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Find out what kind of person you feel attracted to but you should avoid.

When it comes to attraction, it is difficult to understand how certain dynamics are triggered. What is known for sure is that sometimes one feels attracted to someone for no apparent reason. It can happen in friendships and even more often in love relationships and everything without being able to rarely change things. If there is one thing that can be done, however, it is to give a name to what you feel and rationalize to the point of understanding whether it is good to deepen certain relationships or if it is preferable to let them go. As strange as it may seem each of us has at least one type of people to whom we feel attracted but which in the long run can be harmful.

This can depend on various factors such as character differences, completely different ways of understanding life, or simple incompatibilities. What matters is learning to recognize which people you should stay away from. Only in this way, in fact, will it be possible to avoid problems and moments of suffering and aim for a life made up of healthy relationships and able to give happiness. Since the stars can also affect the attraction you feel for others and, in this case, for the wrong people, after seeing what we should learn by the end of May and how the signs of the zodiac react when their history is in crisis, today we will find out what kind of person attracts us and from whom we should stay away.

The person you are attracted to but who can hurt you

Aries – The insecure person
Always determined and sure of yourself, you tend to feel a strange attraction for people who are completely different from you and in this case insecure. Usually, the main and often subconscious reason is related to your love of leadership that prompts you to try to surround yourself with people you know for sure will never, ever try to take it off you. On the other hand, however, you often find yourself almost feeling tenderness for those who have insecure ways of doing things, feeling the desire to guide them and to show how easy it is to take life head-on. This is a situation that puts you in danger on several fronts.

On the one hand, because the moment you succeed in transmitting security to someone you will probably be destined to lose them, and on the other hand, because the possibility of being the leader in your relationship would be less and this thing, in the long run, would weigh a lot on you. What do you need? A person who is confident enough to stand up to you but who always knows when to capitulate and show his moments of sweetness.

Taurus – The extremely romantic person
Always linked to dreams and fairy tales, you have your idea of ​​what romance should be like, which you follow not only in love but also in friendships. When you meet someone you immediately feel attracted to their ability to see things romantically and often end up trying to carry on the relationship. While it’s okay to look for someone who can share your view of things, you need a healthy balance to stay healthy over time. An extremely romantic person would end up taking away space, coming to make you feel suffocated. Something that you would not be able to manage and that sooner or later would lead to a crisis.

Gemini – The person you see yourself in again
Sunny and in love with a life full and full of novelty, you tend to feel attracted to people who can live with your same energy. This leads you to want to hang out with people who are too similar to you. And while this may appear fun and exciting, on the other it hides many pitfalls. First of all, because you risk getting bored because you can predict every move of those around you. And, immediately after, because in sad moments or high stress you would find yourself having to reason with someone who has the same limits as you. And that would both lead to a closed and dead-end road. As good as it is to find compatible people, then, the right thing to do is to focus on someone you perceive as different. In this way, the surprise effect will never fail (so important to you) and at the same time, you will feel the possibility of being able to know who you are next to day by day, without having to take it for granted just because you know them better than yourself. A small detail that for someone like you can make the difference.

Cancer – The too kind person
By nature, you are particularly attracted to those who know how to show themselves kind and thoughtful towards others but, above all, towards you. While this is quite logical, when the person is too kind, problems can arise that make your life difficult. The first obstacle to consider is linked to the fact that a nice person is nice to everyone and this can make you feel left out when the needs of others will come before yours. The second problem, on the other hand, is linked to your way of being that when you enter into confidence tends to be a little more aggressive than it shows at first. This can lead to those who are too nice to experience things badly but not having the ability to tell you. Which over time would exacerbate the relationship leading to a sudden and often painful conclusion.

Leo – The self-confident person
Being a person of strong character, you tend to feel attracted to those who demonstrate the same quality as you. Something more than understandable but that does not go well with your need to feel unique and to always be at the center of attention. In the long run, you risk running into someone who can always stand up to you and who, like you, loves being in the spotlight. A situation that is inconceivable to you and that you would never, ever be able to conceive. To feel good you need someone who acts as your shoulder and who knows how to support you without ever overshadowing you.

This is true both in love and in friendships. For this reason, although it is right to look for people who know how to take care of themselves and who do not run the risk of becoming subjected to your way of being, it is also important to be able to identify those who do not feel the need to excel and who can take it as something. positive to be able to support you in your eternal race for success.

Virgo – The mysterious person
Always loyal to the rules and with a mind able to look ahead by several steps compared to others, you end up feeling attracted to those who manage to surprise you by showing themselves as an unknown to be discovered. Usually, these are people who surprise you without wanting to and therefore love to try to get to know you as much as possible. And all to understand the mystery behind their way of being. As attractive as you may find this treasure hunt, in the end, it is always about people who most likely have a completely different way of living and understanding life from yours. Once you find out what was wrong with you, you would then find yourself having to fight with someone who in your eyes will always be too abstract and this, in the long run, would most likely lead you to feel frustrated. Because if what you understand always has its attraction, it is also nice to be able to see yourself at least a little in those around us and have topics and stories to share. Much better to find someone who has enough imagination to surprise you but who doesn’t live in a world completely different from yours. You will take less risk and discover a form of happiness that is more suited to your strings.

Libra – The condescending person
When it comes to attraction, it is difficult for you to feel anything particular towards a type of person. This happens because you tend more easily to study them first from an aesthetic point of view and then from a character point of view. Things that you do in an almost contemporary way but according to your methodology and which therefore only works with you. Occasionally, however, you end up feeling more sympathetic to people who are compliant and who consequently seem perfect to always get along.

Something that makes sense but that when compared to you becomes difficult. Your strong and varied character leads you to need someone with whom you can compare yourself and who is not always ready to say yes. This is one thing that you don’t always like to admit but which is the only thing that matters to your happiness.

Scorpio – The complicated person
There is little to go around it, you are always attracted by the charm of the forbidden. Thus, you feel attracted to people who prove to be extremely complicated and who consequently find it difficult to frame. The desire to know them better pushes you to take paths that you know are tortuous but at the same time, you cannot help but follow. In the long run, however, this leads you to not feel fully satisfied. Complex as you are you need a person who has many characteristics that intertwine well with each other. For this reason, even if it is often difficult to say no to your “adventurous” side, what you should do is learn to look for people who are complex but not impossible to manage. Someone similar to you even with their differences would be what is right for you.

Sagittarius – The person who turns against
To feel attracted you have always needed a discussion. This, however, is also the reason why you often find yourself confronted with friendships and relationships that put you in crisis. While you enjoy dealing with people who can stand up to you, you also need to get the better of them in the end. And when this does not happen you tend to get nervous and treat badly those who are by your side cannot give you what you want. It is an attitude that for you is almost instinctive and which you do not realize, at least as much as you do not understand that you always choose people who are not good for you at all.

To be able to live happy relationships you need someone who can indulge you without exaggerating. And that he has enough imagination to make your life always different, thus giving you a way to distract yourself and not to think. This is what you are looking for when you approach people who are in some ways difficult to manage.

Capricorn – The independent person
As needy as you are of your spaces, you feel attracted to people who show themselves to be independent. People you perceive as strong and able to fend for themselves. These are qualities that you appreciate and that end up attracting you. Too bad that often this also coincides with distant people who, however, you cannot tolerate. After all, the one who often has distant ways is you and another person like you would lead to relationships in which you hardly see each other. For this reason, although you need people who can manage themselves without always depending on you, you also need to find someone who knows how to make you feel important. Someone who feels like sharing important parts of their life with you. Without this, you would not be able to be happy and you would end up feeling more alone than ever.

Aquarius – The strong person
The people who most attract you are those who show themselves strong and therefore are free to always do what they want. From a certain point of view, you find yourself admiring them and feeling calmer in your daily life because you are certain that they will never be dependent on you. This freedom that on the one hand makes you greedy, on the other hand, risks leading you to loneliness from which, alone, you would not know how to get out. If you usually find yourself seeing your friends or the person you love most by their insistence, on the other hand, you need these reminders to live your social life to the fullest. Without the risk is to isolate yourself more than you want. While it is fair to look for people who are strong and able to manage themselves without depending on you, on the other hand, you need someone who knows how to meet you and insists enough to get you out of your shell. The shell that, otherwise, risks turning into a prison.

Pisces – The sensitive person
Your being a sweet, emotional, and sensitive person leads you to feel attraction for those who can demonstrate your same sensitivity. After all, it would be impossible for you to be next to someone who doesn’t know how to show heart and empathy for the people around him. In all this beauty, however, there is a negative aspect. Overly sensitive people tend to become even more sensitive when they are together. And if on the one hand, this leads to making them feel less alone and more real, on the other it can also create certain suffering for them.

Having someone next to you who, despite his sensitivity, knows how to control himself to put a stop where needed is often an indispensable aspect that should be taken into account. Ok so to sensitive people as long as they are strong enough to know when it is good to show other aspects of themselves as well. The important thing is to not allow anything or anyone to overwhelm them.

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