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The stars reveal which are the zodiac signs that in pairs are the best parents of the zodiac

There is no perfect parent. Moms and dads do their best to provide an education that cannot be more complete to bring their cherubs to independence and give them a certain future, instilling in them the principles and rules of conduct inherent in society. However, each parent has different characteristics and personalities and, according to astrologers, there would be pairs of zodiac signs who together are the best parents. Let’s find out together.

When a child is born, the parent’s first concern is to satisfy his or her basic needs such as drinking, eating, sleeping but also giving him lots of love and guaranteeing emotional security and respect. During adolescence, the parent’s role will be to guide and support the child in completing his identity construction. Furthermore, each parent, according to his personality, will go on this journey which is life, with his child to lead him to fulfillment.

What are the most suitable pairs of parents to achieve this, according to astrology?

Scorpio and Libra

Two different but complementary zodiac signs. Their duality marked by strength of character and freedom of expression will be an interesting experience that will benefit their child. Scorpio is an enthusiast who has an undeniable desire to go all the way. Gifted with chilling and charming calm, he makes his decisions with all the impartiality that his sign requires. Libra is always looking for harmony, whether in love, friendship, or work. Furthermore, the child of these two parents will grow up developing a sense of observation and objectivity, creativity and fairness, the fruits of the education he has received. In this way, he will have an impartial way of discerning, of making his decisions according to his principles,

Pisces and Gemini

Rationality and emotionality will be the characteristics of the character of the child born of this extraordinary couple. Gemini is distinguished by his intellectual side, his talent as a speaker, and his decision-making ability. As for Pisces, a dreamer and contrary Bastian, he will have his way of life in a world where the imagination will have a preponderant place.

Thus, between parents Gemini and Pisces, this child will grow up in an atmosphere in which firmness of decisions and balanced harmony will reign. He will make love and empathy his first qualities to decide and impartiality in his life to be successful.

Leo and Sagittarius

Both leaders will fight to climb to the top with bewildering ease, thanks in part to their ability to win and their desire to shine in society. However, the Lion likes to work in a team, shine on the runways and seek compliments and approval from others to reassure himself of his qualities; he is known to believe that he has infused science. While Sagittarius prefers solitude to be more efficient, although he is a fervent traveler and a tireless adventurer, as he is passionate about encounters and new cultures to discover all over the world.

The child born of this union will therefore have no difficulty in settling into society. He will like, depending on the situation, to be everyone’s center of interest or to retire on his own for deeper and wiser reflections. In any case, he will feel comfortable and safe and will have no problem adapting or creating strong bonds with others, based on generosity, strength of character, and openness.

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