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Each of us has a desire that seems to get bigger over the Christmas period. Here is one for each zodiac sign.

When you enter the Christmas mood it is normal to think about what you want from the bottom of your heart. We find ourselves repeatedly faced with the request of what we would like to receive at Christmas or what we want for the new year and, inevitably, we end up reflecting on our life and on what we want. Each of us has at least one deep desire, usually impossible to buy but which is more linked to the emotional and affective sphere. And, since most of the desires not only from personal experience and from the way of being dependent, at least in part, also on the stars, today we will try to discover the biggest one for each zodiac sign.

After having seen what 2022 will be like for the various signs of the zodiac and what is the thing that makes each zodiac sign the most uncomfortable, today we will find out what is the desire that each sign of the zodiac would like to see fulfilled at Christmas. Since this is something that has to do with the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to have a clearer idea of ​​the desire that our loved ones may have. And who knows that there is not even a way to fulfill some of them.

The wish that every zodiac sign would like to see fulfilled at Christmas

Aries – A true love story
Those born under the sign of Aries often find themselves fantasizing about love but when they get involved in a relationship, they seem to lose much of their romance. This often ends up complicating their relationships, leading them to lose the initial enthusiasm to come to an often sudden end. Although they are most often the architects of such a “disaster” the natives of the sign continue to dream of great love and especially at Christmas they find themselves missing that spark that could warm their hearts. A spark they could fuel themselves, learning to manage emotions and feelings better, trying to be more stable in relationships and expect less from others. In this way, even living a love story would not be so impossible.

Taurus – The soul mate
Unlike those born under the sign of Aries, Taurus needs more than a story that works. For them, the special part is given by the certainty that their soul mate is actually at their side. It is a question that they often ask themselves but which especially at Christmas becomes bigger, leading them to ask themselves several questions about their love situation. For them, the most important thing of all is to be able to create a sense of family with the person next to them, knowing that they can always count on their presence and be able to establish a bond that will last over time. Only in this way can they feel truly happy and fully in line with the Christmas mood. After all, we are still talking about one of the zodiac signs most linked to the family and, of course,

Gemini – Peace of mind
One of the things that those born under the sign of Gemini would like at Christmas is that serenity of mind that they often lack due to their impetuous character and the need to always do something that makes them feel alive. This is a problem that concerns them very closely and that often leads them to question themselves about their way of being. Being able to live some phases of their life with tranquility and accepting boredom as something positive is a dream that they have always cultivated but that just cannot realize. It goes without saying that in the period of Christmas when the time to be alone with oneself increases, these thoughts become stronger and with it the desire to be able to change at least a little.

Cancer – Enjoy it more
Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who need to always feel at the center of attention to living well. They love to be pampered and pampered and when Christmas approaches, their greatest desire is to have the attention of the people they think are important. Pleasure is so compelling for them that they make it a top priority, being disappointed when that doesn’t happen. This partly depends on their being often too insecure and therefore in need of attention that can make them feel sought, loved, and consequently important. A desire that they do not even try to hide and that at times extremely reveal themselves but which certainly almost always manage to fulfill at least in part, especially when they are next to those who, loving them, know how to make them understand how important they are.

Leo – An accomplice person
Those born under the sign of Leo are usually strong enough to carry on their battles without having to ask someone for an account and reason. When they find themselves in the nostalgic mood of the holidays, however, it easily happens that they feel somehow alone and eager to have someone with whom to fight side by side. It is not necessarily a partner but someone who has the same vision of things as they do and who can proceed with them in a team game that can lead to positive results. Of course, it is a desire that can hardly go through because, in the end, the natives of the sign are people who, first of all, need to excel and this implies a path to be crossed alone. One thing they are aware of but from time to time,

Virgo – The serenity
The natives of Virgo, when it is Christmas, need moments full of serenity. This depends on their constant feeling always under pressure or judged and the desire to live moments to remember at least during the holidays. Although it is really difficult for them to put aside being constantly negative and sometimes judging those around them too severely, opening up to the world at least at Christmas would certainly help them, leading them to feel the serenity that they seem to yearn for. but who, on balance, do not know how to obtain. Having the right people by your side is certainly a good way to start, but a lot also depends on their ability to recognize them.

Libra – Happiness It may
seem strange but those born under the sign of Libra, at Christmas, find themselves wishing for happiness. It may seem like a lot but for them dreaming big is important and doing it at Christmas comes so naturally to them that they express the wishes they care about most. In life, after all, they are used to working hard to get what they want and when it comes to desires, those they prefer to express concern those things that are impossible to achieve by one’s strength but for which at least a bit of luck is always needed. Feeling good with family and friends, and living special moments with the person they love are the real goals for them. Those able to put them at peace with the world and make them fully enter the Christmas mood.

Scorpio – Realize your dreams
The natives of Scorpio are the custodians of at least one precious dream that they keep in their hearts and that they need to fulfill to make their life complete. On the occasion of Christmas, this becomes their greatest dream, the one to be expressed to the stars and to grow in their hearts together with hope, often indispensable to support and carry on dreams. This is combined with family serenity and the realization of the objectives for which they have worked hard throughout the year, giving their best and living in anticipation of a better period that seems to have finally arrived.

Sagittarius – More free time
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have always had a great need for freedom which in the Christmas period translates into the desire to have more free time. Being able to go out with friends to relax from work and other daily commitments is one of the things they aspire to most and to which is added the desire to undertake new journeys. Experimenting and meeting new people has always been what makes them happy and if they can make a wish come true, it will surely focus on such a range of possibilities. Even better if this is also combined with the possibility of trips to do in the company, which for them represents the maximum of fun, especially if with the right people.

Capricorn – Success
Natives of Capricorn love the idea of ​​being successful in life and even around Christmas they find themselves wishing more luck in this regard. In fact, through professional recognition, they tend to evaluate themselves, thus increasing their self-esteem. This leads them to commit more and more by increasing their value base. For this reason, if they could, under the tree they would like to find luck, satisfaction in the professional sphere, and success, to be extended also in interpersonal relationships. This, for them, is the basis of happiness.

Aquarius – Peace of mind
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to take time for themselves to relax and enjoy that sense of freedom they have always longed for. This desire tends not to change even at Christmas when, while feeling the need to see loved ones more often, they tend to remain firmly anchored to their need for independence. A need that they are not afraid to show to others, almost proud of it. Their perfect Christmas would, therefore, be one able to offer them more time to spend on themselves and with others.

Pisces – More love
The natives of Pisces have a great need for love and, extremely attached to others and the importance of feelings, at Christmas they can only desire more attention from the people they love. For them, serenity is what you feel being by the side of the people they love, sharing special moments with them. Also from this Christmas, therefore, what they want most is the possibility of being able to be as much as possible with those they love, experiencing moments of extreme serenity. This way they will feel calm and happy and grateful. After all, love has always been the star of the Christmas holidays, right?

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