Find out what is the most important thing you have achieved in 2021 and to which, perhaps, you have not paid the right attention.

With the approach of the end of December, it is often necessary to take stock of the year just lived, trying to grasp every nuance and dwelling mostly on the objectives that we have not been able to achieve ours on the disappointments suffered. This is a natural way of doing things but which in the long run can generate a bad mood that risks ruining the atmosphere of the parties which, instead, should be serene and lived with positive emotions in the heart.

So, for once, why not try to focus on the good things that have arrived over the year? In this way we will prepare ourselves in a more positive way towards the future, we will greet with affection the past year which is still part of our being and we will learn to see things also from different perspectives. If doing so is difficult, you can turn to the help of the stars and see what 2021 has brought to each of us in an astrological key.

After seeing what 2022 will bring from a sentimental point of view and what are the signs that have already begun to change ahead of the new year, today we will therefore find out why, after all, 2021 should still be greeted with a smile. Since this is a topic that also embraces the sphere of emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a clearer idea or one more reason to leave this year without rancor.

Astrology: The reason why you should greet 2021 with a smile

Aries – The many small goals achieved
It is true, maybe you had a big goal that in the end, you were not able to fully achieve. However, 2021 has still led you to reach many small goals that, all together, have enriched you anyway, also offering you several reasons to smile at life. Greeting him with a smile, thinking back to all the things you have achieved in these 12 months is, therefore, the wisest choice, perhaps together with that of not always setting unattainable goals but learning to move in small steps so as not to lose sight of the many important things that pass by you without you noticing. Sometimes even knowing how to break a little can be a good way to appreciate what’s around you.

Taurus – Your determination
There are so many small things that this year did not go exactly as you wanted and to these were added some disappointments that, in the load, hit more than they should. If you try to look at how the events unfolded, however, you will notice the strength with which you managed to face every single moment, focusing on yourself and focusing everything on your determination which, as always, was firm and never wavering. , allowing you to keep going day by day. A little applause, therefore, you should give it to yourself because although it was not the perfect year that you wanted so much, 2021 has made you more aware of yourself and of your abilities this will certainly be useful not only for 2022 but also for the years to come.

Gemini – Willpower
Are you still mulling over the moments when you couldn’t get what you wanted out of life? Well, if doing so can help you take stock of the situation, remember that it is even more important to focus attention on what has emerged about you this year. The willpower you put in place each time was superior to the other times, allowing you to carry out projects for much longer than you usually would. Ok, maybe it didn’t always go as you wanted but certainly this acquired ability should not be underestimated, which for someone like you means a lot and will be able to take you much further than you have reached today. Your victory, therefore, even if you have not been able to see it until today, has been there and if you realize it you can treasure it, taking it with you into the new year.

Cancer – Moments of Serenity
If there is one thing you have learned in the last year it is that moments of pure serenity are also very precious. And even if from your point of view it is a lesson that you would have liked not to learn and that made many days of 2021 unpleasant, on the other hand, it has allowed you to discover how sometimes luck is in small things. . Changing your point of view has certainly made you a better person and if you know how to make a gift of the sensations experienced in peaceful moments and alongside your loved ones, you will learn to appreciate the gifts of life much more, feeling more often lucky. All in all, this is by no means a trivial matter.

Leo – Love for yourself
Yours is a goal achieved not only in the last year but in the sum of the last ones. Never as in 2021, however, have you realized how important it is to take care of yourself and know how to put yourself at the center of attention in a real way and not just to experience the attention of others. It is a real gift that used in the right way can lead you to understand more and more things about yourself, helping you to improve yourself as a person and to find those moments of leisure necessary to always be in top shape. Of course, perhaps from this year, you have not achieved exactly what you wanted but this aspect already means a lot and, above all, it can give you a lot, both in the relationship with others and seeing you more relaxed they will deal differently with you than with yourself.

Virgo – Calm
After years of perennial tensions, in 2021 you managed to achieve an inner calm that is difficult to imagine, especially for someone like you who is always ready to mull over everything and who sometimes tends to see the glass as a little too empty when in reality it is. still nice full. Sometimes, however, the difficulties manage to make us understand some aspects of life otherwise difficult to imagine and among these, there is the importance of the affection of loved ones, the free time to spend relaxing, and the inner calm that never goes. confused with boredom, as it is useful to make you feel good after days lived too intensely. Of course, in your eyes, it is not a gift. Perhaps, however, looking at how you were with yourself until some time ago and making the necessary comparisons,

Libra – Knowing how to take your time
2021 did not give you the emotions you wanted and this is a bit of a worry that you have been carrying around for quite some time. While you were waiting for great love, work success, or life’s adventure, you managed to discover how precious it can sometimes be to allow yourself time to devote to yourself. Doing so helped you to take care of yourself, to learn the calm of waiting, and to observe who was next to you by learning to see him with new eyes. All things that have remained inside you and that have certainly made you more complete than before and even more able to find the beauty of things. An unexpected and perhaps unwanted gift that certainly made a difference.

Scorpio – Being more yourself
2021 was a difficult year, in which you had to clash with yourself several times, learning to accept some parts of yourself, putting others aside, and exploring yourself in the round. It has been a year full of important decisions, some of which are still in place and which, on the one hand, have taken away a lot of energy from you, on the other have given you back that note of hope that you had long lost. To complete it all, however, there was a very important awareness that led you to finally be yourself, not to worry too much about those around you, and to expect from life what you believe you are entitled to. right. Of course, there is still a long way to go but for sure 2021 has helped you to be more aware of yourself and better able to show yourself to the world that it will finally be able to understand you better.

Sagittarius – The ability to abstract yourself
If there is one thing that you continue to complain about in 2021, it is the lack of travel and entertainment that, even if there have been anyway, you did not consider it enough. If you try to look at things more objectively, however, you would realize how having to stay forcibly where you didn’t want to has taught you to abstract yourself with more force than you once did, giving you the ability to see only what you want and instilling the ability to surround yourself only with people you like. Not a small achievement if you think that until recently you had a hard time choosing who to stay with or who to hang out with and that today has certainly made you able to make your free time more quality.

Capricorn – Time
One thing you have always lacked was the time you somehow found in 2021. Perhaps it would be better to say that you managed to manage it better than usual but in the end, the result does not change and certainly, thanks to the extra time, you will have many things to do. And who knows that the new year, thanks to the previous one, may not be able to offer you other visions of the world, allowing you to feel free to do what you want and no longer a slave to too many things to do with which you have always surrounded yourself. Not that now you don’t do it anymore, but compared to before you have acquired a greater foresight that allows you to stop when you are exceeding the limit and which on balance is such a milestone that you can thank this year that, despite some pain still to assimilate,

Aquarius – The ability to understand some mistakes
That you are not very good at interacting with the world is a known fact and that, in the long run, has created too many problems for you, especially when it has led you to lose the harmony with people who despite everything where you care. However, thanks to some important disappointments, 2021 has managed to bring you to a new level of awareness that has pushed you to understand some of your mistakes which fortunately there is always a way to remedy. Strengthened by this, therefore, you could stop and smile at the year just ended because it will only be thanks to what you have learned in recent months if you will be able to regain possession of some important relationships that were getting out of hand.

Pisces – Love
After a year and more of intense difficulties you are finally able to refocus on what matters and what is important to you, that is love. Your ability to give and feel love has finally sharpened, once again enabling you to feel emotions that you had been forced to put aside for a while. Perfect timing when you think that the new year seems to be centered on your ability to love and on the many ways in which you can experience this important feeling. Ways that you will be able to implement only thanks to what happened in 2021 which, despite the dark moments, managed to leave you something good that will surely be useful for the future.


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