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The stars reveal the five signs of the zodiac that do not forgive infidelity. Find out everything in the astro point

More than one in three people say they are ready to cheat their partner as long as they are sure they never know. Marital dissatisfaction, routines, and many other factors can cause either partner to go wild for more forgiving skies. However, this marital imperfection can be a painful test for the deceived person, who can attribute this betrayal to a deficiency in his or her personality.

Infidelity can cause irreparable harm in a romantic relationship. Loss of confidence, constant suspicion, lower self-esteem is all possible consequences following a partner’s betrayal. According to the celestial configurations, these five signs are more likely to suffer as a result of this event not being able to give a second chance to the relationship after infidelity.

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Here are the 5 zodiac signs that do not forgive a betrayal


For natives of this Air sign, infidelity is a paralyzing mistake. And for good reason, when these lovers choose a partner, they trust him and have total esteem. Of unrivaled loyalty, he expects no less from the elect of his heart. In the face of infidelity, they will close like oysters. They do not need to hear explanations from the infidel. If they show no reaction to this event, they are likely to be affected for the rest of their life. The memory of this trauma will remain etched in their minds. They will struggle to trust love and constantly wait for a nasty surprise.

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Cancer risks being strongly influenced by infidelity, they nurture the desire to know others without necessarily proceeding with the act. If the loved one deceives them, they may consider forgiving after a time of reflection. Only, the condition is that the latter does not share feelings of love with the unknown. If necessary, the natives of this sign will feed an uncommon resentment for the traitor. They will make their former partner suffer by showing that they have no qualms about starting a new life.

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The maternal side of the Virgin makes them prone to suffering in the face of infidelity. As a result of this event, they feel deprived of themselves and may lose self-confidence. This marital imperfection can cause major narcissistic wounds. They will then be mired in a negative spiral where any partner is likely to cheat on them. They will struggle to transcend this test because their trust will be irretrievably lost. They will not hesitate to cause scandals in public to make their partner feel guilty.

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The natives of this sign will truly be turned upside down by this event. Their paranoid attitude as a couple will prompt them to easily bring their partner to the point of no return. If they choose to forgive their loved ones, it will not be without a grudge. They will test the transducer. After this testing phase, they can finally regain the esteem they have for their partner.

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These flirty idealists will truly be hit with a betrayal. By naturally putting their partner on a pedestal, they will experience cruel disillusionment upon learning that their loved one has lacked loyalty. They will not be able to forgive this betrayal and will be seriously affected by this event. As a result of this disappointment, they will lose in candor and generosity. Their new partners will have to take the opportunity to win their good graces.

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