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Find out what is the biggest mistake you make in a romantic relationship.

Love stories, you know, are often difficult to manage. After all, it is a question of putting together two often different personalities, with important experiences and characters that are not always compatible. To all this must be added fears and reticence. All for an explosive mix that needs all the possible balance to become a resource rather than a weak point.
So, even if you often don’t realize it, you end up committing small actions that can make a difference within a love relationship, and that often leads to an end.
A problem that could be solved by committing not to fall into the habits and by establishing a sharing relationship that is useful for understanding each other better and meeting each other in moments of greatest fragility.

To achieve all this, however, first of all, it is essential to get to know each other and understand where one usually goes wrong. Only in this way will it be possible to put a brake on and monitor oneself to avoid repeating the same mistake over and over again. Since some of the mistakes that are made in love can be guessed based on the influence that the stars have on each of us, after seeing what makes us too emotional based on our zodiac sign and what it is like to hang out with men of the zodiac, today we will find out what is the most common mistake that each of us makes when in a love relationship.
When dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a more complete picture of the situation and how to best deal with it.

Here’s the biggest mistake you make in a romantic relationship

Aries – You run away when you are afraid
The biggest mistake you make when living in a love relationship is running away when things don’t go your way. A defense mechanism that you put in place even when you realize you are too busy and start to be afraid. The truth is that by running away, you simply risk being worse off, compromising a relationship that could have given you a lot. And, be careful, because with running away we do not mean only to lose track but also to betray to have an excuse to be left, to behave badly on purpose to fight and stage any action whose response can only be negative. What to do then? Try to be more sincere with yourself, open up more with your better half, and remember that beyond the fear of the moment,

Taurus – You are slow to forgive
When you share your life with someone, you tend to indulge in freedoms that you wouldn’t normally take but that doesn’t always work in your favor. One of them is about your being sensitive. Although you are a touchy person in your way, over the years you have learned to manage this characteristic of yours by finding the right balance. Unfortunately, the feeling of freedom that gives you the ability to live a love story leads you to lose that set of adjustments learned over time. This results in sometimes aggressive ways of doing, long faces, and the inability to forgive even the smallest shortcomings. The truth is that even if there is a unique relationship between you, it does not allow you to let yourself go to the point of putting stress on your partner. In doing so, the risk is to cause fractures which sooner or later could result in a break. Much better to find here a sort of mediation that allows you to be yourself without taking too much advantage of your partner’s patience.

Gemini – You lack the right spontaneity
If there is one incredibly beautiful thing about you, it is your spontaneity and the ability to always show yourself for who you are, even when it means facing criticism. Unfortunately, when you fall in love with someone, you tend to give space to insecurities so much that you lose your way of being, starting to control yourself over everything. If on the one hand, this allows you to appear less imperfect, on the other it removes all that ironic, cheerful, and surprising part that often and willingly also corresponds to what drives others to love you. By doing so, therefore, you end up becoming someone you are not, showing yourself flat and different from what you expected. The consequences can also be extreme, so much so that you even get to a breakup. The solution? Try not to listen to your fears and always be yourself, for better or for worse. Those who love you prefer to put up with your flaws and appreciate everything else than having to give up who you are for a stereotypical and not very spontaneous version of you.

Cancer – You have too many secrets
Although you are a deeply sweet person and able to convey the right amount of love to the person next to you, you tend to resort too often to what is called “half-truths”. This means that over time your micro lies and small omissions add up to the point that you have more secrets than you are aware of. And, most of the time, all this translates into a feeling of distance that the partner feels like a lack of love. Such a thought can only lead to a request for clarification. And this is where you often make the biggest mistake by preferring other lies to the simpler truth. A solution? If the story is still at the beginning, put aside any small attempt to bow to who you are and show yourself as sincerely as possible. If, on the other hand, you have been together for a long time, try to be more and more sincere, also going back to past topics and retelling them more truly. Sometimes the partner prefers to know everything rather than feeling that they are living with someone who is not completely sincere.

Leo – You demand too much
The most common mistake you make in love, to be honest, is more or less the same one you tend to repeat in everyday life as well. Used to always giving the best of you you expect others to do the same and when this doesn’t happen you tend to take it personally. If you have limits with strangers or friends, this (at least in your opinion) does not apply to the partner. And this means that many times you tend to be too hard and make those around you feel constantly under pressure. To resolve the matter it is important that you, first of all, manage to make peace with yourself and with the need to always have the best. Because sometimes even in imperfect things there is something special and this is more valid than ever in love. Once this is done, you can begin to loosen your grip, leaving more space for those around you. In addition to preventing the partner from evaporating, you will find that by giving him carte blanche he will be able to amaze you in his way, showing you sides of himself that perhaps you had forgotten but which are the same ones that led you to choose him among many.

Virgo – You take it for everything
Your character often leads you to have problems in relationships. And, as you can easily imagine, this also happens in romantic relationships. Unfortunately, you tend to be too touchy and take it for everything. An aspect that leads you to often sulk, make unnecessary outbursts and close yourself up like a hedgehog when things don’t go as you expect. If relatives and friends can endure these whims of yours, it could be much more difficult for those around you for many more hours a day. A partner, after all, also needs love and attention, and without these, he slowly ends up feeling almost too much. Although this is objectively difficult for you, therefore, first of all, try to change your attitude, be more understanding of others, and be less strict about their words or actions. In this way, you will be more approachable and those who love you will know how to feel involved in a love story. This is the only possible solution if you don’t want to always run the risk of seeing every love story shattered.

Libra – You don’t expose yourself enough
If during the first stages ranging from falling in love to the mutual confession of your feelings, you try hard enough to be able to convey what you feel, this does not occur in the next phase which is that of the story itself. Once you understand that there is an important feeling between you, you tend to live it by taking it a little too much for granted and without exposing yourself enough. If it is enough for you to know that you are loved and that you love, however, it could be different for your partner. Your silences, combined with the lack of verbalization of what you feel lead to an increasing distance that over time can also turn into the end of the relationship. Before your partner makes such a choice, be sure that the love on your part is over, so try to open up to him. In this way, you will magically return to being the person you fell in love with and if it is not too late the relationship could be mended. As long as you don’t make the same mistake again, of course.

Scorpio – You focus little on your partner
True, when you are in love you are willing to do everything for your partner. But this availability seems to be active only at the beginning of the relationship or when you realize that things are not going the way you would like. The rest of the time you spend focusing on who you think needs you most, your job, and other aspects of your life. All this, in the long run, can hurt your partner and if you want to prevent this from happening, the only choice to make is to return to turn your attention to your sweetheart. This way, you’ll be able to quickly reconnect and bring back to life the magic that made things so special from the start. Doing so will also help you to remember how important it is to have those you love next to you and this will help you to give your all to bring things back to the way they used to be.

Sagittarius – You think too much of yourself
It’s true, thinking about yourself and giving yourself the right attention is something really important. However, you sometimes tend to focus too much on this aspect without considering the rest. Thus, you end up having attitudes towards others that can be selfish. This is especially true for the partner who often finds himself having to give up something to see you happy. Continuing to press the accelerator on yourself in this way, ignoring the needs of those around you, sooner or later leads to an internal crisis that translates into the risk of a breakup. A solution to the problem? Remember first of all that the partner is someone you have chosen to be next to you and that by putting them at the top of your thoughts (which does not mean before you) you will still take care of yourself. Including this,

Capricorn – You tend to tell lies
Your biggest love mistake? To avoid arguments that could be easily resolved, you tend to tell lies. Most of the time these are small things but sometimes you can say bigger things and this creates invisible but very present cracks that form with every lie that is discovered. Although most of the time you act in this way almost automatically and without ulterior motives other than not having problems, this mistake risks ruining both your interpersonal relationships and, in this case, even that of love. Starting to follow the path of sincerity could help you to change slowly and you will be amazed at how much lightness you get by pursuing this goal. Even if you don’t realize it having to remember every little lie brings with it high stress that sometimes weighs on you without you realizing it. As for past lies, however, the only thing you can do is try to tell the truth from time to time, admitting them or tracing them back to the truth as much as possible. In this way, you will not risk seeing an important relationship shattered, and at the same time, you will find yourself more peaceful than ever.

Aquarius – Keep too many distances
It is true, you are a person who loves having his space, and when you choose to bond with someone you almost immediately point out your way of being in order not to have problems in this sense. However, relationships tend to change over time and, logically, those around you expect to have more and more space in your thoughts and, consequently, in your life. Do not give it to him or always remain closed in on yourself and with a distant attitude, it gives the idea that you are not so in love after all. A problem that, needless to say, on the other hand, is experienced in a rather important way and certainly not with pleasure. If you don’t want to risk seeing the person you love leave, you should therefore start reviewing your concept of spaces and open up more. It will be a good way to understand if you and your partner are meant to be together and if it is, you will have taken at least the first step to getting your story back in hand. An attempt that is always worth making.

Pisces – You walk away when you are afraid
Ok, your way of perceiving emotions and feelings is so strong that sometimes you end up being afraid of them. However, this does not justify your estrangement when things get important. If what you fear is the pain of losing the person you love, it is certainly not by voluntarily losing that person that you will avoid suffering. For this reason, the mistake you make most often and which is precisely to distance yourself from those you love should be eliminated as soon as possible and replaced with greater communication. In this way, you will be able to understand if the intentions of both coincide and if for you there is the possibility of the future you want. Closing yourself up to break up would only lead you to live with regrets. Much better to clarify immediately and decide how to agree on how to proceed.

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