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Find out why you don’t love yourself well enough based on your zodiac sign.

Loving yourself should be something instinctive and able to belong to everyone. Unfortunately, however, not everyone succeeds and the saddest thing is that those who consider reasons in reality rarely are. Loving each other is essential to build self-esteem and to feel good alone and among people. This is what you need to accept yourself as you are and not to be influenced by the judgments of others. Not loving each other is consequently the greatest insult we can do to ourselves. And, precisely for this reason, each of us should stop now and then to try to understand if we love enough. Otherwise, the reasons should be analyzed and an applicable solution found in a short time.

And since sometimes, even not loving each other well enough can depend on the influence that the stars have on us, today after seeing how to find out if the person we like is in love with us and what is the right complement to give to us. each zodiac sign, we will try to discover the cause that pushes the various signs to not love each other enough. As always, since this is an aspect that has to do with the way of feeling things, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant, to have a clearer idea of ​​the reasons why you do not want to. well enough and how to fix things.

Don’t you love yourself enough? Here’s why based on your zodiac sign

Aries – You do not think yourself good enough at something
Your way of living things leads you to always and only consider yourself based on the successes you get. This means that many times, even if you are supposed to love yourself, you end up being punished and all just because you failed to win a race, pass an exam or meet certain expectations. The truth is that you should love yourself regardless of all this because you are worth first of all as a person, and the successes you care so much about are just a side dish. You must learn to see yourself and to understand that it is not goals or prizes that give you value but the very value that you choose to have and to put in place every day of your life. If you can understand this, loving yourself will be the simplest thing in the world.

Taurus – You think too much about your weaknesses
You are an introspective person and able to observe the world from an unusual angle. This means that when you decide to analyze something you do it thoroughly and this also applies to you. Unfortunately when you put yourself under the lens, you tend to focus more on the flaws than on the merits, and when you do you tend to point the finger above all on your weaknesses. Remember, though, that these are also what makes you human and that just like your strengths, they outline who you are. It all comes down to learning to look at them from the right perspective, being aware of the big picture, and not of what you often see too closely.

Gemini – You give yourself too much
Although you are primarily a positive person when you have your moments you don’t tend to get on top of yourself like few other people. This means that in your eyes, every mistake you make is entirely your fault or an adverse fate that for some strange reason still pushes you to feel at fault. Thinking in this way is difficult to be able to love yourself and that to do so you should strive to change your view of things and contextualize what happens to you without thinking that you are always at the center of the universe. Because if there is one thing that is certain it is that you are not and if on the one hand, you may be sorry, on the other it should relieve you of the sense of responsibility that you carry on yourself and that pushes you to give yourself against for every small mistake. A good way to start loving yourself as you deserve, right?

Cancer – You think everyone hates you and bases the love for you on it
When it comes to loving yourself, there are two mistakes you make most often. The first is to think that you always know what others think, attributing negative feelings towards you to them. The second is to think that you can only love yourself if everyone loves you. These two elements, together, lead you to love yourself less than you would like and to live a life that is never as full and satisfying as it could be. If you only realized that others don’t think the bad things you think about you, you would feel much more relieved. At the same time, learning to love yourself regardless of what others think or say about you, would be a strength that once achieved would help you feel good about yourself. A feeling that you would love for sure.

Leo – You can’t love yourself if you’re not always in the center of the world
Since it’s really hard for you to fail to love yourself, when you do, it’s only because you have the wrong perspective on things. This leads you to think that the only thing that matters is to always be at the center of attention, to get noticed, and to be the protagonist of any event or situation there is at stake. An aspect that also has negative implications such as the expectations you invest in yourself and that if they don’t see you achieving your goals, they lead you to blame yourself. As you demand more and more, you end up losing sight of yourself and the importance of loving yourself regardless of the results. Because after all, what matters is to love each other just when things don’t go well and not the other way around.

Virgo – You Think Too Negatively About You and Others
The truth is that when you end up having negative thoughts about everyone, your perception of yourself tends to have negative implications as well. So, although it is not your intention, you always end up hitting yourself and feeling inadequate for every little problem. It is a situation for which you find it difficult to remedy and which leads you to live badly. And all when you could simply learn to think more positive thoughts about both others and yourself. It may seem impossible to you but positivity can also be trained and sometimes it takes very little to make a difference.

Libra – Spend little time on yourself
You are so busy with others that you have a hard time seeing the good things you do and why you should love yourself more. Sometimes, you risk getting infected by the opinions of others, and this even when you are aware that most likely they are wrong. By learning to take the right space and dedicate time to yourself, you may feel more in tune with yourself, learning to love yourself even for the small things and not always and only for the big ones. Loving each other every day is much better than doing it only at one goal and over time it will help you to love yourself regardless of what revolves around you.

Scorpio – You compare yourself too much to others
To be honest, the real problem is not in comparing yourself to others but in always choosing people who are in front of you. If from a certain point of view looking at who is already where you would like to be can help you work better to reach the goal, on the other hand, it risks losing the real perception of things. Comparing yourself to others is fine if you do it at all levels so that you also consider where you are exactly and how many qualities you have. Instead of just looking ahead, then try to observe who is next to you and also behind you. In this way, you will be able to perceive yourself better and also grasp the positive aspects of yourself. That said, loving yourself is something that should go beyond what you think about others or yourself. You should love yourself, even more, when you feel defective,

Sagittarius – You’re too busy thinking about those who don’t love you
Let’s face it, if you thought a little less about where those you think should love you are wrong, you would probably end up having time to spend on yourself. This would inevitably lead you to cultivate that affection that unlike what you say you can never feel completely towards yourself. An affection that if well cultivated would help you feel better both with yourself and towards others. And since often your need for love is precisely what acts as an obstacle in relationships with others, perhaps by learning to manage it differently, you would also be able to feel more comfortable with those around you, even managing to give more love. to them too.

Capricorn – You test
yourself too much For you, life is a constant test that you desperately try to pass from moment to moment. This means that you always end up feeling fraudulent towards yourself because, despite the efforts made, you do not always manage to reach the goals you set for yourself. A more than normal thing but that you tend to live with too much rigidity. By learning to be more flexible, you could understand where it is right to stop and how a kind gesture towards you can make a difference, not only in your mood but even in the results you aim for. Just try and the results would be immediately noticed and appreciated. Seeing is believing.

Aquarius – You always forget to reward yourself for good things.
You can’t say that you are someone who tends to love each other. Indeed, the confidence you have in yourself is often a cause for complacency. Nevertheless, it can happen that you too end up at a crossroads and when this happens you can have some moments of weakness. In these cases, your ability to love yourself seems to fail to give way to a disorienting coldness that you turn to for no real reason. If on the one hand, it is right to understand what is wrong and try to remedy it, on the other you should always reward yourself for every success achieved. One thing you should try to do is because by succeeding you would learn to know yourself better and you would learn a form of kindness that would help you to improve even your relationship with others.

Pisces – You think the best of others and forget about yourself.
Loving yourself is almost natural but that you do best when it comes to others. If you are at the center, you find it harder and always look for a good reason to be able to love you. The truth is, the reason is you. Therefore you should love yourself every day, learning to notice all those special things that others see in you but that you struggle too often to perceive because you are taken to admire those around you, sometimes even excessively. For once, try to put yourself in the center of attention. You will realize that you can be much better than others and that by loving yourself you will be able to express your full potential to the fullest, which is by no means a trivial matter.

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