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Find out which are the signs of the zodiac that are always there in love and which, on the other hand, are sometimes too busy with themselves.

Love is as precious as it is a delicate feeling. It is a sort of alchemy between people and is based on often abstract concepts such as feeling, trust, respect, and the desire to be together at any cost. All beautiful things to say but that not everyone understands, so much so that most of the time behind a story that ends there is a lack that can be found among those just listed.
Why we find ourselves unable to fill certain needs is still to be discovered and can depend on so many of those variables that we risk never having a real answer. However, there is a detail that can be foreseen and that is the one given by the influence that the stars have on each of us and which makes people more or less able to behave in certain ways. Speaking, for example of presence (not only physical but above all mental and heart), some are always present in love and those who, on the contrary, is rarely there. Two opposites between which there is a middle way made up of alternating presences or difficult to define but which always and in any case depend on the zodiac sign. After seeing which are the signs of the zodiac ready to do anything to follow their dreams and which are those who are about to gain more self-confidence, today we will discover which signs of the zodiac are present in love and which, on the other hand, are not at all. Since it is a very personal aspect, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the sign that you want to investigate to have a more precise idea of ​​what to expect.

Horoscope: Here are the signs of the zodiac that are always there in love and which are not enough

Aries – Those who are rarely there
Let’s face it, those born under the sign of Aries are brilliant people, with humor and always able to make the days more beautiful. To do this, however, they need to be able to live at their own pace and this implies certain attention to their person and to the personal spaces that they badly need. When they are in a relationship, therefore, they are not exactly people present and, with rare exceptions, it could be said that there are almost no farms, especially if on the other side there are problems to be solved. For them, life works as long as things go well and it always takes a while to figure out how to manage themselves in a relationship. Which, most of the time, tend not to work due to their egotism that leads them to want to always be the center of attention.

Taurus – The ones who are always there if the relationship is lasting
The natives of Taurus are undoubtedly among the most present signs of the zodiac as long as the relationship they live in is long-standing and important to them. To offer their presence, they must consider the loved one as a member of the family. When this happens then it is sure that they will always be there and that they will give their best to make the relationship last and that the partner feels loved and the center of attention. Unfortunately, when they find themselves living a story that has just begun, there being wary leads them to act in a completely different way, almost implying that they are people who are not very present and have little interest in what happens to the loved one. A real shame when you think about how much they can offer when they find the right person.

Gemini – Those who are there based on the mood
Those born under the sign of Gemini are difficult people to frame due to their often variable mood which tends to be reflected a lot even in love stories. When they find themselves in a relationship they can be the most present people in the world or the most absent ones and it all depends on how much they feel involved but also on the degree of confidence that is established with the partner. When the relationship between the two is full of complicity, then one can always count on their presence, both physical and emotional. Otherwise, they may appear more distant and less focused on the relationship and all because, at least in part, they are still trying to understand something about it.

Cancer – Those all too present
When it comes to human relationships, the natives of Cancer tend to be all too present, giving all kinds of attention and taking it back. If it is a love relationship, their way of doing tends to be extreme, pushing them to be so present that they can be almost obsessive. For better or for worse they will always care about the person they love, how they feel and what they can do for them and at the same time, they will require the same attention, taking it out if they don’t feel at the center of the relationship. With them, therefore, there is no risk of feeling alone but, on the contrary, of needing more of their space.

Leo – Those quite present
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who love to be the center of attention but when they believe they have a person who deserves them next to them, know how to take care of it in a loving way. This means that while being focused on themselves if they feel it is worth it, they know how to occupy part of their time to devote themselves to the person they love and from whom they will demand the same type of treatment. They are therefore most people present unless they are already busy at work or with important projects which, when they are there, tend to occupy their minds completely. Luckily, they are good at organizing, which allows them to almost always manage both.

Virgo – Those almost not present
at all Virgo, natives are so involved with their thoughts that they cannot be considered exactly as people present. Although they are physical, from a purely emotional point of view, they tend to oscillate between an even important presence and one that fluctuates several times, especially when there are important emotions at stake. For the natives of the sign, managing situations of tension is an extremely difficult thing and that often escapes their control, leading them to withdraw and move away. For this reason, within the zodiac, there are certainly signs that know how to exist in terms of presence but on which you cannot rely much if you ask for another kind of closeness.

Libra – Those Quite Present
Those born under the sign of Libra always know how to be there when you need them. Excellent confidants are people who always know what to say to those who ask them for advice and who at the same time tend to give everything they can to convey a sense of closeness that is good for them. This aspect is reflected in particular in love, where they know how to manage the relationship with sweetness and firmness, making themselves practically indispensable and bringing warmth within the couple that alone is enough to make those with them feel at home. An important aspect that has as yet another contribution is their ability to organize themselves to never miss their presence.

Scorpio – Those who are there mostly emotionally
Feeling alone with the natives of Scorpio is practically impossible. These signs are so involved when it comes to feelings, that they are always more than present. Theirs can be defined as a constant presence as in addition to being there for every commitment or task they are constantly active from an emotional point of view. When the partner needs them they are ready to give up everything to convey their closeness and this way of doing things takes place even in the absence of specific requests because, thanks to their sensitivity, they always know how to understand when you need them. Within the zodiac, they are therefore among the signs that are always there.

Sagittarius – Those who are not always there
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not always present because for them, what matters most is to be able to count on their living spaces and a sense of freedom that they continually pursue. Even if they are in love, therefore, they do not usually give themselves completely and this can lead them to appear at times distant but above all not very present. This is a behavior that cannot be predicted and that depends in particular on the moment they find themselves living. Thus, if in certain circumstances they may appear to be present, in others they may not be. One thing that those who stay with them will always have to take into consideration.

Capricorn – Those who are rarely there
The natives of Capricorn are people always busy with their commitments and so involved from a work point of view that they can hardly be said to be 100% present in the life of their partner. Although they always try to do it in words, sometimes even with promises that are difficult to keep, when they find themselves having to put their theories into practice, they always find themselves a step backward and consequently unable to undertake commitments and considerations that they had not made. Therefore, the signs of the zodiac include those that are not always present in love and that when they are, they cannot guarantee total emotional involvement because with the mind they will always be lost between calculations and considerations to be made.

Aquarius – Those who are not there at all
Asking those born under the sign of Aquarius to be there in love is practically a waste of time. As much as they may feel involved, their commitments will always come before those of their partner and this means that they will never have a way to give themselves 100% and this even when they would like to do so. Their need to overcome the patterns and to feel free from commitments and bonds, however, makes them incompatible with the needs of the partner, and this is in any phase of the love relationship. To be with them it is, therefore, essential to know how to organize yourself in this regard and not need who knows what evidence. An important aspect to consider because on their part it is really difficult for there to be significant changes in this sense.

Pisces – Those who are 100%
The natives of Pisces are always able to understand when they are needed and it is really difficult for them to miss their presence both to those they know recently and, especially to the person who by hand. When they are involved in a relationship, they tend to give themselves 100%, offering physical and even emotional presence. A unique way of doing things that can be almost addictive due to the sense of protection and love that they manage to live with their way of doing. Finding zodiac signs able to get involved as they do is impossible and this, especially in love, is a strength that makes them unique and among the most present signs of the zodiac.

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