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Men are more or less aware of the impact these mystical beliefs have on them, yet some seem more anxious than others in the face of superstitions.

There are people so superstitious that if they have seen a black cat crossing the road they wait until someone else crosses before them. They often touch the iron to ward off bad luck. They never walk under a ladder, their lives seem built around certain mystical beliefs, yet they will never admit to being the most anxious and superstitious in the world. Find out who are the most superstitious signs according to the stars.

Superstitions: ancestral beliefs that persist

It is commonly accepted in ancestral societies that external events are how the gods manifest their presence by sending signs that seem to anticipate future events. The Greeks, who regarded Zeus as their supreme god, were convinced that trees were sacred because they attracted lightning. When Zeus wanted to manifest himself, he caused a lightning bolt.

From generation to generation, many people have been influenced by various superstitions. For example, many airlines have decided not to introduce line 13, a number associated with troubles in many cultures.

Some people are unaware that they are influenced by superstitions and act through unconscious mechanisms that justify their deep fears.

According to the celestial waves, here are the 3 most anxious and superstitious signs:

1. Pisces:

Very intuitive, the natives of this sign often make decisions that escape reason. Often mistakenly considered to be unconscious people, Pisces have many innovative qualities. Indeed, this sign symbolizes spiritual rebirth and freedom to think. Influenced by various beliefs, Pisces can however be overwhelmed by strong emotions in inappropriate contexts. When anxiety torments them at the sight of a black cat, they develop dark ideas that can alter their well-being for a long time. Pisces are very sensitive and have a hard time getting up after experiencing negative emotions.

2. Gemini:

Geminis like to share good times with funny and witty people. Characterized by a strong personality, the natives of this sign know how to enhance the spell and arouse the interest of their fellowmen. However, natives of this sign have great difficulty trusting others and dwell on the details emanating from certain superstitions to justify this behavior. They will tend to be suspicious for no apparent reason. If you compliment a Gemini, they may be afraid of the evil eye. He will try to touch the iron, secretly, to avoid being subjected to a future spell. He will have a terrible fear that you do not want his happiness or have bad intentions.

3. Scorpio:

Very dynamic, Scorpios are constantly looking for new experiences. However, natives of this sign like to please and feel desirable. Therefore, they tend to use their charm and passion to indulge in memorable adventures. However, Scorpios are extremely superstitious and can tend to be deceived by their beliefs. They will not stand an umbrella in the house or set up a table for 13 guests. They are convinced that there is some truth in these myths and cannot accept taking unnecessary risks.

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