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Each zodiac sign does something that rows against their happiness. Find out the one not to take with you in the new year.

As the new year approaches, one of the most common things is to make a list of good intentions. These, more often than not, are completely forgotten, only to be a cause of sadness at the end of the year, when, looking back, one realizes that he has not achieved even one of the objectives set for us. To put an end to this useless way of worrying at a time when, instead, one should relax, there is a valid and probably more efficient alternative. Instead of deciding what to do, you can choose what not to do anymore and, specifically, what habit to eliminate to enter the new year in the wake of a change.

It may seem strange but putting aside one way of doing things is sometimes more decisive than many promises that may not even be right for our future. And since we all perform at least two wrong actions every day of which we are often not even aware, after seeing what are the signs that know how to let go of the past and what 2022 will be like for each zodiac sign, today we will find out what is the thing not to do. more in 2022. Since these are often instinctive actions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a more precise idea of ​​what is best to leave in 2021.

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Here’s what the thing you no longer need to do in 2022 based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Settling for a job that doesn’t suit you
One of the things that negatively characterized your 2021 was, without a doubt, your work situation. For too long you have been satisfied with what you had in your hands and everything so as not to have to commit yourself to try better. The truth, however, is that the frustration you feel every day ends up taking away a lot more energy than you would spend looking for something that can motivate you and make you feel alive. After all, we know that your zodiac sign is not made for trivial things or that risk confining you to a corner and if there is one thing you absolutely must stop doing for2022 (and possibly even sooner) this is undoubtedly the just stay where you are. Try to find the most suitable beaches for you. The new year could hold you many surprises in this sense.

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Taurus – Accepting everything from friends
True, friendship is something extremely sacred to you, and since it takes you so long to trust someone to the point of opening your world to them when you do it is really difficult for you to decide to go back. Yet there are situations in which you should learn to stop and take stock of the situation a little. Because if it is true that a friend is a treasure, it is also true that only those who respect you and who show they care about you are the only ones who respect you. Those who oppose you, criticize you constantly, and manage to make you feel bad rather than good is not true friend and as such should be removed. In this way, in addition to feeling better, you will be able to dedicate more time to the right people and maybe meet new ones. Any advice that could make you live a better 2022, especially from an emotional point of view.

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Gemini – Settling for trivial things
For you who need constant stimulation, the banality inherent in certain routines is something highly deleterious and that you should avoid with all your might. True, perhaps in the past, they have led you to believe that your way of being is wrong and that settling down is wiser than wrong. The truth, however, is that everyone has their reality to live and in yours there is no room for trivial or boring things because in addition to saddening you they turn you off, preventing you from shining as you could. From today, therefore, return to listen to your heart, ignore others and concentrate on following only what you like and making you feel good. Everything else is better left to others. Your 2022 deserves to be full of stimuli and new things to do.

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Cancer – Settling in love
2021 has seen you settling for love several times. Regardless of whether you are busy or not, accepting things impassively is a way of doing things that only makes you feel unsatisfied. Of course, from a certain point of view being satisfied helps not to fight but sometimes it is better to have a healthy fight of a life spent almost quietly, especially when it comes to love which has always been one of the things you have most at heart. For 2022, therefore, return to take back your space and ask love to give you all the emotions you think are important. Because only in this way can you feel fully satisfied.

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Leo – Put others aside.
True, work and success are very important to you. Sometimes, however, you tend to overdo it and lose sight of the really important things. This applies to both interpersonal relationships and the time you should devote to yourself, which sometimes tends to be very limited. If last year you gave your best from a professional point of view, this year you will therefore have to work to the best of your ability to try to heal everything you have previously set aside, starting from love and friends, and then stop on yourself. Leave the super job in 2021 and give yourself a year to live in a more relaxed way. The successes obtained will remain and speak for you but the affections, those need your active commitment and can no longer wait.

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Virgo – Always think negatively
To tell the truth, your seeing the glass always half empty is a characteristic that has always accompanied you. In recent years, however, it has been increasing to the point of exaggeration. If you want a life that is at least peaceful, it is therefore essential that you stop always thinking negatively. Sometimes, you tend to do it in a way that almost feels like it’s wanted. Even in the face of the possibility of seeing things more radiantly, you prefer to listen to the pessimistic vision, and this, as well as making you gloomy, ends up unnerving those around you and are now tired of seeing you always sulky or worried. Try to give the New Year at least a chance and approach it with a smile. In this way you will finally be able to feel more serene, experiencing for once how beautiful it can be to change your view of things.

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Libra – Always limit yourself to the same group of people
Let’s face it, you are a super person sought by others. Whether it’s your company, your love advice, or purely aesthetic opinions, others are always lined up to have a few words with you. At the same time, many love being able to spend time together. Yet, for no apparent reason, you limit yourself too much to leaving many people on the sidelines who could enter your life bringing with them a wave of new energy. Of course, the advice is not to open your door to everyone. Rather, to look around and stop always and only hang out with the same people.
Sometimes someone different from the usual can enrich us with new points of view and experiences that are important for our personal growth. Why not try to open up to the world then? Extreme confidentiality
is best left to the year that is drawing to a close.

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Scorpio – Hang out with people who don’t value you enough
With your way of feeling things and always acting actively and proactively, you are certainly a person who can be proud of your path, especially that of the last year. Your self-esteem, therefore, should be high. Yet, you continue to surround yourself with people who don’t value you enough. Not all, of course, but many should certainly be removed in favor of others who, on the other hand, seem to have understood what you are worth. If there is one thing not to repeat in the new year, then, it is the acquaintances with those who do not deserve your friendship that much. Open up to the world in a different way. There are many potential friends out there who are looking for a person like you and who, once found, will know how to value you as you deserve. You will see that with people like this by your side, feeling in seventh heaven will be much easier.

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Sagittarius – Judging others too much
It’s true, it often happens that you have to deal with the wrong people. You, however, tend to see the rotten even where it is not there and this leads you to risk losing even important friendships and which sooner or later you would end up missing. In the new year, therefore, you should try to bring a more open and available you, also to accept any shortcomings without taking them too personally. Sometimes, a mistake is just that and not an attempt to harm yourself. Trying to see it this way could make you feel much better and even make you rediscover friendships that you almost gave up.

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Capricorn – Strive to Exhaustion
True, you had some reason this year to try to keep your mind busy. Continuing to push yourself beyond your means, however, risks ruining your life and even making you sick in the long run. The first thing you should stop doing with the New Year is therefore to put your best effort into everything you do without ever thinking about your fatigue. Ok, work hard to achieve a goal but what you need to do is give it you’re all. In this way, your days will pass in a more peaceful way and with dead times in which to relax and dedicate time to yourself. 2022 will be a year to live facing you and only by committing yourself to find the time to dedicate to yourself can you finally feel serene and live your life to the fullest.

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Aquarius – Stubbornly Doing Things That Bore You
Let’s face it, being alone with yourself is something you love. Nonetheless, this year it has happened more than once to get bored to the point of almost wanting the company of others.
A desire that you have mistakenly ignored to continue to indulge in pastimes that perhaps no longer belong to you. The thing you should no longer do in 2022 is therefore to continue following things that no longer give you any emotion. Doing so impoverishes you and makes you feel more alone than you would like. Instead, try meeting new people. Who knows, an experience like this won’t help you find new stimuli. For sure it will not be by continuing to get bored that you will live a year worthy of being remembered. So, we might as well try, right?

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Pisces – Put yourself aside
It can be said that in the last year you have at least partially learned that you are worth and that you deserve like everyone else to have your space. To live your life to the full and feel happy and fulfilled from all points of view, you still have a little way to go. And, to do it, the thing you should stop doing is step aside. It doesn’t matter what others are experiencing. You are worth it regardless and it is right that in every moment of your day there is a space all to yourself. Because it’s about your life where you have to be the only protagonist. It’s just a matter of getting familiar with it. Once you have learned how to do it, you will see that going back will be impossible for you.

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