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Find out why you struggle to forget your ex based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

When you live a love story, the emotions involved are many and varied and tend to fill the days of those you love. You think about it, you organize moments to be together, you have telephone appointments to keep in touch and most of the time it is customary to say good morning and good night. It is therefore easy to understand that when a story ends, beyond the pain caused by the end of a love and the sense of failure, there is also a sudden sense of emptiness that for some can be difficult to fill. This is also combined with often wrong ways of doing things that can lead to focusing so much on the pain that you feel that it is difficult to “heal”.

Because every little trauma needs a healing time and the end of a story is not exempt from this principle. Since the ways of dealing with it can be influenced by the stars, today after having seen what is the most common mistake made in a love story and how to be forgiven by the various signs of the zodiac, we will find out what is the which is why you can’t forget your ex.
Since this is a topic that has to do with the way of feeling and emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a clearer idea on how to act to relieve pain in the minor. possible time.

Astrology: This is why you have a hard time forgetting your ex

Aries – You force yourself to deny you feel bad
Accustomed as you are to being strong, you tend to take the pain caused by the end of a love story under your breath. The truth is that this exists beyond who left whom and how much love there was still between the two sides. Closing a story means losing a person in one’s life and this represents a sort of metaphorical mourning which, as such, should always be faced. Pretending not to feel bad prevents you from metabolizing the thing and this leads it to enlarge until impossible not to see, you are forced to deal with it. The solution? Make yourself cry, let off steam with your friends, and accept that suffering is not a sign of weakness but proof that you are human. By doing this, you will be able to leave the discomfort due to the loss behind you and you will be ready to start over.

Taurus – You tell yourself that there will be no one left for you
The biggest mistake you make when a love story ends is to focus only on the good things and to tell yourself that that was the only right story for you. The truth is that if a story ends it is precise because something was wrong. Whether it was a sudden and deliberate choice by your partner or a decision made together in the face of so many problems, the truth is that the right story for you is yet to come. Because when a relationship is the right one, there are no excuses or impediments but only ways to move forward always and in any case together. It is therefore right that you give yourself your time to feel bad but as long as you don’t tell yourself the wrong things. Focusing on something that does not lead you to waste your energy unnecessarily.

Gemini – You stray too far from pain
One of the things you usually do when you suffer from something is to try in every way to get away from it emotionally. So, instead of listening to what you have inside, you prefer to go out with friends, have parties and have a more social life. While this makes you feel closer to getting better, it prevents you from metabolizing the sense of failure and loss as you should. The result is to have “relapses” and sudden bouts of sadness or crying which are also joined by stress and nervousness which, of course, will seem unmotivated even if they are not. Better to avoid all this by accepting to be sick and embracing negative thoughts and moments of despair. This will surely help you get out of it sooner than you would by immediately distancing yourself.

Cancer – You live too much of (wrong) memories
One of your prerogatives is to live a lot of memories. Unfortunately, you choose to do this even when a story ends and this leads you to focus on the past rather than the present. Also, as often happens, memories are often staggered and, you specifically, you tend to make room for pleasant ones. As obvious as it may be, then, you find yourself feeling poignant emotions for your ex, focusing on what it was until you were hurt. If you have to remember something, maybe you should try to think more about the arguments and what led you to the breakup. That said, it’s okay to experience pain but you also need to give yourself time to recover and get better. Only in this way will it be possible to put aside all negative thoughts and prepare to reopen one’s heart to a new love.

Leo – Close it all too quickly
Your way of dealing with problems has always been very practical and often this leads you to somehow burn the steps. If at work or in other areas it can prove useful, in love things change because it is something different that involves more subtle and profound emotions. When a love story ends, therefore, wanting to close the doors even before you understand what happened can give that sense of unfinished that in the long run tends to hurt both you and the other person. Of course, at first, it may seem like the easiest way but time always proves that this is not the case. Better give yourself time to process it, give yourself time to cry, and only then start slowly closing the door. In this way, you will be sure that you have left everything out.

Virgo – You ask yourself too many questions
Your analytical mind leads you to be a brilliant person and can almost always understand the heart of the matter. Emotions and rationality, however, never got along and you certainly won’t be the one to change things. For this reason, when a story ends you should avoid analyzing every single aspect of it moment by moment because there is never a single reason (unless there is a betrayal in between) to bring it to an end. Much better to invest your energies in processing the emptiness you feel inside and in the ability to resilience and to move forward which are your resource that you rarely choose to put in place. In this way you will also find yourself experiencing positive emotions, experiencing pain better, and opening yourself to the new in a constructive way.

Libra – You try too hard to change things
When a story ends, your need to always fix things tends to emerge. This leads you to seek alternative solutions instead of accepting that perhaps the only right thing to do is to let the other person go. Sure, sometimes putting the pieces back together is possible but it is something that must be wanted in two. After the first attempt, therefore, if there is not the same desire on the other side, it is right to stop and focus on yourself to take care of your heart. If it is destiny that you are together, sooner or later your paths will unite again, and to make things go well it is right that in the present you exorcise the demons of the past. On the other hand, by facing the pain and making yourself a reason for what happened, you will have the opportunity to reopen to the outside and discover that maybe,

Scorpio – You focus too much on your ex
When things go wrong or you get hurt, your first reaction is to make sure you can get revenge. And your ability to reach the goal is universally known, which is why no one can ever argue that you fail in your intent. But what does getting revenge on an ex-lead do? If it was he who made a mistake or hurt you, losing you is already the worst thing that can happen to him and he will realize it alone and only when he has the opportunity to stop and think. Your intervention, in this sense, could lengthen the time, not to mention that staying focused on the past prevents you from experiencing your pain and treating it as it should be. Much better, think about yourself and live your life. Showing him how you can live well without him will be the greatest revenge you can give him, provided your happiness is true.

Sagittarius – You think about it too much
It is true, when a story ends, thinking about what has been being more than normal and in some ways, it is also right. Focusing solely on this, however, can lead you to lose sight of everything else, including your life. For this reason, you should accept the pain but strive not to think only about it. Going out with friends, letting off steam with someone you trust, and trying to have fun are certainly more right activities to put in place and that in the long run will allow you to recover and start again as and better than before. Binding yourself to what has been instead of risking making you wary of possible new love. And this is wrong because you risk compromising something special just because it is still immersed in the past that, in reality, hasn’t existed for some time.

Capricorn – You do not accept the loss
Your problem, when a love ends, is that when you bond with someone you do not even consider that things can change. This is partly due to the effort you make opening up when you are at the beginning of a relationship but in some ways, it is exasperated by your inability to accept the very concept of loss. You tend to experience it as a failure, and this with all the pain that it brings with it. Unfortunately, the only possible way is to accept that life sometimes goes even like this and that it is only by learning to live with the awareness that people can also leave you that you will be able to better live the relationships still in progress and those that will arrive. A way to make the pain more constructive, right?

Aquarius – Basking in Pain
It’s hard for you to do this but when it takes you so badly that you don’t want to let go of a lived romance, you end up basking in pain for even a long period. This, in addition to making you often intractable, also leads you not to close that particular chapter of your life and this makes it impossible to move on to the next. A move that in the long-run risks weighing you down and making you even less sociable than usual. The truth is, no matter how bad it hurts, this attitude won’t keep you coming back. This, however, could prevent you from living new experiences to the point of regretting them when you have finally come to your senses. Making a little effort in the present for your future might be the right choice to make.

Pisces – Feel the emotions too much
As a sensitive person, as you are, it is obvious that the end of a story hurts you to the point of creating a pain that at first, you consider impossible to overcome. Fortunately, time is great medicine, one that even helps you come to terms with what has been and grasp the positives. By nature, you are resilient and able to cope with adversity and this will surely help you in moments of greatest difficulty. For the rest, the only right thing to do is to go ahead and make an effort to grasp the good things from everyday life, another thing that you do very well. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself, and give yourself the right space but live the feelings with the desire to heal quickly. This will be the only possible cure to ensure you return to love with the lightness you deserve in the shortest possible time.

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