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Have you ever wondered why you tend to find yourself in the same type of relationship with the same type of man? Find out what lies behind the mystery of the attraction.

There are certain positive qualities and characteristics that seem obvious to us, yet when we choose a person to associate with mysterious forces come into play and push us to choose certain people over others. Many of us will be able to testify that these choices don’t always work to our advantage. Find out the type of men who attract you according to your zodiac sign.

The kind of man who attracts you according to your zodiac sign

One of the reasons why we always find ourselves with the same kind of people or stuck in the same dynamic goes back to our earliest relationships. Indeed, during childhood, we develop natural defenses to cope with the painful or frustrating circumstances through which we move. And when we grow up, we are so attached to these defenses that they become part of our personality. Hence, we tend to choose partners who reinforce our perception of ourselves.

Here is the type of men that attracts you according to your zodiac sign:

1) Aries

Aries women are impulsive and stubborn. Hence, they will need a man who can handle their fiery personalities without attempting to suppress them. This explains their attraction to men who aren’t afraid to take on their strong, confident side. A passive person who is content to suffer without reacting? Too little for them!

2) Taurus

Taurus women are fabulously ferocious! However, behind their brutal shell, they need a person who appreciates all the love they can give and who can return the favor. So they tend to prefer patient people who manage to captivate their hearts.

3) Gemini

You are sociable and bursting with energy. Your thirst for life pushes you towards men who have the joy of living and know how to enjoy life. Nothing excites you more than being an intelligent person who can be humorous in all circumstances.

4) Cancer

You are regarded as the most sensitive woman in the zodiac. Therefore, you must create deep and meaningful relationships with your partner to be fully satisfied. What do I circle? A man who gives you love, security, and stability.

5) Leo

It’s no secret that your sign leads you to need to be the center of attention. So you need a man who can understand your need to shine without being dazzled by your personality.

6) Virgo

You can’t temper your emotions and you often go faster than music. So you need a stable person who knows how to calm down and reassures you. Once this is done, you begin to consider the relationship with more serenity.

7) Libra

Your charm and resources allow you to have bewildering ease for socializing with others. You are the person people turn to on the street because it is impossible to remain indifferent to your seductive side. You are therefore generally attracted to outgoing and dynamic men who will appreciate your way of life.

8) Scorpio

Mysterious and sexy, your sign is still known to be one of the most obsessive signs in the zodiac. Yet, instead of looking for a person who can temper this fiery behavior, you tend to prefer unreasonable men who rival your neurosis. Beware of unhealthy and destructive relationships!

9) Sagittarius

Addicted to your freedom, you need adventure and you are terrified of feeling oppressed. However, you are unconditional lovers of love. The perfect balance would therefore be to find a nonconformist person who knows how to be mature at the right time.

10) Capricorn

You are probably one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac. Determined and focused on your career goals, you need a man who can take care of you after a long day of hard work.

11) Aquarius

Aquarius women are unpredictable and thirsty for freedom. Spontaneous, you tend to be attracted to “rebels”. For you, there is nothing sexier than artists and musicians. Your bohemian spirit is attracted to their originality and creativity.

12) Pisces

Your dreamy and romantic soul pushes you to go to men with the same needs for tenderness and affection. So naturally, go to the minions of the knights who aim to help their princess.

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