain too anchored there.
Since this is an aspect linked to emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant. In this way, it will be possible to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Astrology: the signs that are good at letting go of the past and those who still have something to learn

Aries – Those too focused on letting go of the past 

Those born of Aries live in the present and have their minds constantly focused on the future. This makes them people who are certainly not used to strolling through the streets of memories. While this is a positive aspect, there are also negative ones to take into consideration.

Those born of the sign tend to always go so fast that they do not stop to learn the lessons that life places in their path. The past thus becomes a faded memory that often does not even bother to polish. While this can help them not have big regrets, it prevents them from growing and evolving in the right way. A not indifferent problem that they should undertake to solve, perhaps allowing themselves some time to devote to what has been in their life and which at times could serve as teaching in order not to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Taurus – Those who tend to always regret the past moments

Taurus natives are romantic and essentially nostalgic people. For this reason, they will always have a look at their past which they will live and relive several times on occasion, in the hope of grasping ever new details. It is a way of doing things that they have always carried around and that makes them not used to letting things go. If it depended on them they would always keep some memories alive. And, even if they are well aware that life is meant to go on and that it is necessary to always have new experiences, accepting it often finds it very difficult.

For this reason, in one way or another, they tend to always carry a little bit of what has been with them. And, if on the one hand, this can bring them a bit of nostalgia, on the other, it always gives them a way to remember where they come from and what are the important steps that have led them to reach personal goals. This way it is certain that they will not easily repeat any mistakes they have made, learning from past lessons, for better or for worse.

Gemini – Those who prefer to think about the present

It cannot be said that those born under the sign of Gemini never think about the past. Their need to feel good and chase away the emotions that are difficult to decipher, however, leads them to focus essentially on the present and to put aside all memories of the past, especially if full of regrets or sadness.
A way of doing that helps them to always feel energetic and revved up but that often prevents them from learning what has been and from using their experiences as a warning to better live the present and build the future.

Fortunately, this is not something that always happens, and sometimes, even if not in a good mood, they manage to overlook what has been and experience it.
However, it is expedient that they should develop several times because it would help them to know each other better and to live their present even better.

Cancer – Those Who Stick to the Past

It could be said that the natives of Cancer are people who practically live in the past. For them, everything that has been having an inestimable value, especially when it comes to affections, which they care a lot about. Their ability to let go of what has been being therefore practically non-existent, often negatively affecting their present. If it depended on them, they would live completely anchored in the past and never take any steps forward. Proof of this is the fact that they often and willingly get lost in memories or find themselves thinking about those who are no longer part of their life. This leads them to regret every moment they spent together and this even if the reason why the paths separated was a simple argument.

Too busy with the past they find it hard to act in the present even if it is a matter of changing it in their favor.

For this reason, they are probably among the zodiac signs that have the most difficulty letting go of the past and that don’t even seem to want to try. And this even if by committing at least a little they might be able to live the present better.

Leo – Those who let go of everything given the future

Those born under the sign of Leo are among the signs that almost do not think about the past except to look for strategies already used previously and go great or to remember, even if only for a few moments, something really pleasant. Lovers of life, are perpetually focused on the present and make plans and plans for the future. For this reason, there is never room for regrets or questions addressed to what has been. An aspect so extreme that at times they can even seem insensitive and unable to remember special moments lived with people who, unlike them, are more fond of what has been. Their way of being, however, prunes them to be like this and it would be very difficult to change it. After all, it is useless for them to think about what cannot be changed while the present is what will lead to tomorrow. And in the future, they need to shine so much that they have to focus all their energy to achieve their primary goal.

Virgo – Those who let go but do not forget

It cannot be said that the natives of Virgo are exactly anchored in the past. Often remembering it is difficult because it is full of nostalgic moments or failures that instead of taking as a life lesson they tend to live as an affront to life itself and therefore should be forgotten. It is a problem that they seem not to experience particularly but which instead also has a heavy impact on everyday life. Not for nothing, the natives of the sign are among the signs that most struggle to go on. For them, every change is a source of danger, something to be avoided, and when forced they face it without looking back and thinking only about what is in front of them. A way of doing things that prevents them from progressing as they could if only they accepted to relive the past a little more and be more proactive towards the future. A point that is very difficult for them and that they are hardly able to face, therefore remaining firm in a present that, even if they do not realize it, still knows a lot about their past.

Libra – Those who live past and present in the correct way

Those born under the sign of Libra can live moderately, weighing the ups and downs of life to bring everything into harmony. This way of doing things puts them in tune with their past which they tend to remember with a mix of emotions ranging from nostalgic to positive. Emotions that pour into the present to grasp the right teachings, always choosing what to leave behind and what to take with you, albeit with the necessary changes. Theirs is a way of life that makes it easier to face the present as well as the future. Things that live with the excitement of waiting and the desire to find out what’s in store for them. In this way, they manage to be almost always positive because they are aware that what has been must be kept as it is in their memories and carried with them, minimally in the present that will form their future. All for a connection that they can feel and that gives them a sense of tranquility that few can experience.

Scorpio – Those Who Never Really Let Go of the Past

The natives of Scorpio have a strange relationship with the past. If on the one hand, they try in every way to live the present to the fullest and to focus on the future, on the other hand, they cannot help but always think about what they are experiencing.

By character, they tend to be anchored in a particular way to strong emotional memories. Emotions often coincide with confrontations suffered or with the loss of loved ones.

If in the first case they experience a problem linked to a deaf resentment that they cannot conclude until they believe they have had their revenge, in the second they bring deeper emotions into play.
Thus they turn out to be among the signs of the zodiac that keep the memories of loved ones alive the most.

At the same time, they are those who know how to immerse themselves in both painful and pleasant moments and can make them feel again alongside those they love.
A way of doing things that people of the other signs are hardly able to implement and that distinguishes them by making them particularly empathic and sensitive from an emotional point of view.

Sagittarius – Those who prefer to keep the past away

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not have a good relationship with their past which they consider concluded already a moment after having lived it.

This makes them people unable to learn the lessons they have experienced during their journey. And, at the same time, it keeps them emotionally detached from emotions that, if lived correctly, could enrich them.

If from a certain point of view their way of doing it could be an attempt to protect themselves from the inability to leave certain painful events behind, on the other hand, they risk appearing cynical or unwilling to feelings. For this reason, they should try to review their way of perceiving what has been. Doing so would help them enrich the present and improve the possibilities they have for the future.

However, they will hardly try to do so because for them, keeping past and present separate is a form of balance that would be difficult to give up.

Capricorn – Those who look back on the past without improving themselves

Capricorn natives have their way of staying anchored in the past. Most of the time, they find themselves remembering the saddest moments of which they regret wrong actions. Nonetheless, if similar situations occur to them, they often find themselves making the same mistakes over and over again. This is especially the case because they are not used to focusing on what they have done wrong as much as crying over what cannot be fixed. One thing they mostly do when they are alone before falling asleep or during special occasions. For the rest they also live a lot in the present, trying to do their utmost to arrive at a good future. Which would be easier for them if they learned to learn something more from their past,

Aquarius – Those who never think about the past

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not nostalgic people at all.
This makes them one of the signs of the zodiac who thinks least of all about their past.
Not at all anchored to what has been, they are perfectly capable of letting go of all their experience. The past, in fact, for them represents only extra thoughts that they prefer not to have.

Their lifestyle requires them to look to the present without worrying too much about the future. For this reason, they don’t even have an interest in any past lessons that might come in handy. What matters most to them is to live well and to do so they almost always tend to focus on what they feel at the moment and which they try to accommodate as they can. An attitude that lived with greater restraint and a look at past mistakes would help them improve and get more out of life.

Pisces – Those who always remain a bit tied to the past

The natives of Pisces are extremely sensitive people.
For this reason, they cannot help but have an almost symbiotic relationship with everything related to memories. Linked to their past, they continually rethink the relationships they have with other people as well as their experiences. This way of thinking leads them to remain particularly tied to the past which they continue to question to improve themselves and their present. A certainly winning attitude for their future but which sometimes leads them to be nostalgic and more sentimental than they would like. Not for nothing are they the most empathic sign of the zodiac. The one able to immerse himself in the feelings of others and to grasp their entity and importance.

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